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Chicago's Scotland Yard Gospel Choir injured in van accident

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The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir at a happier moment, posing for their press photo.

Heading out on tour to celebrate the release of their new Bloodshot Records album "...And the Horse You Rode In On," the members of Chicago's celebrated ork-pop band the Scotland Yard Gospel Choir were hospitalized Thursday afternoon after sustaining serious injuries when their van flipped over and rolled five to eight times on I-65 in Indiana en route to a show in Cincinnati, according to news reports and a brief statement from Bloodshot.

The Tribune-owned Chicago Breaking News Center is reporting:

All six members of the Scotland Yard Gospel Choir band suffered head injuries and other trauma in the accident and have been hospitalized.

Indiana state police said a preliminary investigation showed the band's 1999 Chevrolet van was southbound in the left lane when a tire failed on the rear passenger side, causing the van to roll over multiple times on the grassy median. ...

According to [Indiana State Police Sgt. Ann] Wojas:
--Mark Yoshizumi of Chicago was airlifted to Advocate Christ Hospital Medical Center in Oak Lawn with leg and internal injuries, along with major head trauma.
--Eliezer Santana Jr., 32, of Chicago, who was driving, was taken to Jasper County Hospital with a concussion and minor bleeding.
--Alison Hinderliter, 42, of Chicago was taken to Jasper County Hospital with a head injury.
--Ethan Adelsman, 32, of Chicago was taken to Jasper County Hospital with a head injury.
--Elia Einhorn, 29, of Chicago was taken to Jasper County Hospital with a head injury.
--Mary Ralph, 28, of Chicago was taken to Jasper County Hospital with head trauma and a shoulder injury.

One lane of southbound I-65 was closed for about an hour for removal of the injured and crash investigation...

As of Friday morning at 10:30, Bloodshot publicist Marah Eakin was reporting: "Alison, Jay and Ethan were all released from the hospital [Thursday] with cuts, bruises, maybe some broken bones. Elia and Mary were held overnight. Elia has a big cut on his head and required a bunch of stitches, and Mary (we think) broke her pelvis. Mark got airlifted last night to Chicago, and had some surgery last night." Mark Yoshizumi remains in serious condition at Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn.

UPDATE, 1:20 p.m.: Bloodshot Records has released the following statement:

One of the members of the Bloodshot family, The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir, was in a terrible van accident yesterday in Indiana, on their way to a show in Cincinnati in support of their new record.

Without getting into too much detail, the van blew a tire and then rolled several times, eventually coming to a rest upside down on the median. The band was transported to the Jasper County Hospital in Rensselaer, IN.

Alison Hinderliter, Jay Santana, and Ethan Adelsman were all released from the hospital last night with minor injuries. Elia Einhorn was held overnight with injuries to his head and neck, and is expected to be released tomorrow. Mary Ralph has a broken pelvis and collarbone, and will probably be moved to a hospital closer to home. Mark Yoshizumi was airlifted to Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn last night with injuries to his head, back, and neck. He is in serious condition, but making progress. Our thoughts go out to all our friends in the band, and their families, friends, and significant others.

All of the band's gear was destroyed, and the van was totaled. As anyone involved with music knows, a lot of musicians don't have health insurance, copious amounts of income, or time to spare off work. This accident - apart from being medically and personally horrible - is also going to be expensive. We here are doing what we can to help them, but if anyone else would like to help out, there are three ways to donate and support The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir in this time of need.

1. Sign in to PayPal and send donation to:
2. Send this email link to friends/contacts:
3. Click on the button in this news story:

That last link - the news story - will be constantly updated with more information on who's in and out of the hospital, what's going on, and what the band has to say. If you're looking for information on the accident - for press or for personal reasons - check there before you ask us. We'll just direct you there, most likely. We are not sure about the band's October tour dates, and we'll keep everyone updated.

If you direly need anything else, you can ask, but again - CHECK THAT WEBSITE FIRST. Recent live photos of the band are available here for press use:

Thanks everyone for your kind words and thoughts, and please be safe out there.

More developments as they become available.

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Kind of as an addendum from a fellow musician:

They're not kidding about musicians not having health insurance. Look what happened to Jay Bennett. So anyone who can spare some dough for them, I'm sure the band would greatly appreciate it. But if you can't spare the cash (like me), if you happen to have any spare instruments or gear lying around and would like to donate them, I'd recommend contacting the band. It's not just the medical bills that are going to suck; it's the fact that all their gear was destroyed, too.

This is a terrible tragedy to befall a great Chicago band. Let's all do our best to support them!

Please,,, ask some questions...

Why did the tire blow out? Do we have a defective tire on the market.. go to and then to the updates page of 2009.

I have recorded two RV tire blow out in the past two weeks...

Also...was this van a 15 Passenger VAN? These vans are just notorious when things go wrong.

It is our hope that they recover fully.... but questions must be many tires that are similar are on the road?

Why did the tire blow out?

Why did the van lose control?

You can contact me and I can help!

By acting... we can prevent this from happening to someone else.

Although I don't know any of the band members individually I admire and thoroughly enjoy thier music. I do know Elia a little and, for me, he is one of the really good people.....Get well soon all. Thoughts and prayers go with you.

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