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Demo2DeRo: Saurab Bhargava

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"I consider my albums to be soundtracks for themselves," Chicago musician Saurab Bhargava says of the sounds on his recent self-released album, "Chromatique," and that's an apt description for his cinematic orchestral pop. A classically trained pianist who's also mastered guitar and bass and played in a variety of bands ranging from punk to blues, the Duke University grad is now devoted to a uniquely dreamy style that has echoes of indie-rock outfits such as Slint and Rachel's, as well as the more song-oriented ork-pop of the ever-influential Cardinal.

Recorded at the local Raxtrax studio, produced by Dave Suycott (Stabbing Westward, Verbow) and featuring the contributions of a number of other local musicians on drums, strings and horns, "Chromatique" is as impressive and well-executed a sonic vision as this column has ever received, and it will be fascinating to see if Bhargava can develop a way to present his music live. Meanwhile, you can keep up with his doings and sample his sounds on the

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Been a fan of Bhargava's for a long time and it's great to see him finally getting some recognition in the Chicago music scene. Great review, Jim.

Like the previous poster, I've been lucky enough to enjoy Saurab's music for years, and I encourage anyone who reads this to listen to "Chromatique." Even though I've heard Saurab play tons of times, I was still blown away by the fantastic sounds he and his team put together on this album. Thanks, Jim, for spreading the word!

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