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Ticketmaster/Live Nation Update: Indie promoter sues to stop a "monopoly," and the Posion Dwarf speaks

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As the music world continues to await the Justice Department's yea or nay on the merger of Ticketmaster and Live Nation, Billboard reports another interesting development out of the nation's capital: Seth Hurwitz and his Maryland-based company It's My Party have filed an 11-count lawsuit seeking to block the merger and charging that Live Nation "deliberately" and "unlawfully" acquired monopolistic power over the national concert scene.

The lawsuit also alleges that Live Nation has used its influence to "coerce" artists from only appearing at amphitheaters and other venues that the mega-company controls.

I.M.P. ranks beside Chicago's Jam Productions as one of the few remaining vital and vibrant indie promoters in the U.S.-- it books D.C.'s vaunted 9:30 Club as well as the area amphitheatre, the Merriweather Post Pavilion--and Hurwitz testified along with Jam's Jerry Mickelson at the Senate hearing on the merger earlier this year.


In other news, Ticketmaster chief Irving Azoff, who would play a major role in the merged corporation, has refused to speak to the Chicago Sun-Times, but he has talked to Kara Swisher of All Things Digital--not that he's said a heck of a lot. Hitsville critiques the interview and notes some of the questions left unanswered here.

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It will only get much worse for concert goers if the merger goes through, expect much more problems for the independent promoters.

That mug shot of Azoff in the article makes me hate him even more. He is what turned the music industry into a business (as you know Jim the Jimmy Fallon charicter is based off of Azoff in Almost Famous). I think us fans need to get heavely involved, even if it means we no longer support the artists that are supporting this merger. I have already started and will never buy anything with Billy Corgan's name on it again. You should post the names of the artists that are supporting this. I will give Bono a pass as he seems like he was uninformed of what the real deal was (I know, but the new album was just too good, but I will never see U2 in concert again). I will now support The Boss all the way now.

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