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1. A reader recently emailed me this link to a rather self-righteous D.I.Y. video arguing that Green Day's new pop-punk anthem "Know Your Enemy" rips off the classic chant from Chicagoans Naked Raygun's old pop-punk anthem "New Dreams." Me, I ain't really buying it -- I'd see it as more of an homage, if anything; any mention of Naked Raygun in the national press these days is a good one, and most of all nothing is original in rock 'n' roll anyway -- but decide for yourselves.

2. Though his output is sporadic, my old pal Bill Wyman rarely fails to connect when he winds up for a spirited rant worthy of the attentions of his blog, Hitsville. His first winner of late is an update on the Recording Academy's recent shuffling of the Grammy categories: They finally have, at long last, killed the Best Polka Recording award, which was hard to defend given that apparently there were fewer than two dozen polka records released last year, but which will nevertheless come as sad news to the likes of perennial local nominess Eddie Blazonczyk's Versatones.

3. Also of note from Mr. Wyman: This devastating rebuttal to Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth's recent whining about Radiohead and free downloading hurting indie artists. This from a group that not so long ago released a special disc exclusively through Starbucks.

4. More YouTube fun: JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound with a most unlikely cover of Wilco's "I Am Trying to Break Your Heart." Jeff Tweedy never knew he could be this funky-soulful.

5. And finally, this, a band called Wicked Celtics with a ditty entitled "I Don't Wanna Hear Your Band." This is not a comment on the majority of submission I get for the weekly Demo2DeRo column. I swear. Honest...

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Okay, so that is a pretty interesting take on "IATTBYH," turning it into kind of a boozy summer block party tune. I never really thought of it as much of a pop song, but these guys found the pop. Well done. Thanks, Jim.

I think you are horrible at your job and you instigate conflict with your opinion to swell controversy (inherently keeping you in a job.) Which makes you a written version of 50 Cent. I am glad you aren't part of rolling stone anymore or any other nationally acredited media source. Still I do wish you would move to the mountians somewhere and get a horse, so you could have no further effect on society.

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