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From '60s progenitors such as the Litter and the Trashmen, through '80s and '90s heroes such as the Replacements and Guided by Voices and into the present, Midwestern garage-rock has been a genre that's less about specific sonic hallmarks (though, as practiced here in the center of the country, there generally is a certain tunefulness to the proceedings) than it is about having the right attitude on stage, in the studio and while sneering at the universe everywhere else. And Chicago's King Sparrow have that in spades.

Formed by guitarist-vocalist Eric Georgevich, drummer John McGeown and bassist Sean Price in the Spring of 2008, the trio already has made its mark on the local underground--the Windy City Rock Web site named it one of the best new bands last year--and the buzz is sure to grow louder with the release of the band's debut EP "Derailer," a set of five deliriously grungey but deliciously melodic garage-punk nuggets with just enough of a swinging bottom to indicate that the musicians have listened to their share of Chicago blues and Motown soul.

Listen to the group on the Web at or or catch it live at Schubas, 3159 N. Southport, with the Main Drag and Inchworm at 8 p.m. on Monday, June 22.

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It was cool to see this write-up - these guys rock. "Derailer" is a great EP and they also have some even newer tunes up on their MySpace which I think are my favorite yet. Can't wait to hear more from them.

Frank you are right on. Loved "Derailer" and waiting to hear more. They play around every once in a while and its always good to see deserving local talent getting press.

Having spent the last few months in Mexico, reading this post was a reminder of how amazingly talented the local music scene in Chicago continues to be. Listening to King Sparrow is like getting yourself a loud, rowdy, but uniquely sophisticated lesson in Chicago musical history. They have the courage (I mean it) to commit to a catchy hook and yet remain musically interesting as a trio. You'll hear a straight up buddy guy style blues lick, framed by a pounding drumbeat owed to the Chicago punk scene, topped off with vocal stylings that are soulful without succumbing to self-effacing emotional whining.
In a scene flooded with multi-instrumental groups that are the musical equivalent to the Oriental Buffet next to the Toys R Us on Western, King Sparrow tastes like the steak dinner fit for a king. The bass potato is crispy, filling and delicious, the the vocal/lead guitar is meaty and a little raw, and the rhythm section refreshes like a 16oz tall boy. Bon appetit, Chicago.

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