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Dave Matthews Band, "Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King" (RCA) [2.5 STARS]

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Though legions of lite-beer-swilling fans disagree--their tours reportedly have grossed more than a half a billion dollars--the Dave Matthews Band always has been better in the studio than on the stage, where the endless wank-fest jams of saxophonist LeRoi Moore and violinist Boyd Tinsley could be a torture far worse than waterboarding. That isn't to say that the quintet's six previous studio albums are good, just that they're more pleasurable/less offensive than the concerts, with gently bouncy hybrid jazz-funk-rock rhythms and innocuous easy-listening melodies easily digested while sipping a latte. The band's new disc continues this tradition, and it may even be the group's finest moment on record.

Named in tribute to Moore, who died at age 46 in an ATV accident last August, "Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King" is an album that almost didn't happen: Even before the loss of their bandmate, the musicians were debating whether to continue their stadium-filling corporate enterprise, having lost much of their drive and acquired considerable personal acrimony toward one another over the last decade of easy but lucrative chooglin'. Ultimately they decided to give it one more try, retreating to an isolated home studio at a house called Haunted Hollow outside Charlottesville, Va., and the combination of an uncertain future and the loss of Moore early in the sessions seems to have rekindled a "seize the day" spark artfully fanned by producer Rob Cavallo (Green Day, the Goo Goo Dolls), who kept things concise, focused and mostly jam-free, with an emphasis on those lazy but catchy melodies that are Matthews' specialty.

The South African native is still a bonehead when it comes to writing lyrics, which fall either in the categories of Hallmark card romantic banality ("You and me together, we could do anything, baby"), coffee-mug philosophizing ("Funny the way it is, if you think about it/Somebody's going hungry and someone else is eating out") or frat-house sex talk ("Love me baby, love me baby, shake me like a monkey"). But if you toss the disc in the rotation for your next backyard barbecue as a nod to those friends who only listen to triple-A radio, and you ignore what ol' Dave is singing about, at least you won't lose your lunch.

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You are ignorant. Listen to some real music. This band is completely talented. Every single person.

"The South African native is still a bonehead when it comes to writing lyrics". Is that a joke? Anyone who agrees should take a listen to UTTAD, Crash and BTCS and then try to think of another recording artist from 1990-2009 who can match Matthews' lyrics in any arena. The only artist who you might be able to place ahead of Dave Matthews in terms of lyrical prowess in the last 20 years, Tupac Shakur, and many of you probably wouldnt even consider him an "artist". Figure it out guy, Matthews is a lyrical genius, at least he writes his own lyrics. (unlike 95% of any mainstream artist.)

Disclaimer: With the exception of a few Busted Stuff and 2004 tour songs, Dave has been struggling to create the same feeling in his lyrics that made him so popular(and rich) in the past.

You are an idiot. Plain and simple.

His live shows are "torture far worse than waterboarding"? Are you kidding me? DMB's music and live shows are probably the most soulful, honest, and beautiful that I have listened to.

I am sure I would hate you if I ever met you...

Wow I'm speechless. I wouldn't put too much stock in this guys opinion on music though. He gave 3 plus stars to Green Day, Kayne West and Beyonce. But also 1.5 Stars to Springsteen's working on dream. Clearly the man has no taste in music. I guess he just prefers only pop radio and whatever is topping the top40 stations charts to determine how good something is.

I am not even a DMB fan and I can already tell that you are a worthless person to listen to when it comes to music. Sitting on your high and mighty throne like you know good music, most likely you sit around just thinking of s---ting on good musicians because you would rather sit around listening to Jonas Brothers or some other boy band as you insert your lovers c--- into your mouth. I sincerely hope no one ever reads another review from you again.

This Jim guy is such a F---TARD. He wouldn't know good music if it slapped him in the face


Just because you are fat,ugly, and wouldn't know a lyric about SEX if it bit you in your masturbating right HAND, doesn't mean that the rest of us don't enjoy Dave Matthews Band. The BONEHEADED south African has made more money than YOUR FAT ASS can eat in HOT POCKETS. Thank You for being a great example of a booger eating mamas boy who lives in his parents basement and plays world of warcraft while writing bad reviews out of pure spite.

Have a great day, and enjoy your s---ty life,

"ignore what ol' Dave is singing about, at least you won't lose your lunch."

By the looks of things I'd say you have never lost a lunch in your life. Get a clue about music before you write about it. Maybe you should write about deep fried ice cream and onion rings instead.

Dear Jim,

Do you know ANYTHING about music?

Let me ask you this:
What kind of artists/albums do you perceive as QUALITY?

Because I believe that when you write reviews you compare the album you are reviewing to the mediocre, crap music you personally expose yourself to - Obviously your standard for "quality music" is sub-par.

You need to think outside of your 'little world' and gain the gumption to actually write a quality review. Your review for this album only contains your personal feelings about the band, and contains absolutely no professional standard for reviewing an album.

Bottom line:
You are an idiot. Whoever hired you is an idiot.

Do us all a favor:
1) Quit your job.
2) Google search "Key Criteria for Critical Listening"
3) Try again.

Wow.....Wow...I am not even an avid fan of the Dave Matthews Band but at least I approach listening to a band with a pre-determined bias. Writing a review of the above does not make you a able critic/reviewer, rather just and ignorant person who thinks he is funny. The only thing that is funny is that the Sun Times pays you money.

What an a*hole the one who wrote this.

I can't even believe you're a music critic. DMB's live work is obviously where they shine--the emotion and chemistry they have live is what makes them a great band. They way they rearrange their studio work for the stage is an art in itself. Live performance should be the heart and soul of any band, and anyone who truly loves music understands that.

"She feels like kicking out all the windows and burning fire to this life. She could change anything about her using colors bold and bright but all the colors mix together to grey." These are bonehead lyrics?!?! I have never heard one person who has seen DMB live and not been blown away. This guy is clueless.

this has to be a joke. one of the worst articles the suntimes has ever published

This review makes me laugh. How far has the music industry fallen where soulful, eclectic solos performed by world-class musicians are considered torture?

I'm not saying you have to like Dave Matthews Band, Mr. Derogatis. But the glaring bias you brought into this review makes me question how you landed your job in the first place. It shows an extreme lack of professionalism on your part. The Dave Matthews Band is an immensely talented group of musicians. Regardless of whether or not they are your cup of tea, they deserve a lot more respect than you gave them in this ignorant review.

"Boneheaded" Matthews? May I ask how many times you listened to this record before writing this inane review? There is no doubt that Matthews has written some poor lyrical pieces over the past 10 years, but to blatantly ignore songs (on this very album) like Squirm or Time Bomb just makes your bias even more apparent.

Not to mention 1998's "Before These Crowded Streets" features some of the absolute best lyrical writing of the 90s, if not of all-time. I would recommend a listen, but it appears to me that you are not one to appreciate the depth and quality of the music that is on that record.

Do us all a favor, and develop a little more professionalism next time. Otherwise, stick to the top 40 and don't delve into any music that is over your head.

Dude, you obviously hate good music. You should think about a career change.

Being contrarian doesn't make you smart. It makes you an a-hole.

Dear Jim,
I just want you to know that Mr. David J. Matthews is one of the most well traveled, cultured, and intelligent people I've ever had the privilege of meeting. And yes, I have met him. He and his band combine to make the most musically talented group of people touring today. Their sound and message inspire BILLIONS of musicians and people alike. His lyrics are loaded with meaningful symbols and strong messages. His band is creative, inventive, and ACTUALLY innovative unlike all of the fake pop artists you gave a higher ranking to.

I beg your boss to fire you. I beg you, with that free time, to go listen to DMB, see him live, travel the world, and leave your big city for the first time.

"If you give, you begin to live, you get the world"--Dave Matthews

Does this guy seriously get paid for his reviews?! His comments are RIDICULOUS and he obviously didn't do his homework before writing this ignorant article!!! And the SUN TIMES is stupid for publishing this... This article is disrespectful and doesn't even make sense... Hey JIM... enlighten us all when you gross a half a billion for your writing material...

This is embarrassing to no one but you. You try to act like you know what your talking about but you sound like an idiot. "where the endless wank-fest jams of saxophonist LeRoi Moore and violinist Boyd Tinsley could be a torture far worse than waterboarding", come on man they are two extremely talented artists. Overall man, you are a fucking moron.

Obviously you are a loser.

You...are...a douchebag.

DMB live jams a torture worse than water boarding? lemme think the Cubs can win this year..right? i'm right aren't I??? douche

No wonder the sun-times is in bankruptcy! It's becuase of moronic writers like you and Mariotti that turn people away. You're not unbiased and always present a personal agenda.

In the past, every review you have given DMB, whether it be for a live show or a new recording has included a petty shot at them as artists.

I hope you and your cronies at the sun-times fail and are forced out of business. No doubt the only place for you is a personal blog. I doubt you will ever work again as a music critic for any major publication.

The fact that DMB continues to sell out annually at the largest ampitheaters is proof you are a moron. Millions of people disagree with your assessment. Name me an artist not named Metallica that has enjoyed more success in the last 20 years? There is only one and their name is The Dave Matthews Band!

F--- Off!

Dear Jim,
I don't like you

Dear Jim,

You wouldn't know good music if it slapped you in the face with a side of mustard and relish you fat f---. With that being said, go do yourself a favor and goto Wrigley to watch the Cubs get fisted and choke on a hot dog as you swallow it whole. Next time you have a deadline for a review, please do some research on the topic (or get fired).


You get paid to review music for a living? People pay you to write this garbage? If you don't like the music that's fine. How about expressing it in a mature and objective manner? Your analogies are like that of a angst-ridden junior high schooler. Cool, you don't like the music, you're being paid to be objective and critique. At least be professional about it.

Wank fest? Really? Did your editor read this s--- before they pasted it up here? may possibly lose friends and the respect of superiors if they read this. If I were you (and thank God I'm not), I would stick to pencil-pushing in the back office. Even the Beatles had their hellish weeks and years - and you can always find a wink of respect for them. What you have done is taken a band that has fought for every cause (i.e.: Kosovo crisis) they saw when they picked up a newspaper. They said, "Hey! This is crazy! Let's do something about it." They didn't even accept the rewards offered. They did all this while trying to live somewhat normal lives (if you can even do that in their situation). They may not be perfect but I'm sure you're no Utopian citizen either. So, before you go insulting one of the most well-respected bands in the US, think before you type. The Dave Matthews Band has not ony become a part of the American culture, they've become a classic American rock'n'roll/jazz band. You have offended me deeply, sir. Being a critic is a privilege - not a right.

This is why people aren't reading newspapers anymore. It's amazing how many millions of people like this triple-A radio. If nothing else, listen to the music and tell me what have you heard that is anywhere close to musical fusion of different genres that DMB creates?? Nothing. I wouldn't invite you to my backyard bbq anyways, I like leftovers.

Jim. When was the last time you listened to something that made you feel good inside? Was it when you were 16? Try to think back to that before you ever again go putting your foot in your own ass.

What a talentless, boring, stupid jackass. This is not only a terrible review in the sense that it barely even talks about the album, but rather focuses on opinions about Dave's live shows, but also because the reviewer obviously has no taste. To call the band's jams a "wank-fest" and "torture" simply proves that Jim DeRogatis is a complete moron. Further proof lies in his past reviews, wherein he rated the following albums higher than Big Whiskey: "Breakout"-Miley Cyrus, "Narrow Stairs"-Death Cab for Cutie, and an entire host of random alternative-rock and experimental albums from groups that no one has ever heard of. It's a shame that someone employed by such a widely-read newspaper has such a complete lack of taste, imagination, and appreciation for those much more talented and successful than himself.


How bout you write a review about how good it feels to get it in the butt.

Ignorant fool.
Go pop in your Hannah are you employed?

How in the world did you get your job? More did your editor let such a terrible article make it to post. You are entiltled to your own opinion, but I must suck sir.

Great research! you watched the CBS Morning show and wrote an article.Lazy journalism...You should be on Sports Talk Radio(and say anything just to get a rise out of the reader/listener) pretend to be fair but you clearly don't like DMB's music. As a professional writer you should be honest when writing your review. You can review a record without loving the artist. Poor job on your part.

Don't you all think you're taking this review a little too personally? I've followed this band as long as the next guy, but not everything they do is great. This albums is, perhaps, a good example of that. You're being no more objective by resorting to calling the author fat.

If his job was to praise everything this band did, he would write for Rolling Stone.

You, sir, are an idiot and a failure at your job. I've read kids music reviews in high-school that make more sense (and valid points) than this drivel. I mean seriously - what's the problem? Didn't get to have your Ho-Ho for breakfast this morning? I feel bad for the Sun-Times having to deal with you. I didn't see a single positive reply to your article, though I may have missed one. Get another job, sir. And do yourself a favor...don't Supersize your meal next time. Get a diet Coke.

How does this guy earn a paycheck? If Dave Matthews wasn't a big hit in the music world, they wouldn't still be around almost 18 years later! Where will you be in 18 years, Jimbo? Probably not being a critic (and I use that term loosely). Expand your horizons past the commercial radio crap that is the Top 40/Brittany/Kelly Clarkson genre and maybe your opinion might be worth something.

Does this guy even know what he is talking about? Did he even talk to any DMB fans???!! It's apparent he is NOT a fan and has no understanding of the power of DMB's jams. Next time they need to have a real journalist write about DMB. Maybe Jim is just used to writing about Britney and has yet to experience 'real' music. How can you even say they've pulled in a half of a billion on live shows yet call it an endless wank-fest?! Who do you think is paying for these shows and why exactly do you think we travel the world to follow them? Get outta here dude, you have NO clue!

May I suggest that you not review bands and/or groups that you do not like. It is impossible to be objective when you already have made up your mind about your subject. For example: I don't like mustard, so it would be silly for me to write a review on a new mustard product. People always have the right to their own opinions, and just because I like something does not mean eveyone should or will, but at least I know that.

You, sir are the real bone-head. Have you even ever been to a DMB show? Obviously not. If you had, you would speak from experience and not ignorance.

Better in the studio than on stage? WTF!?! How dare you state that LeRoi Moore (may he rest in peace) and Boyd Tinsley provide nothing more than torture. Not only is that a slap in the face to Roi's and Boyd's talent, it is to those who have followed the band from the beginning.

Go write about something you obviously are more familiar with-food.

Jim, have you eaten your fat ass stupid?

"Though legions of lite-beer-swilling fans disagree--their tours reportedly have grossed more than a half a billion dollars--the Dave Matthews Band always has been better in the studio than on the stage, where the endless wank-fest jams of saxophonist LeRoi Moore and violinist Boyd Tinsley could be a torture far worse than waterboarding. " --- 1.) I highly, and I mean HIGHLY F*cking doubt your fat ass has ever been waterboarding. 2.) Almost any DMB fan will tell you they are one the greatest bands ever live dipsh*t. 3.) wank-fest jams?!?! By the looks of it, you are full of wank-fests.

Dave's lyrics are absolutely hilarious at times and others hit the soul a wee bit harder than the f*cking donut you have in your mouth right now. And that's how DMB has always play and I personally hope they continue to play for many years to come.

Have fun with all the gay and bestiality porn that will be sent to your email dumb*ss. If it isn't already in your inbox....and I have a feeling you will have fun with it.

if this CD was released with a side of fries you would like it better, huh?

Let's forget for a moment that I'm a fan of DMB and pretend that I am a music reviewer, shall we? I would imagine that I would need to be professional enough to know the difference between expressing differences in musical taste, and being an ass----.

Do I tell people that Dylan can't sing? No. I don't particularly care for his voice, but I respect that he is an icon of modern music. Did I think it was a serious dip in Phil Collins' career when he wrote a song for "Tarzan"? Perhaps, but then I thought, "Well, good for him for keeping current and making money."

In short, I may have my personal beliefs, but I stop and think about what I saw before coming up short and being an offensive p----. Maybe you should try that, too.

Dave Matthews writes all of the songs for his band, and they often have great significance. For example, "Don't Drink the Water"is about the white man taking over the land of the Native Americans. If you can't find any significance in that, or respect the fact that he has chosen to bring light to our country's fallacies, then you are an idiot in more ways than one.

Well at least I got my entertainment for the day, f---ing hilarious What a f--- tard.

Wow. What is there to say that hasn't already been said? I have no problem with someone not liking a particular band or genre, but come on, show some professionalism man. You sounds like a child in this review and it shows with your name-calling and obvious ignorance of a group of highly talented musicians. You make the album out to be a joke, but the joke, sir, is that you are getting a paycheck.


Keep up the good work. While I don't always agree with you I respect the fact that you give your honest opinion. It's hilarious to see these people try to personally attack you just for not liking something.

You should be fired. You're a joke. Get a real job and start enjoying real music. Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King is AT THE VERY LEAST 4 out of 5 stars. I can't even believe you consider yourself a writer.


Though 3 lite-beer-swilling fans disagree--his articles reportedly have grossed more than four dollars--Jim DeRogatis always has been better on the toilet than on the page, where the endless wank-fest(period) could be a torture far worse than waterboarding. That isn't to say that any of the "critic's" previous articles are good, just that they're more pleasurable/less offensive than his bathroom sessions, with hybrid bias-laziness-moronic reviews and overall crappy writing easily digested while sipping a latte (a sentence that makes no sense). The "critic's" new article continues this tradition, and it may even be the "critic's" worst moment on record (which is saying a lot).

Named for the album being reviewed, "Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King" is an review that shouldn't have happened: Even before the DeRogatis listened to the album, the "critic" debated whether to write a review, having lost much of his drive and acquired considerable personal acrimony toward himself over the last decade of easy but lucrative chooglin'. Ultimately he decided to give it one more try, retreating to some lonely and isolated cubicle at the Sun Times building and the combination of an uncertain future and the loss of any ability to write or listen critically to good music early in the sessions seemed to not have rekindled a "good-writing" spark artfully fanned by whomever his editor was; who kept things concise, unfocused and mostly fact-free, with an emphasis on those lazy but catchy sentences and opinions that are DeRogatis' specialty.

The native of (who cares) is still a bonehead when it comes to writing articles, which fall either in the categories of 4th grade banality (insert any part of any article he's written), coffee-mug philosophizing (I doubt DeRogatis is capable of even "coffee-mug phlosophy") or frat-house sex talk ("wank-fest"). But if you toss his article in the rotation on your toliet paper roll for your own next bathroom session as a nod to those friends who only read mindless dribble, and you ignore what ol' DeRogatis is writing about, at least you can get a pretty good wipe at yesterday's lunch.

You are a terrible person and have no taste in music. I hope you die.

I am surprised that someone allowed to critique music writes on a completely biased view. It is obvious that you never really took the time to actually read any of his lyrics. There are stories and depth that even a blind man can see. His concerts generate sold out crowds every year. Obviously they are coming back because...say it with me....his concerts are unbelievabley amazing! You are entitled to your personal opinion when talking with friends but as a professional I would assume you would be a little more open minded. Not to worry, I'm sure all those Barry Manillow fans are content with whatever right up you gave him...a little more your speed.

Wow think you're pretty creative don't you. Well enjoy your job while you can. Unfortunately, your gig of being the worst critic ever is almost over. While newspapers are only being used to keep your mother warm, your company is panicking to stay afloat. I sure as hell won't save your fat ass.

And I'm suppose to take someone who looks like this seriously....hahahahahahahahaha

Dave Matthews Band is the best of what's around. You, sir, clearly are not.


Almost all of these people are right about your opinion.

While I don't hope you die as suggested, I would like to see you choke on your next doughnut.


As immature as some of the responses have been on here, who uses "wank-fest" in a review? I don't know much about journalists at large newspapers, but clearly there must be some union tenure issue here because you didn't say one thing even remotely accurate in that review. The idea that DMB is a better studio band than live band flies in the face of any common sense. What post 1990 band is able to sell out arenas and stadiums consistently for one whole decade after their last critically-acclaimed album? Fail.

You sir, are a douche.

Its clear you are still upset after their tour bus dumped their steaming feces on you and your boyfriend a few years back. Put down the Peter Cetera records once in awhile and open your mind. Your president is black....get over it.

Wow whoever you are mr. writer your review is horrible DMB could very well be the best band there is today after red hot chili peppers and DMB is a jam band this is insulting to one of the last existing great mega bands please respond. There is poor, talent judgement here.

...sounds like you have lost
too many lunches on other bands,
thereby preventing you from
undertaking an appropriate review
of this band....tell me when (if) you
see this band live..are you sitting
down ????

Oh my lord. It's this reviewer's right to pan the album, but a little professionalism and at least the semblance of objectivity would be greatly appreciated. This reads as petty and uneducated.

Dear Jim,

I give your ability to write an intelligent and concise review 2.5 stars and I give your physique a 0. I love your comparison of Dave's lyrics to "Frat-house sex talk." Let us be honest, you have never stepped foot in a frat house and hopefully if you even attended college they did not give you a degree. I suggest you quit writing reviews and hit the stairmaster.

if his words are too complex for you and his lyrics hit on multiple levels that the jonas brothers can't quite hit, maybe a journalist with a greater level of depth and intelligence might be required. the newspaper industry is tanking, but is this the best the sun times can produce?

I completely disagree with DeRogatis, Big Whiskey is a fine album - and that is all I really have to say about that. But I DO have to say that the discourse on this board has taken a turn for the worst. All of you hyper-testy type who feel that personally insulting the reviewer will provide you with some solace: please grow the hell up.

Now, I believe that DeRogatis is an above average music critic, and I tend to agree with a lot of what he writes. His biggest problem is that he is entirely predictable. I didn't even have to read the pompous critique above, as I already knew what direction he would take with the so-called 'review.' His personal taste tends to cloud his rationality at times, and his thinly-veiled attempt at a review of this album has failed as a result. I've been reading the Sun Times since I was a kid - he hates DMB, he probably gave it one half-hearted listen and simply filled song titles into what he has planned on writing for weeks.

Just as I do not condone some of the words on this board directed toward DeRogatis, I believe it to be in poor taste that DeRogatis tends to take jabs at fans of bands that he doesn't like (maybe fueling some of the anger??).

Now let's everyone keep it cool...

Bonehead? I think that may be the first time I've seen "bonehead" used in a legitimate music review. Maybe it's that you're used to reviewing pop music and the music of this band is so much more than that. I'm sorry that you won't ever have a chance to realize the potential of what you just trashed.

Mr Rogatis I have long been a DMB Fan (even though i haven't been able financially to attend a DMB Show) since I first saw Carter behind the drum kit. I have seen videos of Dave's shows (official dvd's and some vids taken at shows) and I must say your review is very much a load of garbage. you have no clue what DMB is all about. The frequent moments of musical magic which you dismiss as a "wankfest". i bet you're not even a musician. your just some dude who thinks he has an ear for music.

I wrote my master's thesis in music theory on rhythm and meter in several of the songs from the "big three." I'd offer a free lesson in how to conduct real research, but I doubt you'd know a hemiola from your a**hole. Next time, write an album review based on its musical merit, and leave your obvious bias at home.

Maybe the dumbest thing I have ever read. Completely ignorant garbage. with how terrible american music is today, how could you talk so horribly about one of the few remaining bands making quality music. Your opinion is garbage.

Probably the most outstanding detail of the entire article is the fact that I am almost certain you have never been graced with the gift of seeing these gentlemen play live. Unlike many bands of the 90s, DMB has made it through into today's music times, still raking in money for albums produced and gathering new fans each day. But, I wouldn't expect your musical experience with DMB to be displayed in the article. Or musical experience in general. You are entitled to your opinion, but when you become ignorant your work should not even be published. I'm surprised you actually have a job after this. And for the record, you giving Green Day a positive review says it all. They are the biggest sell outs out there today. I wish they would go back to their original music (which was actually great), before money and mascara took over their professional career. Good luck with finding another job after the suntimes...because your "professional" opinion is meaningless to say the least.

When did the CSTimes hire this guy? Not a good business decision at all. Whoever the hiring manager was on this guy must be working in the mail room now (if lucky). People, we don't have to look much further in America to see why all theses corporations are failing and begging w/ their hands out for our hard earned tax dollars. This is a fine example why.

Who is the big bag of douche that wrote this f---ing article?! You, my friend, are a tool. Apparently you do not understand the big picture when it comes to this band or this band's fans at all. I have been listening to DMB since I was seven years old. I am now 22. This band has been selling records since 1994. How many other bands can you say are still around creating great music, have all the members of the original band, and are still selling out shows night after night? I believe every person has a right to express their opinion...but this is just ridiculous. Apparently you have never been to a Dave Matthews show, not to be confused with David Cassidy. With the type of music that is being played on the radio now that talks nothing of any relevance to all the major important things in our world that should be talked about, I would be ashamed to call myself a music critic because it is people like you, who should appreciate the good wholesome music that is created by an artist like this. I've never heard Dave sing any song that talks about having sex with numerous women, shooting or stabbing people, being a pimp, or surviving the streets of South Central L.A. or growing up on the mean streets of New York City. Music like that is the reason why you have so many people in my generation that have lived a life of crime, ended up shot or stabbed in gang fight, and have died because of suicides or a drug overdose. Any person that can write lyrics such as this verse, from the song Pig:

Here are we
On this starry night staring into space
And I must say
I feel as small as dust
Lying down here
What point could there be troubling
Head down wondering what will
Become of me
Why concern we cannot see
But no reason to abandon it
Time is short but thats all right
Maybe Ill go out in the middle of the night
Take your hands from your eyes, my love
Everything must come to an end sometime
Dont burn the day away...."

has to show some sort of talent and has to show some sort of an idea that they are in tune to life and to things going on around us. Yes, you are right Dave Matthews music is something that you will most likely find being played during a frat party or a backyard bbq with family and friends, but why would you not want it to be? It's a positive, light hearted, wholesome type of music that has been written to create good vibes from person to person and his music has done that because if it didn't they would not be around after this many years.

What makes your review such an object of hate isn't that you don't like the music, but that your personal taste overruled what journalistic integrity you might have.

Whatever the reviewer may think of the album, there shouldnt be any need to insult the bands fans, or the members themselves. Wankfest and waterboarding? Did you listen to this album or did you listen to Hannah Montana? You dont even have to like it, I mean give it 1 star if you think thats what it deserves, and not belittle a band that is constantly striving to create. Corporate enterprise? I hope that in every album you review you add corporate enterprise to the review, as every band tours and releases albums, its called the music industry.

Terrible tone for the review, an extreme bias and way to go insulting a guy who died just last year.

The sun times really broke the mould when they employed you.


Please refrain from reviewing music to which you know nothing about. Stick to lip-synching, pop bands and hamburgers, you FAT PIG!

YOU ARE HORRIBLE! How do you even have a job?

Boy you Daveheads are really something. So Jim didn't like your heros is his opinion. I have never gotten Dave either. If you want a good review of your heros album and you don't want to here the other view point, which you guys do not want, it seems like you guys want every critic to build a shrine to ole Dave, than read Rolling Stone where he gets a good review everytime. And please explain what does Jim's weight have to do with his review, you Dave fans are really mature. And no, I am not 100 percent in agreement with Jim everytime. I think the Green Day album is better than American Idiot, but atleast I try and listen when he gives a bad review to an album I like and I try and present a good argument. You Dave fans are really mature with your fat comments.

I'll just come right out and say what Jim tried to..........the DMB makes music for folks who wouldnt know a tasteful jam if it bit their nose....the DMB consistently presents a soundtrack for moronic fratboys to party their brains out, talk through the entire concert, barf on someone elses blanket and then pass out on the lawn. In the longterm scheme of things, the DMB is a minor blip of banality.

"The South African native is still a bonehead".............

If Jim can call some one a bone head. We can call him a fat pig. Who in the hell cares what you think about Green Day.

You obviously didn't even listen to the album. Or, maybe you just popped it in and skipped over the tracks.

What qualifies you to write this anyway?

Much props to all the people commenting on this ridiculous review. Dave matthews rocks. The world is a better place because he exists. Go out and buy a lap dance Jim, it'll make you feel better.

hahaha I just can't handle that people like this have jobs. Pathetic.
More singular, close-minded, uninformed bulls--- from a hack. LOVE IT

Turd burglar.

Guys, critique the review and not the reviewer. You are giving DMB fans a bad name.

Your a f---ing idiot, one of the worst articles I have ever read in my entire life, I can't believe you even have a job f---head.

You speak like you are a jam band fan. I have been to more jam band concerts than you will ever. Who in the hell are you to stereo type someone for the band that they listen to? Yes, I have been to many DMB concerts and have seen some drunks on the ground. But I have also seen many more people grooving and having a good time. Just as, I have been to many Grateful Dead shows and have seen many people grooving and having a great time. As well as, I have seen people "fishing" on the ground from hitting a balloon. Love him or hate call DMB "a minor blip of banality" does not make since. So why don't you and and your fat friend, Jim go some where and eat a hot dog together.

jim's just mad it wasn't called big cola and the burger king.


quit your job, choke on some c--, and and get real

dear jim,
i hope you choke on your next meal today. that is all.
love, bonehead

Wow. I'm speechless.

Jim = douchebag. Go suck some c---, Jim.

As a writer myself, it is appalling to see this type of piece published. Completely uneducated. This guy needs to get off his high horse. He is making a fool of himself. I don't understand how hacks like him get jobs at these types of places. It's honestly a joke. It's not a matter of whether he does or doesn't like dave matthews band, it's the way he comes across as an arrogant jackass.

I have to say it's pretty sad that a person can be so brutal and harsh when discussing an artists life work. Fine you don't like Dave and the band. That's your opinion Jim... But to rant on and on in that pathetic version of elitism and completely minimize any achievements this band has made as individual musicians or as a band as a whole is pretty weak. First of all if it weren't for people like them doing what they love ( and obviously doing it well if not forums for "boneheads" like you to attack them wouldn't exist ) then you would be flipping burgers somewhere as opposed to making a living by bashing someone else doing something you're not even remotely capable of.

It's a sad world when small-minded people have an open forum to try and minimize others who have such a strong impact on other

Reviews are meant to state an opinion based on some form of "intelligent" criteria not go on a bashing spree.


Mr. DeRogatis, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

You are a f*cking ignorant bastard! WOW! How offensive can a writer be? Well, you just proved that...VERY OFFENSIVE! I think you should take up a new career. You would be better at something like wiping George Bush's ass. I think you should be fired over this article. I hope your boss reads these comments and says, "Uh,'s been declared you're an idiot! YOUR FIRED, but I hear G Dubya's ass is hirin'." GET A LIFE YOU MORON!

You would think a drummer like yourself would appreciate the genius of Carter Beauford and the work he does on this record. I'm sure you wrote this for the attention, though...and you're getting it. Congratulations, Jim.

I have read thousands of reviews for albums, and this is one of the most petty reviews I have ever read. There is barely even mention of the music from the album you are reviewing. Instead, I am seeing a lot of personal opinions that don't belong in any publication, let alone the Sun Times.

The Dave Matthews Band is one of a very small group of bands who have maintained their musicianship through the 90s and into the present. To call them names sir, is just not professional.

Please, issue a retraction or a rewrite of this review.



I find it hilarious that the only response you had to any of these comments was "the sun-times has a 4 star scale" really? don't wish to validate your music-listening expertise to anyone?

I laugh at are a fat f---ing pig with no talent for writing let alone reviewing music. Your home life as a child must have been miserable and I'm quite sure your parents are ashamed you were ever born.

The stereotype that all Dave Matthews Band fans are drunk, stupid frat boys is really sad. The band has great music that so many people have ignored because of this stereotype. It seems this reviewer built an entire review around that stereotype alone.

Remember in the 1960s when good music didnt have to revolve around what someone looked like, or what genre they were in? Good music was just good. We have veered so far from that great time in the last 50 years, to a place where this counts as a professional review.

I'd really like a retraction or rewrite, because this is simply unprofessional. I will be contacting the Sun Times to express my disgust, and I suggest all of you do the same.


Brittany Spears = 3 stars/4

Dave Matthews Band = 2.5/4

Go ahead keep taking a stab at their fan following because they are the most loyal fans in the music industry since the dead. "Though legions of lite-beer-swilling fans disagree." You obviously didn't consume lite beer now did you. Maybe you should loosen up and have some fun in life instead of eating cheetos and drinking hi-c while listening to your girl Brittany.

Anyway, if you really think that the bands music is better in the studio, than I have no respect for you as a critic.

I award you no points and may god have mercy on your soul.

Oh Jimmy you're about to get it even more.


To each their own. That said, I think/know you could have done a better, more objective job of writing a review of a band's CD that you obviously don't care for. To get a better idea of your musical taste, can you give me 5 bands you believe are great live? (don't include Chicago garage bands or any band that no one has really heard of)

Jim, I think this is deeper than a dislike for "wank-fest" jamming. I bet you feel out of place at these concerts. As a large framed, middle-aged man standing all alone with a notepad as thousands of fun-loving younger people dance around you, enjoying themselves. You feel left out. You wish you could go back in time and be the same, instead of sitting alone in your room with a typewriter writing about dragons and hobbits while masturbating to your mom's JC Penny catalog. I suggest not letting these personal issues get in the way of being a professional journalist in the future.

Your biggest fan,

Scott Livengood
President and CEO of Krispy Kreme doughnut company

I agree with what Ryan Adams said:

Dear Jim...........Get bent.

This has to be the most slanted, god awful review I have ever read of any album/movie/show period. About the only thing that's even remotely accurate in your article is the names of the band members and album title. After you got those facts down, you decided to hack together a piece of journalistic trash that not only shows your complete ignorance for talented musicians and the lyrical genius in some of matthews' works, but you then end with a personal attack against a band that has amassed more respect and donated more money to charitable, intelligent organizations around the world then you would know what to do with. Not to mention that the band puts on a live show that's unmatched in the music scene where their rhythms/jams define them For a band that's grossed around 500 million dollars, I'd say you sir are in a small minority of mindless jackasses who don't recognize talent even when it punches them in the face.

And as a final point, I've seen that you claim to be a drummer but yet you make no mention of the incredible DMB drummer Carter Beauford, who absolutely owns all over this new record. It just goes to show that you didn't even give this album a chance, and decided to listen to the upcoming jonas brothers album instead, which is probably more in line with your liking of pop crap.

The Sun-Times should be ashamed to even have staff like you onboard. It's no wonder the company is failing. You're a waste of journalistic space and make a bad name for other writers. I sincerely hope you meet Carter Beauford and he uses you as a drum kit. He can you use your stomach as the bass drum and your hollow, unintelligent head as the snare. Cheers ~

Would have been better with MacHead. Just sayin.

I can honestly say that Perez Hilton has more substance than you.

I'm not going to join the bandwagon and bash you for being 500 pounds. The important thing to highlight about your review is that you are obviously and simply a very shallow individual.

You sir, are fat, ugly, know nothing about good music and most likely wrote this horrendous review in order to keep your job. People will read this not to be informed about the album, but rather as a piece of comedy. You need the hits and readership so the struggling media newspaper industry will not take its next victim. You ignorant man.

I don't think I could possibly disagree more with anyone in this entire world. Everyone's entitled to his or her opinions... except for you. I can understand not liking DMB...(Oh no wait I can't...) Well I can at the very least accept it, but to say that they are talentless is a completely different story. If you like DMB's studio recordings over their live performances than you obviously havn't been to a live show or listened to much of their live content. A bonehead when it comes to lyrics?????????????? Please never write a column about music again. I think it is probably in your best interest.

Chicago Sun-Times is a reputable source for news. Unfortunately, you have done your company a disservice (and yourself as a reporter) by writing a review that includes your own biases.

I hope your editor reads this review so that they can be aware of the quality of writing they are employing and that is being provided to their loyal readers.

I'm assuming you don't want to be a music reviewer for the rest of your life...I guess you failed to consider the implications of attaching your name to an article that is mediocre at best.

Looking forward to your next DMB album review...four years from now.


Your ignorant and hateful review has spawned quite an angry and hateful response from the DMB faithful.

In life, you get as good as you give... How's that for coffee cup philosophy?

You're loving this though. You're as happy as a pig in slop. Complain and pray for more from above, little piggie.

You have to be the dumbest person i have never met. Thank god I have never met you. Im sure every single person who talks to you loses brain cells every time they do. You have no idea what you are talking about. Dumba__.

Standing here
The old man said to me
Long before these crowded streets
Here stood my dreaming tree
Below it he would sit
For hours at a time
Now progress takes away
What forever took to find
Now he's falling hard
He feels the falling dark
How he longs to be
Beneath his dreaming tree
Conquered fear to climb
A moment froze in time
When the girl who first he kissed
Promised him she'd be his
Remembered mother's words
There beneath the tree
No matter what the world
You'll always be my baby
Mommy come quick
The dreaming tree has died
The air is growing thick
A fear he cannot hide
The dreaming tree has died

Oh, have you no pity
This thing I do
I do not deny it
All through this smile
As crooked as danger
I do not deny
I know in my mind
I would leave you now
If I had the strength to
I would leave you up
To your own devices
Will you not talk
Can you take pity
I don't ask much
But won't you speak

From the start
She knew she had it made
Easy up 'til then
For sure she'd make the grade
Adorers came in hordes
To lay down in her wake
She gave it all she had
But treasures slowly fade
Now she's falling hard
She feels the fall of dark
How did this fall apart
She drinks to fill it up
A smile of sweetest flowers
Wilted so and soured
Black tears stain the cheeks
That once were so admired
She thinks when she was small
There on her father's knee
How he had promised her
You'll always be my baby
Daddy come quick
The dreaming tree has died
I can't find my way home
There is no place to hide
The dreaming tree has died

Oh if I had the strength to
I would leave you up
To your own devices
Will you not talk
Can you take pity
I don't ask much
But won't you speak

Looks like you could have used a few more lite beers yourself. Hooray for ignorant stereotyping!

It's funny you bring up a Rolling Stone review. They fired you in the mid 90's. I wonder why?

it's ok not to be a fan of DMB. I am, but that isn't why your "review" could not be more off base.

The studio releases set the shows up to be the crown jewel of a DMB experience. What you call wank fests are a moment of true communion between the artist and the audience, where artistic freedom and interpretation become one undeniable truth shared en-masse. Inhibitions are thrown away and forgotten.

Any artist that writes music for the purpose of making one of your stupid backyard barbecues more "pleasurable" is an artist that any true appreciator of music wants nothing to do with. If you can't review music (any music) through this lens, SEEK NEW WORK. The service you are providing here is better suited to a WWE "bad guy" character; a navel gazer who strokes his ego by trying to p155 people off.

I'll take my lite beer swilling over your barbecue, but thanks anyway.

I am not a fan of lite beer, however I am a fan of the DMB because they are all individually and collectively talented. They have always made great music and the new album is no exception. Before you insult music fans and a band, you should maybe listen to the music you're talking about and maybe go to a show. If you did this you would know your review is dumb and not based in fact.

So, tell me again why I should pay attention to your spiteful CD reviews Peter Griffin?

" Someone else is eating out"........Dave is making a reference to you! You sir need to put down your cheeseburger and your 'Like a Virgin' album! You obviously don't know jack.... about music. Just looking at you makes me not want to eat out! Leave your worthless opinion at home with you closet full of Twinkies! Here is some free advise....take a shower more than twice a month, mix in a salad, maybe get a hair cut. I would tell you to find a girlfriend but there is just know way any self respecting woman would jump on a grenade as big as you. Oh and by the way, I have your Swingline stapler!

Hey Jim,

What garbage community-college awarded you a journalism degree? This 'review', if that's what you want to call it, is one of the most subjective, offensive, unprofessional pieces of journalistic trash I ever read. Do you not have editors or superiors that offer a peer-review to your poorly-written gibberish? I do not know how you have/keep a job. If I was the editor-in-chief of the Sun-Times, I honestly think I would fire you on the spot for such an unprofessional piece. You soley, in one foul swoop, disgraced the job title of 'music critic'. Possibly, a new career path could be in your future...'food critic'; although, you're reviews would be much like 'Rolling Stone' music reviews, where they praise everything. Oops...yeah, that probably won't work for you either. Pop in your Britney Spears, Jonas Brothers and Death Cab records, waddle on down to your local junk-food, gluttonous eatery and do as you as say 'sip on a latte' and I would love to hear your explanation as to how this 'bonehead' created an album that is more gutwrenching than wakeboarding. A wakeboard wouldn't even keep your fatass afloat. What things do you enjoy, James? Food, that is a given. Apparently, you are a drummer, eh? Did you know that Carter Beauford was rated the 2nd best drummer alive, behind Rush's Neil Peart? Probably not, because you are an ignorant piece of s---. I have a couple pieced of advice for you, Jimmy, and they are as follows...

1.) Go on a diet because a massive heart attack or stroke is sure to kill you in about 3-4 years.
2.) Stop the 'wank-fests' at your abode and keep them from influencing your critiques of great music.
3.) Don't go to any more DMB shows because you are inhibiting one fan from actually enjoying the show because you take up 2 seats, I'm assuming.
4.) Try to meet Britney Spears, I'm sure if you show her your 3 star review and great physique, she might go for you. If not, the Jonas Brothers might like you as their personal trampoline.
5.) And finally, for the love of God, go to Home Depot, find a 30 foot rope, tie it in a noose and end your pathetic, lonely, gluttonous life.

Kind Regards,

Poor Jim, he's got a tiny brain. ( shakes head in disappointment)

Dear jim.

With this review, your fame will go beyond borders. Unfortunatly not for the best reasons...
Next time, don't enjoy the fact that you're in the bathroom to write a "review".

Have a nice day

You should leave music reviews to someone who knows how to do it properly. Fried chicken and cheeseburgers seem more your forte.

I'm a 44 year old Chicagoan who has been going to DMB shows for 15 years.... numbering more than 60.
Throughout that time I have read the Sun Times and many of your reviews. I majored in journalism and have a few close family members who work for some of the largest TV and radio entities in Chicago. Discussing objectivity is often a topic of conversation.

I don't know where yours went, but please find it before your reader base could barely fill the Billy Goat.

Here it is people... the epitome of all those that have absolutely no satisfaction in their lives other than to completely abuse their position and put out hurtful words to strike a reaction of a large fan base. This person has done exactly what he wanted you to do. He wrote the biggest rag of an article on one of the most inspirational, worldly, and cultured bands that is coveted world-wide. He's probably pissed because he could not get backstage passes to a show because a true fan probably got them from the band and he's been bent ever since.

People like this have absolutely no life and don't care to better their situation by becoming a little more cultured by giving anything a chance. As his bio states "Jim DeRogatis covers pop music for the Chicago Sun-Times." When has DMB ever been considered "pop"? "Pop" is usually reserved for Britney, Jonas Brothers, and all other mind-numbing bands that get their hits and are geared towards a certain market. As any fan can tell you, DMB is geared towards those that are human-loving, peace-keeping people that enjoy good music and enjoy the company of people. "Eat, Drink, and Be Merry..." Unfortunately, Mr. DeRogatis obviously has lived a life with the lack of friends and has been shunned by society as a whole, which reverts back to my original point: those that have no satisfaction in their lives other than to completely abuse their position to make them feel superior.

We should all stop responding to this article since he knows that this atrocity will inflict personal insult to us and cause us to speak our minds. People, can anyone say "Howard Stern"?!?! Half the people that listened to Stern listened because they wanted see what he was going to say next so they may have entertainment. The other half listened to see what happened next so they could shun it. This guy not only wrote a slanderous piece, he insults the memory of Leroi. If anything, he can say what he wants, but to insult the memory of someone that has recently died and obviously made a tremendous impact to many, that is just the ultimate low.

Mr. DeRogatis, (wow... that really sounds like some kind of nasty fungus in some nameless places) I hope you know that you have brought disgrace to yourself and to your company. People like have you no place in the professional world and should just stick to your shadows where you lurk and whisper your comments because you're too afraid to actually speak your mind to those that may oppose your way of thinking.

I eat poopies and luv teh jonas brothers!!!1


Please do yourself and everyone that knows you a favor. Waddle your big ass to the edge of a bridge and jump off. Thank you.


Were you one of the people who had Dave Matthews' own sh-t dumped on your ugly head? This is the only reason I can find to explain your disgusting appearance and unnecessary sh-t review.

When did reputable news organizations begin hiring interwebz trolls to write music reviews?

"Ultimately they decided to give it one more try, retreating to an isolated home studio at a house called Haunted Hollow outside Charlottesville, Va..."

Next time get your facts straight. Not one tune was recorded there on this record... Dumbass.

Oh and for the record, I don't drink lite beer, bitch.

If failure was a goal in life you definitely accomplished it with this inaccurate, worthless review.

What did Jim do in a previous life for this?

I'm thinking Hitler.

1. You were probably looking for attention when you wrote this...
and you got it.
2. You are entitled to your opinion, but please back up statements with facts, not hatred.
3. I am a DMB fan but not a fan of lite beer, give me a micro or A BIG WHISKEY and I'll be happy.
4. I was wondering are there other bands out there that had to start out playing in front of small crowds in bars and people's basements, that weren't cut from some studio's cookie cutter?

All in all, you should have expected some backlash with your statements. How would you like it if someone started verbally bashing your family, and yes, DMB fans are one very large extended family, and we will stand up for what we feel is right.

You filthy low rent hack. How does a worthless pig---er like you even have a job?

Looks like this guy should be drinking more "lite beer" when he's hanging out with fellow douches in wrigleyville.

"Dave Matthews Band always has been better in the studio than on the stage, where the endless wank-fest jams of saxophonist LeRoi Moore and violinist Boyd Tinsley could be a torture far worse than waterboarding."

man people must really love torture then.. cuz they have been selling out shows for the past 18 years. You must be the one of the only individuals in the world who is right on this matter and millions of other people are wrong.

"including one for Rolling Stone"

What's that supposed to mean? Are we supposed to be impressed? I am not suprised by the personal attacks especially after you personally attacked millions of fans and one of the most talented bands of all time. Not to mention the attack on the late Leroi Moore. Come down off your high horse!


Hang on, Jim... I did you a favor. I wrote what your review should have been... Don't plagerize it.

“Dive In”, “Squirm”, “Seven”, “Time Bomb”, “Baby Blue”, “You and Me” all get me off the bat.

“Why I Am” and “Spaceman” are all proven to be excellent live songs but lack in the album...

“Grux” is an automatic approval and have to appreciate. It’s a definite mood setter for the album, yet, it shares very similar “Bartender”/”Don’t Drink the Water” qualities… With that said, it will be very difficult to predicate openers this season because this going into “Shake Me Like A Monkey” would be a very strong front runner to get the crowd moving.

“Shake Me Like A Monkey” is like the more successful 2nd cousin to “I Did It” and “Stand Up”. I think this was the groove they were going for when they wrote both of those songs.

“Funny The Way It Is” is just as powerful on the album as it is live. This will become a staple in their repertoire along with B-List songs like “Typical Situation” and “Drive In, Drive Out”. No matter how many times you hear them live, you don’t get bored with them as you do “Where Are You Going”.

“Lying In The Hands Of God” I see being a 10+ minute jam that after hearing it quite a few times, it will get old. Sort of when Butch would do a 15 minute solo alone on “Two Step”. Too much of a good thing just sours it. “LITHOG” will most likely be one of the songs that drops off the tour and is only played a few shows this season and doesn’t really make a return but once in a blue moon. Very similar to “So Right” and “What You Are”. Great song to hear, not one of the A-List staples, but nice to pull out every once in a while.

“Why I Am”… I’m very disappointed with the studio version since I’ve been spoiled with the live versions. Tim is not as precedent, which I thought gave a unique personality to the song. Dave sounds very structured and rehearsed singing lyrics. Another song that will become a staple among shows to come which will get the crowd flowing. Very similar feel to “Pig”.

“Dive In” What a way for Dave to bring in a song about disparity and death in a song that sounds so sweet. Reminds me of “When The World Ends”. Doesn’t really have a hook like “WTWE” about “burning one”, however, Carter’s got a lot of potential with this song that sounds like it can be easily segued into another song, or even pull a reprise in the middle of it. This will wind up being the “Space Between” of the group….

“Spaceman”… again, strong live, not so much in studio. I think that had it not gotten the response it received played live, this would have been would one of the lesser liked tracks.

“Squirm” almost starts off like “Idea Of You” followed by a mysterious lyrical tone intertwined with heavy guitar riffs and Middle Eastern overtones to give it almost a “Kashmir”-Led Zeppelin feel that reminds me of “Minarets”. Powerful, yet controlled. The slight pause towards the end of the song gives it a “Last Stop” feel to it as well. It works…

“Alligator Pie” will definitely grow on folks. Starts off very similar to “Sugar Will” and wouldn’t be surprised if either one of them segued into each other, or a “Sugar Will” tease going into “Alligator Pie”. I’m pleased that the NOLA influence was better placed than “Louisiana Bayou”. I think that has got to be the one song that I don’t mind skipping. Beautifully placed segue way into “Seven”… but I wouldn’t expect to hear that live.

“Seven” is the new age “Crash”. It’s got a “na-na-na-boo-boo” feel to it, like “Crash” does. “Seven” will be the yang to “WTWE”’s yin. Get’s an automatic thumbs up as the album version is just as good as the live version, yet, I don’t think it’ll survive quite as strong as maybe “#41”.

“Time Bomb” should have been right after or segued into from “Dreaming Tree”. Definitely “BTCS” material, or maybe a B-Side. Dave took a queue from “Hey Hey My My” with “Time Bomb” with the raw lyrics.

“Baby Blue”, I’m glad that he didn’t completely kill “Sister” and make it into something that would have been skipped when playing the CD. “Baby Blue” takes the best riff of “Sister” and makes it familiar, yet, distinguishably different. It’s close to “Grey Blue Eyes” hmmm… “Baby Blue”… “Grey Blue Eyes”… pattern???

“You and Me” will be the next DMB song that will be used as a loaner to a soundtrack. It’s got a catchy hook and uplifting. This is about as addictive as “Stay”. It’s just a positive, uplifting song that would probably be seen as a closing encore with a lengthy ending, or the first of two encores, leading into “Old Dirt Hill” or “Old Dirt Hill” going into “You and Me”. It’s almost a complete contrast to “Pay For What You Get”.

The last little ditty on the CD is just that… Leroi’s last little ditty. Short and sweet and stops abruptly.

All in all… I give it a 4 out of 5. But I say that until I’ve completely dissected every millisecond of the album and listen to everyone’s part. It’s really got strong influences from all the prior albums if you really think about it. It’s got the songs laden with descriptive words like “BTCS”, the pop of “Stand Up”, the edge of “Everyday”, the mellow feel of “Crash”, the twists and turns of “Busted Stuff”, all bringing it to another original sound, just like “UTTAD”.


You cover POP music in chicago! Pop music, really? Obviously you don't know real music, so do your job and rate the Jonas Brothers and that shit! Oh and I hope your boss sees all these comments and FIRES YOU!


You cover POP music in chicago! Pop music, really? Obviously you don't know real music, so do your job and rate the Jonas Brothers and that shit! Oh and I hope your boss sees all these comments and FIRES YOU!

I've lost respect for the Chicago Times for publishing your work. Do you know anything about music? No. Looking back on your career sometime from now and seeing its been all worthless garbage has to be depressing. Do you think your kids will be proud of you someday readying "daddy's" work? (if they have the genetic ability to learn to read). Try again, no, quit and go stand in the corner.

I can't believe The Chicago Sun-Times actually pays you. Yes you are getting attention but only because you have made a complete fool of yourself for everything you have just said about this Great Band. Hopefully the people hiring you open up their eyes a bit and fire you :)

Its real sad that they let people who do no research whatsoever write for newspapers. it makes me said for print journalism when i think about writers like this.

best of luck in whatever you do next, jim! i'm sure this job won't last long!

Chris Farris, while Dave is a good lyricist, to call him the best out of the last twenty years isn't ,going to give you much credibility. See: Eddie Vedder, Thom Yorke, Maynard James Keenan, Kurt Cobain. Dave is a good lyricist (BTCS, UTT&D) but he isn't in the top 5 of his generation. BW isn't his strongest in terms of lyrics, but the music on it is some of his best (especially after the lowpoint of his career known as Stand Up).

As to this 'journalist', just because you do not like "jams" doesn't make his concerts as bad as you make them out to be. There is a reason why bands that fit this style fill stadiums night after night (see: Grateful Dead, Phish, Dave Matthews Band, Allman Brothers Band). It is also one of the least objective reviews that I have ever read. Who let you write this? You obviously went into reviewing this album with a pre-hatred of the band, so why bother writing this and let someone with open ears listen to it and write this review? It takes a lot of credibility away from the Sun Times. If you don't like the band, then fine, but why take your personal vendetta against the band to a newspaper that was prior to this review credible?

Oh, and I have seen DMB 10+ times in concert and wouldn't consider myself someone who listens to "triple-A radio". My stereo regularly plays the Clash, the Hold Steady, Radiohead, My Morning Jacket, Tool, Pink Floyd, the Kinks, and Miles Davis. Hardly someone who you consider a "DMB fan" which shows that you really don't know the music you are reviewing.

wow this guy is a HUGE LOSER!!! hey everybody, look at the HUGE LOSER who wrote this article. seriously get stuck and go cover the creed reunion which i'm sure you're pretty pumped about.

Dear Jim,

Go F yourself.

From, Everyone

snipped from "Me" "Love him or hate call DMB "a minor blip of banality" does not make since."

Uh........whats that about making sense? Better lay off that nitrous, dOOd.

And I've been going to concerts since 1980 and have seen many, many great shows. DMB doesnt rate-it's watered down crapola tailored for a middle of the road crowd. Yawn.

This has to be one of the worst music reviews I have ever read. It was obviously highly biased, and a disservice to the Sun-Times, and its readership.

Please, issue a retraction or have someone capable of unbiased journalism rewrite this review.

This has to be one of the worst music reviews I have ever read. It was obviously highly biased, and a disservice to the Sun-Times, and its readership.

Please, issue a retraction or have someone able to conduct unbiased journalism rewrite this review.

I understand why the Sun-Times is bankrupt with "writers" such as this guy. Did you even listen to the album?

YOU ARE FIRED !!! Stupid piece of s---.
Anyone who has a least bit of a clue as to the body of work of the Dave Matthews Band and what Big Whiskey is all about knows that you are an ignorant, lasy, with a poor taste in music low-life "blogger". Get your facts straight instead of just watching the CBS video. Big Whiskey was recorded in New Orleans and not at Haunted Hollow - and before that they wrote music in Seattle.
Now please, exit through the door in front of your ugly face.

Jim, I suspect you'll judge DMB fans by this sort of reaction, but know that all of them are not so childish and reactionary.

Some of us are mature enough to know that this is a review, your review and that means it is just one individual's opinion.

We disagree about much of what you say except for the bit about Mr. Matthews as a lyricist. Some of his '90s output was intriguing, but there are some cringe-worthy lines on "Big Whiskey."

I can't believe the Sun Times actually pays you to write this garbage. Who's running this company? They must be full of idiots if they let you on the staff! If someone at the Sun Times actually has half a brain they'll read this pathetic attempt at a review and get rid of you.

I question whether or not you even listened to this album. Looks more like you just skimmed through the lyrics and pulled a couple lines out.

And the statement that the band has always been better in studio? That alone shows that you don't have any idea what you're talking about. The music community at large agrees that the band shines the brightest on stage (which your statement of tours grossing more than a half billion dollars clearly supports). How can you even make a statement like that when the evidence so clearly contradicts you?'re an idiot and I can't believe you actually make a living doing this!!!

Sun Times...PLEASE can this guy. You can't really think that this type of review is good reading material or appropriate for you newspaper can you???

Derogatis has long had an unusual hatred for DMB.. he was fired from Rolling Stone because of a bad review he wrote about their material, so it seems his dislike for them has grown so much he has to put down people who had nothing to do with the making of this record, the fans. While I'm a fan, it's irritating that he's allowed to spew his hatred and it's called a 'review'. I'm not one to think everyone should love this band's music. A lot of artists I don't like sell a lot of records. If you don't think its good Mr. Derogatis, fine.. but try to keep your personal anger and bias if you're going to continue to review records.

Hey Lamedouchebag...
Not saying I was doing the Nitrous. I am saying that I do not go to different shows and come back and stereotype the whole crowd. By the way, Millie Vanilli does not count as a quality show.

Again, you and fat Jim can hold hands at the the next Britney Spears concert and eat hot dogs while you stereo type the teens that are there as you suckle on Jim's saggy teats. You won't be yawning then.

This is such a joke. I remember years ago when he was on a show called sound opinions. I don't know if it's still around cause i don't live in Chicago anymore...

Anyway this guy was talking all this crap about DMB playing Soldier Field. Stating that "nobody wants to be a part of a 60,00 mass seance of DMB at Soldier Field"

Was the dumbest comment ever, obviously 60,000 wanted to be asshat.

He has been writing reviews like this for years, if it's not Wilco it sucks to him.

Drummer? The only drumstick this guy has touched was once a chicken.

Wow, I can't believe you get paid to write s--- like this.
I'm glad I read it though. Now I know that the second I see your name written on any review, to immediately throw everything you have to say out the window because I know it is a bunch of ignorant, biased bulls---.

Step down from your high horse, please. You're not as cool, smart and above everyone else, as you seem to think.

Typical garbage from DeRogatis. Can't wait until the Sun-Times puts him out just like Rolling Stone did.

This is professionalism at its finest. Top notch review. Really digs deep into what the music is all about and how the album speaks as a whole. I don't even feel the need to go buy the album, the depth of description in this review makes me feel like I've listened to it over and over again.


Hey "Me"....after reading your responses to my posts, I've come to the conclusion that DMB is perfectly suited for you......because you haven't a clue. Good luck with that.

You want quality? Check out the Meat Puppets, I saw them at Schuba's last Sunday night......they were effing da bomb, brah. Hey Jim, where's your review of that show?

What a douche this guy is


This is just too funny... all the while we're here attacking this obvious clown for his pitiful attempt at a review and have missed a REALLY funny side-bar to all of this. This guy has the b@ll$ to attack
DMB in such spirited fashion when he's in a band himself....

Mind you.... his band doesn't even rate important enough to have an entry on wikkipedia... to read about it you'd have to find the saddest hole in the wall in Chicago and hit a bathroom stall. that's probably the only place you'll find a review for it. and it'll prob reference what's in the john right next to it.

Oh and as far as lyrics ???? HILLARIOUS

His band has a song named Shi__ing in a bag ( Literally!!!!! )

Jim, get real.... Pop in one of your cd's ( if your music ever made it past cassette that is ) and review that before you judge a band that is obviously loved and respected by millions when the only way you can get attention by a couple hundred ( and negative attention at that ) is by bashing them...

For all that want a laugh here's the site to Ol' Jimmy boys band


absolutely classic this complete tool has the nerve to knock dave and insult the memory of a talented musician that just passed.

You sir are, as one of your songs is titled, Sh__ in a bag....

You are ripping on DMB music and their fans???? Boy the Meat Puppets sure do jam. I fully apologise for anything that I might have said to you previously. I did not know that you were a Meat Puppetts fan. That changes everything. You obviously know everything about a quality jam band.
Why even ask Jim about his review of the MEAT PUPPETS? Didn't he tell you before he got out of your bed the next morning?

You are ripping on DMB music and their fans???? Boy the Meat Puppets sure do jam. I fully apologise for anything that I might have said to you previously. I did not know that you were a Meat Puppetts fan. That changes everything. You obviously know everything about a quality jam band.
Why even ask Jim about his review of the MEAT PUPPETS? Didn't he tell you before he got out of your bed the next morning?

This is possibly the worst... wait, no, this IS the worst review of an album I have ever read. It's poorly written, has personal attacks (on Dave & his fans), and lacks any type of description/review of the songs on the album.

You, sir, should be fired. And then fired AT.

to LammyCatsPlasticEyeball and others who feel DMB is clueless.

As it was stated in the article, "their tours reportedly have grossed more than a half a billion dollars." That's over 27 million dollars a year, that's called consistency, and definitely not middle of the road, either that or the road is reallllllly wide.
Whether you like them or not, or anyone for that matter, they have done something many bands can only dream of, they are still together for almost 20 years, having an extremely loyal fan base, and continue to change their style with the times. There are probably teenagers going to see this band now that have parents who saw the band when they were younger. This band covers generational gaps, race and religion.

If you don't like them, it's okay. It's your loss.

You couldn't review yourself out of a paper bag.

personal opinion does not equal journalism...this guy is a f---ing idiot

You are the most ignorant douche of a reviewer I have ever run across. You should be fired, go listen to some real music. F--- you.

If you had put down your cheeseburger maybe you wouldn't have been fired from Rolling Stone...this is quality stuff here. I'm glad people like this get jobs...

wow... you're so out of it. Go put on some Creed and wank to it to Scott Stapp flying around stadiums. you should be fired. if your boss knows any better, you should be fired.

I hate you.

Dear Jim,
As a DMB fan, I am disappointed that you didn't like the album. Clearly, many people disagree with your "review." Yes, "review," as I use the term quite loosely since you were apparently unable to come up with one insightful observation about the music and instead chose to chastise and belittle a band with staying power, loyal fans, and great personal integrity. What I find worse is, in your inability to come up with an original thought about the album, your use of the term "wank-fest" when referring to Boyd Tinsley and the late, absolutely great LeRoi Moore. Your use of said term is just as "frat-boy" as you claim Dave Matthews' lyrics to be, and in no way proof to readers that you are an authority on the subject of music. While I do not wish any harm to befall you, I do hope you learn to open your ears and approach music criticism with a more open mind, as middle school music students are taught to do.

The funny thing is that the writer is just attacking Dave and not saying anything about the actual CD. In a review, you typically want to say something about the sound, like is it soft, hard, poppy... you know, use adjectives in relation to the music, not to your personal feelings on the band.

and someone is paying this fat f--- to write!?!

You're an idiot and have zero idea of what you are talking about. Take the ignorant stick out of your butt and get some culture.

Jim, I think you need to change your review.

It not Dave Matthews who's a bone head, it's his fans. I can't believe the lengths people will go to write such disgusting comments, hiding behind their computers like cowards, simply because their precious band got a bad review. Wait, it isn't even a bad review, it's 2.5 out of 4 stars! I guess Dero is wrong for not extolling untold heaps of praise for this record which must clearly be the greatest thing ever produced by man.

But then I'm not surprised. DMB fans have always been a bunch of preppy jerk a-holes, and their comments to this review pretty much confirm that. How about this: grow a pair, dry your f***ing eyes, and get lives. You love DMB so goddamn much? Good for you. Now please f*** off.

Normally I don't talk like that, but considering my audience, I have to spew garbage to be understood.

Dear Jim,

Is your fat ass having fun learning the drum parts to Big Whiskey?

Good Luck,


Jim DeRogatis is a douche bag!

Read the caption under Jim's name (top right of this page) " Jim covers pop music for the Chicago Sun Time's ".

Therefore Jim is not qualified to cover this album!

Keep listening to Britney Spears Jim

Jim your are a moron. First of all you look like an idiot in your picture and just from that i don't take anything you say seriously. Then, i read this quote, "Dave Matthews Band always has been better in the studio than on the stage." I dont even need to read on because this comment is as stupid as anything i've ever heard. Not only am i dumbfounded you actually have a paying job, i am astounded that someone would actually hire you to write such crap. Why don't you do some f---ing research next time, like a real journalist. I will be surprised if you still have a job by next week.

It's pretty evident that this guy has absolutely NO musical taste. As Dave said during the production of Big Whiskey: "If you dont like this album, you dont like music." The fact that he has the audacity to call Dave's lyrics "bone headed" is insane. The underlying themes of life, love and death that seem to loom in the back of every song album is what really makes this and his preceding albums so incredible.

I wish I had a job that aloud me to spew absolute garbage without any solid evidence to back up my claims. The fact that you actually get paid to right attrocities like this is incredible. Even your background information about Leroi Moore's death is wrong. He didn't die in an ATV accident he died afterwards due to complications caused by the accident. So not only is you're "review" (and I use this extremely loosely) completely baseless, but it's also wrong. The article is not only complete bulls--- but its "facts" (again, used extremely loosely) are sloppy at best. Sun times obviously hired some 2 year degree retard to write half-assed reviews on music despite them having absolutely no musical taste.

You're enormous.

You picked the three weakest (though not weak) songs lyrically to make your point. That's cheap writing.

Your second paragraph isn't even a review of the album. That's pointless writing.

You have fillers in your review that makes you sound like a sixth grader: "The South African native," "torture far worse than waterboarding," "you won't lose your lunch." That's bad writing.

Great word choice, though: acrimony - SAT prep word of the day!

Go to hell, fathead


From here, it looks like you missed about three stages of evolution. So my advice is drag your knuckles on down to Mercy Medical, hop in the incubator until your “five-head” is reduced to normal, some of that hair on your lips falls off, and your core temperature no longer reads “f---ing woeful”.

You are an empty, hollow, aimless husk of a human being. I wish I could buy you for what you’re actually worth and sell you for what you think you’re worth. I could retire tomorrow

ur fat dawg

Only douche bags edit blog comments.

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Dom Deluise looking-mug.

Ok it is ovbious he just want's a bunch attention. This tool reviews pop music in Chicago. He must not understand anything with more than three power chords and a base line. Who did you blow to get this job anyway?

I hope your boss reads these comments, this is a horrid review, I assume you have not really listened to this disc, actually I am going to have to assume that you have never listened to any of the bands discography. Sure some of their music even die hard fans will agree was not the greatest (Everyday, Stand Up), but to be a music critic and totally write this band off is ignorant and absurd. I hope you are a 15 year old kid that just got a summer internship writing music reviews because if you are an adult and you have chosen this career you are screwed, you are talentless and should write an apology to the people of the sun times for ever writing such a piece.

Dear Douchebag:

Please stick to reviewing Brittany Spears, Mariah Carey, and other POP acts.

You're a complete waste of DNA.



You slimy, fat f---.

I have a feeling you didn't study journalism at all in college, that is if you attended college.

This also makes me wonder what kind of music you listen to? What would would give a good review.
You didn't even critique the album. You made fun of a few songs. This is by far the worst album review I have ever read in my life.

P.S. - You look like the real life Fred Flintstone had he chosen to work in a cubicle with a plethora of Cheetos always on hand.

You suck.

You have blood on your hands! Lester Bangs blood!

wow... somebody needs to find a new job. Have you ever been to more than one DMB show? DId you happen to catch their performance at the Beacon on TV or Hulu on Monday night? I was at that show and 15 before it... no way this dude knows what he is talking about.

How do you sleep at night after writing a "review" like this? It must be hard enough as it is with your Sleep Apnea you thick bitch.

You creep.. I bet you liked that R Kelly tape.

Rolling stones gave this album 4 stars. They're smarter than you anyway. Listen to the complete album and review again. Just because they aren't from Chicago doesn't mean they don't have talent.

Every time you write a review, a kitten dies.

This guy knew what he was saying was not what he really felt. He's just looking to stir up some controversy. I can't stop playing this record, I think it might be there best yet!

God, DMB have to be the biggest bunch of whiners in the world. Somebody doesn't like you're band, boo-freaking-hoo, .

You guys are acting like Dero broke some journalistic oath. It's a REVIEW! It's his opinion! It's not supposed to be based on fact. Get a grip.

Hey Sun-Times,
I suggest you get someone who actually knows music, and understands why this is a multi-grammy award winning group that are some of the most talented musicians currently playing together. You are a fool. A stupid fool. You have no right to review music.

Get back on your Beyonce, girlfriend, you must really love her.

For once, I am speechless. This is just ridiculous.

Hey Me......I suspect that you are around 12 years old (or your maturity level stunted about that level). I'm not gonna stoop to arguing with children so I'll leave you be.

Someone else posted to me "As it was stated in the article, "their tours reportedly have grossed more than a half a billion dollars." That's over 27 million dollars a year, that's called consistency, and definitely not middle of the road, either that or the road is reallllllly wide."

Well...New Kids On the Block, Hannah Montana, Madonna, Kylie Whatsherface and plenty of other crapola "artists" gross big bucks on the road too. Whats your point? Money earned does not necessarily equal quality. And yeah, DMB is definitely MOR music.

Dont get me wrong, you folks go ahead and have a blast. You've done well enough without my support of the DMB's tripe so far. I do find it funny that a mildly unflattering review causes such an outburst. Perhaps Jim hit a nerve, eh?

Regardless of whether you like DMB or not, this has got to be one of the most ignorantly written music reviews I've come across. You pretty much set the tone hinting at how much you hate this band then go on to review a topic you seen to know nothing about. How much do you really know about the history of music or good musicianship? Pathetic.


Can I have your bosses e-mail to tell him how big of a f*ck-up he is for hiring a bigger f*ck-up than himself? You should be fired and waterboarded. youre worthless at your job, which im sure feels great. hope you go deaf because you dont deserve music. Eat s--- (along with the rest of the buffet you clearly live at).

Wow, ignorant is the only word that comes to mind. Who are you to call someone a bonehead, that's mature coming from a writer. You know they have thousands of followers and grossed half a billion in convert revenue because they are an amazingly talented band. Sorry you aren't cultured enough to enjoy them.


I am sorry to the SunTimes for hiring such an obvious idiot. You have no sense for real music, and you drop yourself to slandering someone. You deserve to lose your job over this.

You are honestly one ignorant guy.

Dear Jim,
the fact that you have a job is one of the more amusing moments of my day. Also, enjoy the "wank-fest" for the rest of your life, cause im pretty sure you won't be getting any. Ever.

If I saw Jim on the street, the only reason I wouldn't punch him in the gut is because A) The fat would suck my fist in and never let go, or B) The blubber would act like rubber and I would hit myself in the head.

Love the Dodgers...hate the Cubs. Yeah I'm talking about last years playoffs! Hot Pockets - (in that catchy commercial melody).

DMB rocks, nuff said.

What do you consider to be good music then?

No wonder this paper filed for bankruptcy. With staff like this I can see why. I'll tell you one guy who is certainly not bankrupt...Dave Matthews and his bonehead lyrics.

Find me one person with an ounce of musical intelligence that does not at least respect DMB and I will give you a million bucks-- or twinkies if you prefer... Since you're obviously an ignorant fool please follow the next steps before you review another Dave album.

1. Buy a guitar
2. Learn a Dave song, well
3. Attend a show
4. Load your iPod with only DMB and your Hannah Montana
5. Play on random
6. Finally acknowledge the obvious

I understand that if you actually wrote your thoughts that you would be speechless but really...inexcusable. How are people unemployed today and yet you have a job...funny the way it is.

You sir are a lard sucking pimple nibbler!

It's okay to not be a fan of DMB, but you should at least listen to an album before you review it.

Dear Jim,

Kill yourself

Obviously you only wrote this review for your own personal agenda and ratings. Anyone familiar with the band and its history knows that this may be one of the finest albums they have ever created. Its difficult to name more than a handful of bands who have crossed over both genre and racial lines, let alone have the dedication to the fans and touring as DMB has. You should be ashamed of such an insensitive review. At the very least, you should show some respect for LeRoi. Since you didn't even do that, I must assume you have no decency and I will discount your work entirely.

Who gave you a job? Even if you don't like DMB, why can't you be fair? Watch out, there's a couple million people out there who want to kick your ass!

Burn in hell.

Wow, I could say something really mean, and I can't pick what mean thing I want to say, so I guess I can just sum it up as You suck at recognizing good music.

You wouldnt recognize good music if it hit you in your gunt. Stick with reviewing your shitty music and stuffing your fat greasy face with twinkies and hot pockets. With a global economy the way it is and good people fighting for every available job, your fat ass manages to collect a paycheck for something you are obviously horrible at. Do yourself a favor and end it.


Dear Jimmmy,

Dave Matthews is a lyrical bonehead?

Yet, you gave these wonderful lyrics 3/4 stars:

"Tired being told what to do/So unfair/So uncool!"

I look forward to your future reviews...FATTY!!

Jim, my guess is that music that makes you feel like moving is a bit too much like exercise. Loose some weight and get a clue.

Fail. obviously you didnt listen to the album...


I like your review, Dave Mattewes Bandmates are terrible, they can't play theyier instruments and are always leafing theyier pubes on teh stage.

My museic, how-every, is extermely fantastik and shall allwyas be remmebbered.

Peace and Roke n Rool

Chad (check out my new album, youwill liek it aloot.

haha this guy is feeling the wrath of DMB nation. Although I disagree with many of the personal shots everyone's taking at this clearly ignorant writer, its what he deserves for letting his obvious personal distaste for the band overrule his journalistic integrity. For that, I'll be happy when you lose your job because you can't sell your s---y papers anymore.

If the music of the Dave Matthews Band is "torture far worse than waterboarding", why have their tours grossed more than half a billion dollars? Obviously not everyone has to like their music, but you should remain professional and not criticize the work of this group of artists.

Dear Jim,

I think you immediately sacrificed credibility by writing the following statement...

"The South African native is still a bonehead when it comes to writing lyrics."

You've lowered yourself to name calling in the middle of a music review!!! How old are you??
That's something we teach kindergartners not to do.

What a shame that you were given the amazing opportunity to review a record from one of the most well-respected bands currently making music. I sincerely feel you wasted that gift.

~ A reader of this one (and certainly only) music review by Jim DeRogatis

Dear Jim,
U mad you didn't get a bid? Now you hate frats? And for some reason your taking it out on dave? And you could probably use some light beer bod.

By Jim calling Dave a "bonehead" he began the personal insults. He has opened himself up to the same treatment he has given his uninformed little blog here. I won't go to personal insults myself, but this article is amateur at best, sir.


"The defense lawyers have charged that DeRogatis should be charged with child pornography for allegedly making a copy of the tape and showing it to another person after turning the original over to police."

Yo Dog, I heard you like Kiddie porn and got fired from rolling stone magazine.

While I disagree with your article completely, I respect someone who attempts to review music. I'm currently working on that myself, but don't review an album with a preconceived bias towards the band or artist.

Best of Luck

Jim, Have you actually been to a show or even listened to the albums or did you just throw every stereotype together and mail it in? When you put in this level of effort no wonder newspapers are failing.

You are a dumbass...

I mean a real dumbass...

I don't know what else to say. DUMBASS DUMBASS DUMBASS!

How does this guy have a job? I thought in order to be a journalist, you had to be intelligent, unbiased, and fair... which this guy is none of the above. Move aside and give your job to someone who could do it better. You don't like DMB - I get that. Fine... but write a review like a REAL journalist, don't take unfair stabs at the personality of the band members, and leave the fans out of it. The way you wrote it makes you sound like a fat 40 year old virgin living in mommy & daddy's basement.

Then again, what do you expect from a bankrupt newspaper? They can't afford to hire a real journalist. This is probably the only paper where this guy could get a job.

Dear Jim,

you are a fat faggot. maybe you'd like this album better if it came with a cheeseburger and a bucket of crisco. no wonder rolling stone fired your fat ass.

"From 1995-96, DeRogatis served as an editor at Rolling Stone magazine, but was fired after writing a negative review of Hootie & the Blowfish's album Fairweather Johnson. The review irked Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner who had it pulled from publication. DeRogatis's employment with the magazine was terminated after he revealed this incident to the public.

Among other things, DeRogatis' writing is known for its apparent biases towards Chicago musicians, including Billy Corgan and the Smashing Pumpkins, Urge Overkill, Steve Albini, Kanye West, Common and Fall Out Boy; and his annoyance at bands which continue to charge high ticket prices while performing live in large venues as they age, including U2, R.E.M and the Rolling Stones."

Ha ha ha ha you fat, greasy monster. I'd rather f---that Quasimodo from 300.

Mr. DeRogatis , what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling,... incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it... I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

~The Peoples Champ

I hope you get fired, you don't know anything do ya? Please Chicago Sun Times, PLEASE FIRE THIS PIECE OF S---, I guess it works for you, you write crap about good music so people will read it. I think you should do that in your mothers basement while you jerk off to gay porn and not waste the sun time or money on this garbage. Hey Chicago Sun Times, can I have a job because clearly you guys just pay ANYONE to write crap, so let me type s--- and get paid.....please?!

You should probably focus on your physical health before you write another crappy review like this one. Obviously you wrote this article to get some recognition as a human being because you weren't held as a child. It worked- you got recognized-in a negative way. But hey, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I feel like you were way off on this review though. May god bless you and the small child that you are keeping in your belly.

Dear Jim,

you are really fat.

Your a joke pal!!!!


DMB has been touring for over 15 years, I highly doubt the likes of Hannah Montana will have that kind of lasting impact. I will agree that Stand Up and Everyday are MOR at best, but to call their other stuff MOR makes me wonder. I've been to 4 DMB shows and it's a shame that a lot of DMB's "fanbase" just goes to get drunk, but that shouldn't impact how you feel about their music. To insult Jim is just as bad as him calling Dave a bonehead, so if this guy is such a terrible critic, don't drop to his level. Guys, it's one review, not everyone is going to like DMB, and that's cool. I'm glad you guys are passionate about the music, but don't attack the guy from behind a computer screen.

Bottom line, I love Big Whiskey and that's enough. Jim can think what he wants. You guys attacking this guy just makes the DMB community look worse. Disagree, but don't bash the guy to death. As unprofessional as this review was, don't resort to 12 year old tactics of name-calling and crap like that. Anyway, that's my $0.02.

DMB has been touring for over 15 years, I highly doubt the likes of Hannah Montana will have that kind of lasting impact. I will agree that Stand Up and Everyday are MOR at best, but to call their other stuff MOR makes me wonder. I've been to 4 DMB shows and it's a shame that a lot of DMB's "fanbase" just goes to get drunk, but that shouldn't impact how you feel about their music. To insult Jim is just as bad as him calling Dave a bonehead, so if this guy is such a terrible critic, don't drop to his level. Guys, it's one review, not everyone is going to like DMB, and that's cool. I'm glad you guys are passionate about the music, but don't attack the guy from behind a computer screen.

Bottom line, I love Big Whiskey and that's enough. Jim can think what he wants. You guys attacking this guy just makes the DMB community look worse. Disagree, but don't bash the guy to death. As unprofessional as this review was, don't resort to 12 year old tactics of name-calling and crap like that. Anyway, that's my $0.02.

Wow. This Jim guy makes Rashawn look thin.

Jimbo you are dumb and you have no concept of musical talent. I can not believe you actually have a job as an editor. I would get into details but I do not think you deserve any help, I hope you fail.

Jim you liked that R Kelly tape didn't you, you sick bag of douche? This is the most unprofessional writing I've ever seen in my life, no wonder your joke of a paper is going under. If you put as much effort into writing as you do stuffing your fatass face with donuts you might be a half decent writer. Thank god rolling stone fired your disgusting ass.

What have you done with your life, Jim DeRogatis? Maybe the members of DMB can write a review of how much of a talentless waste of space you are.

So you've never been laid? ...gotcha.

When it comes to exploring ass cavities Jim is Magellan. You're a disgrace of a human Jim. You're an obese pig who can't see his toes, you watch child porn, and you suck balls at your job. How does it feel being such a hack at life Jim?

You should be in jail for spreading that R Kelly tape with child pornograhpy you sick son of a bitch. You're a complete joke of a writer

I think I saw this guy at a DMB show in chicago one time, he was stuffing his face with a huge bucket of pop corn and kissing his boyfriend the entire night

Where you hungry and/or crabby when you wrote this?

Interesting thing about this review is that it's successful and unsuccessful at the same time. It's successful from a corporate stand point in that tons of people have read it and are moved to comment.

It's unsuccessful because it is actually a poor effort in reviewing the album. The writer spent more time describing what he thinks of: the bands live shows, the bands fans, and the fact that the band almost didn't make the record. And spent an disproportion amount of time actually reviewing the album.

I get the fact that he doesn't like the lyrics. He gave examples of that. But he didn't state why he gave it 2.5 stars. Is it because some of the songs have good music? There is no depth to the review which is sad because for those that don't like the album I'd love to hear them back up their opinion. If they don't then it seems they are just trying to make headlines. And making headlines without informing the public is the journalistic equivalent to ambulance chasing lawyers.


By the way the only concert I've ever seen where there wasn't people excessively drinking light beer was the Cincinnati Pops. There were however a few Mom's that had over indulged in the Chardonnay so that's probably an equivalent.

This guy rates Kayne West over DMB. That is all that really needs to be said. He knows nothing but thinks he does

This guy look like a male version of Rosie O'donnell and writes like a third grader


That was one hell of a SUBJECTIVE review...or OPINION. Actually, you sound very jealous of Dave and the band for some kind of wierd unknown reason. This is the most unprofessional column I have ever read in print or online. Try keeping your comments to critiquing the music and not insulting the artist or their fans. Then, maybe, you just might earn a little bit of credibility and respect. For now, you are just a blogger. Wake up in the morning everyday and give thanks that you have a job (and editor) that pay you to write garbage.

This cluck must've got his degree online. And extremely jealous. Do us a favor and quit wasting our oxygen.

I'm not going to make personal comments (apparently a lot of music fans these days are into fat and gay jokes, how original!) but I will say that you should probably give this album another listen. CAREFULLY. "Bonehead when it comes to writing lyrics"? OK. Then buy a copy of "Before These Crowded Streets", and a copy of Dave's solo album, "Some Devil". Actually LISTEN to those albums, and follow along with the lyrics booklets inside the cases (Yes, that's what the little foldout piece of paper in there is for!). Then write another article about how you made a generalization based on hearsay and ignorance.

"Dave Matthews Band always has been better in the studio than on the stage"

Yeah, this moron lost all credibility in the very first sentence. He obviously has zero clue what he is talking about. If he has seen the band perform, which I highly doubt, he probably spent the entire 2 1/2 hours staring at the asses of people in front of him because I doubt he could stand for that long. Dude, try eating a vegetable every now and then. I find it interesting that he compares himself to Roger Ebert in his "Biography". Ebert is a fat, pompous jackass too. Maybe that is what he's going for. Or maybe he's just bitter because his mail-order bride is madly in love with Dave. Anyway, this guy is the reason no one reads the newspaper anymore. Good luck finding a job when your company goes belly-up. You might want to start practicing now. Say it with me: "Would you like fries with that?".


Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son. You're an idiot!

I guess ever since Before These Crowded Streets came out, Jim has been upset with DMB. They totally called him out with the song PIG!

Jim...PIG was not about you. I am sure DMB has no idea who you are! Now go down to your favorite fast food chain and get yourself 15 Double Cheeseburgers, 5 Large Fries, and a DIET COKE and call it even!!

"Better in the studio than on the stage." Wow...Two sentences into your review it was so easy to tell that you don't have a friggin clue about the Dave Matthews Band. And as far as writing lyrics, Dave Matthews writes some of the most incredible lyrics of any singer/songwriter today. Take most any song off their first three albums, or Busted Stuff, or his solo work. Intense, deep, and insightful. Jim, just give one or two a listen (on your headphones in the basement since your parent's are asleep): #41, Two Step, Warehouse, One Sweet World, Lover Lay Down, Dancing Nancies...just to name a few. Since it's clear you aren't qualified to be a journalist, what's your real job? Do you cut lawns? If so, let me know and I'll give you my address.

Really, really bad review - and horribly off-base considering the weight of other professional reviews out there. You are clearly bias. Wondering if you had a bad first date at a DMB show or something. Sorry it's not a Jimmy Buffett show. Did you mistakenly bring your foam fin to the concert? are truly an idiot. Now we know why this newspaper company is under bankruptcy protection. By the way the only way i would lose my lunch while listening to DMB, would be if you were sitting beside me and had finished your double whopper value meal and stole it from me! fat a**

Wow, why all the hate against DMB? This article isn't even a critical review of the album, it just sounds like somebody who has a grudge against Dave Matthews. Did you ask him to the prom and he turned you down? Honestly, calling an artist a "bonehead" while reviewing his work while also poking fun at his fans is not very professional.

Why do I have a feeling your music collection consists of Lil Wayne and Celine Dion?

You are one of the most disgusting, obese people I have ever seen. I can see your gluttonous stomach rolls sitting there, in a basement, snickering as you write this article about the album.

Face it, you look fucking disgusting. Good luck getting married. It will never happen. Though, I highly doubt you're in the market, you're extremely too obese to be finding a mate.

You're extremely unprofessional and I hope you are either cut from the staff or your paper goes out of business, that way you can go work at the nearest adult store, the one you likely spend 80% of your article-writing income.

You probably couldn't wait to get all the publicity with this article. You're loving it way too much right now.

I can't expect everyone to like DMB... but at least I know one thing is certain:

You are a fatso.

I am offended that you lump the fan base into one category: "beer-swilling frat..." (whatever, it's not worth repeating)

The DMB fan base is a family, nothing less. I have been to over 40 shows since 1996, and I still continue to go. There have been times when I wasn't able to make it to a show, and a fellow fan bought me a plane ticket. I wasn't able to find, or afford tickets for another show, and a kind and generous fan GAVE me tickets for the show, no questions asked, no gratitude wanted. I have traveled THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of miles to see my favorite band, and the extended family that comes with them, and I would not trade this for the world. These people mean the absolute world to me and for you to wrongly categorize them into some frat party, drunk at the show, passed out on the lawn crew, is completely inapropriate to say the least. This is a music review for christs sake! DMB's music is something for everyone, but I feel that you are just not grasping the concept of the lyrics, or the jams... perhaps it has all gone over your head or you just plain don't "get it". FINE. Everyone has an opinion, but for you to print something so far off is confusing to me. You are a critic... you are supposed to tell me about the album, about the music, not about how you dislike the long jams at the live show! It's not about that! I feel you are completely off base with your slandering Dave Matthews, and the fans that will continue to follow his work, so long as he makes the wonderful music, that has for so long been such a huge part of my life.

DMB has soul, substance, a message, and meaning.
Obviously things you missed or just don't quite understand.

And for the record, I prefer wine, perhaps a little more sophisticated for your taste. Seriously, I have a 50 year old, and a 15 year old friend that follow DMB along with me... Thats gotta mean something!

Wow, that may have been the most unprofessional review I have ever read in my life. Did you bother to listen to the album or did you simply write your review to support your dislike of the DMB fanbase?

This is your quote-

"I think the comments speak for themselves, as does my review.

Since I've been asked, however, of course I have seen the DMB live -- at least half a dozen times. And I've endured (many) more than one 20-minute solo that, in the middle, devolved into something like "Mary Had a Little Lamb." Stunning virtuosity and imagination, that stunt.

I also have reviewed every DMB album since the group's start, including one for Rolling Stone. And I will repeat the conclusion of my review here: This one stands as the best, for whatever that is worth."

Your "review" speaks for nothing (WORTHLESS).
Let me explain why:

You let your obvious distaste in the band, the fans, and their concerts cloud your task/judgement. If I am not mistaken you were to review the new album, right? Most people, when doing a review of new material do just that. They critique the material, give high points, low points, etc. Where is this information? Instead of insulting just about everything DMB has to offer you could have:
-pointed out the Europe release has 2 songs that the US release does not
-discussed that Dave himself drew the cover and other lithographs were included in the deluxe set
-that a live trax album was included in certain new album purchases
-explained the title referred to LeRoi as GrooGrux was his nickname

You could of attempted to review at least one song, instead you picked lines from songs and defined them poorly injecting your hatred anywhere and everywhere you could, clearly.
-"Coffee cup philosophy", seriously? "Funny the Way it Is" is catchy, but not silly or stupid. It has a message. If you would have paid attention you might have caught on. So does "Dive In".
-"Spaceman", "Seven", and the Europe addition "Cornbread" all have sexual references, but not are "frat-house sex talk". It is sexy however, that any song writer (besides Hanna Montana and the like-CRINGE)can create a song about sex without it being disgusting, overly raunchy, or offensive. Dave does this over and over through his vast catalog.
-Alligator Pie has a clear New Orleans vibe.
-you could have mentioned that LeRoi opens the album with a sax solo, but no you insulted him instead (more on that later, you struck a nerve in many)
-"Seven" starts out with a Zeppelin like riff. I noticed it right off. I am sure you didn't even bother listening to the song.

Secondly, you insulted the DMB fan-base. Where in giving a review are you allowed to degrade the people who listen to a certain band you may not care for? You stereo-typed a wide range of people, young and old. You highly pissed me off. I am a 29 year-old wife, mother of 2, and a nurse to pediatric cancer patients. I am educated, as most DMB fans are. I grew up with my father teaching me about Zeppelin, Joe Walsh, Hendrix, Deep Purple, Steely Dan, The Who, The Beatles, and many other bands I consider the "greats". I also sang for 6 years. I learned opera, classical, jazz, blues, folk, and many other genres. Dave has the ability to weave different genres into one song. The band is appealing to all types of people and that is why. Hell, my mother is 58 and she told me today that you sir, are full of sh*t (I told her of your "review").
Let me tell you, I don't even drink beer, let alone light beer. And what really does that have to do with anything related to this new release? NOTHING

You have insulted the band. You attacked them on a personal and professional level. This is uncalled for. First off, LeRoi Moore and his family, friends, and fans do not deserve to read or hear of your awful opinion and your lack of respect for one the founders of the band.
His talent on sax (and several other instruments) was/is phenomenal. He did not die from an ATV accident. If you would have done a little more homework you would know the ATV accident happened in June and he died in August suddenly due to late on-set complications from the accident.
How dare you insult the deceased! You are wrong, wrong, wrong for that on so many levels.

You called Dave a bone-head (well his lyrics, but I know what you meant). Why is he a bone-head? He and the band have kept it going for 18 years. Not many bands can do that. He is creative and uses colorful images when writing a song. You might not be able to relate. But why don't you leave that up the listener to decide. I don't need your personal thoughts of Dave pushed upon me. And that is exactly what you did. He does not make me want to "lose my lunch", but your "lazy" attempt at this so-called review did make me sick to my stomach.

You insulted Boyd and LeRoi by saying their "wank-fest" jams are torture. DISGUSTING and IMMATURE! What does "wank-fest" have to do with your review of the NEW RELEASE? NOTHING
So why did you feel so inclined to place those words in your piece? Did you hear it and think 'gee, I must use that when I write my next review'? You should have left it where-ever you heard it. It was degrading and inappropriate. It further shows your lack of professionalism.

Next, the concerts. You say you have "endured" your share of DMB shows. Why? You are completely incorrect concerning your comment that the band is better in the studio than in concert (there again your lame opinion). What you could have mentioned is that LeRoi really wanted the quality and intensity of the band to match what they do live on this new release. He wanted it to have the same passion the band shows on stage. That is truth.
I bet you are the guy at DMB shows sitting down the entire time with arms folded across your chest, silent, rolling your eyes, and huffing because you HAVE to be there because it is part of your job.
Do us all a favor, don't ever come back. You are NOT, and I repeat, NOT welcomed, wanted, needed, or worth Dave's (when I say Dave I mean the band collectively) time and effort. I don't want you and your negativity and hatred in Dave's house (a live show).

DMB performs/works to provide for their families. They are professionals. They make a living from their talent. Their "enterprise" has brought in at least a quarter of a million from touring alone. They have longevity. That is something other bands that began in the early 90's do not.

I know for a fact you cannot say the same for your writing career. Yes, it is your job. No, I don't think you will last as a music critic for 18 years. I know you won't if you keep belittling, degrading, and insulting artists and their fans.

Let me give you 2 words that you should know the difference between. In journalism I would think by now you would have learned that:

-Objective-expressing or dealing with facts or conditions as perceived without distortion by personal feelings, prejudices, or interpretations (YOU SHOULD UTILIZE THIS WHEN WRITING A REVIEW)

-Subjective-modified or affected by personal views, experience, or background

You stating that this album "This one stands as the best, for whatever that is worth" does NOT excuse you stereotyping, degrading, insulting, disrespecting, and hating on everything DMB.

I don't care that you don't like the band or their shows (to each their own). But come on, your assignment was to REVIEW BIG WHISKEY AND THE GROOGRUX KING. You clearly did not complete the task you were given.

You're blatant lack of respect toward Leroi alone should be reason enough for you to lose your job. I'd pay to see you get a swift kick in the nuts, or just to see you at a show with all the wolves you've angered. Practice some kindness and see what happens.

How dare you, I hope that the number of comments here has made you think twice. a person that's seen roughly 110 Dave Matthews Band (and spin-off tours), I would have to say that the reviewer, though unprofessional in his manor, isn't too far off on this summation if you apply it to Post-2000 DMB.

These comments are hilarious!
You do realize this guy writes music reviews for the Chicago Tribune? Meanwhile you guys, who probably still live in your mother's basements, are bashing him for being an "idiot" and having "no musical knowledge."

Listen, I understand not everyone is going to like the Dave Matthews Band - not everyone likes Jesus either - but to say Dave is a bonehead when it comes to writing lyrics is inexcusable. You're probably one of those people who goes around saying, "a true poet doesn't write azure when he means blue, he writes blue," which is probably why you are a pop critic - there's no substance (lite beer indeed). Dave's lyrics deal with topics most people struggle to define for a lifetime. "Love," for example, if you strip it down and take away all of the symbolism and abstract descriptions, you are left with something that doesn't do the feeling justice. While you apparently have all of life's mysteries and emotions figured out, that makes you enlightened, but it doesn't make Dave a bonehead - it makes him an artist.


It's blatantly obvious that you hate the Dave Matthews Band. You've hated them for years, and you like to make that known every single chance you get. For every concert the band plays in Chicago and every new album that is released, you use that as a chance to tear the band a new one yet again. What's incredibly pathetic about that is the fact that you use your job as a music "critic" to do so. Your job is to review music subjectively, sir, not use your "column" as a pulpit to spew your personal biases/garbage from.

You hate DMB. We get it. Since you hate them so much, one wonders why you continue to review them then? There is plenty of music out there that I can't stand, but guess what, I stay away from it! You can hate the Dave Matthews Band, insult them, and rip on their fanbase all you want, but at least have the decency to do it in private. Stop using your job to do so.

Go back to fellating Kanye and Wilco, Jim. Leave the Dave Matthews Band, their music, and the sheer enjoyment they bring to us "legions of lite-beer swilling fans" who actually understand and love what their music does to and for us. Trust me, we won't miss you when you go.

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So I’m told, so the story goes
The people he knew were
Less than golden-hearted
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Drinkers and jokers, all soul searchers
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Father up above,
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Fill me love, love, yeah
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Love, love, and the blood of our children all around

Jim Beam - my mother doesn't have a basement and I haven't lived at home since April 1991. I'm 35, have a great wife and a good job. Am I entitled to be of the opinion that this review is awful? I hope so. I haven't even given the new album a full listen through yet (I've been waiting on getting the vinyl) but the first paragraph alone here shows that what is to follow won't be of any substance. When you have that much distaste for the band and its fans that you insult all of them before you even get to the record, it is clear that personal bias will be too much of an obstacle to write a review. The author spends too much time obfuscating on his own personel opinion and from the lack of body could have just copied one or two relevant lines from another review.
It's rubbish, plain and simple.

Wow Jim,
I have not heard any new DMB music is at least ten years, so the new album is of no interest to me, but these comments sure are funny.

Keep up the good work,


You people posting these brilliant comments all realize that the review was basically favorable, right? "He doesn't like what I like, therefore he doesn't know anything about music, waaah!"

"Some of you people-- not all, but some ofyou-- are stupid"-- Grandmaster Flash openeing for the Clash, 1980.

Mr. DeRogatis,

Please slip in a puddle of AIDS.

Thank you.

PS - Mix in a salad every once in a while.

I'm a girl...
But if I had a D this dude could S it.

Wow. All of you are hilarious. Look, I know that there are a lot of people out there who are attached to DMB. Their music is the mother's milk, thier shows and records the teats at which you suckle. I understand that. I feel your love. What I don't understand is the facism behind these comments. What, if he doesn't like DMB, he can't give his opinion? He should recuse himself from writing a review because it is negative? I understand this from fans of the Jonas Brothers. They tend to be mostly petulant little children who need validation, but aren't most of us here adults? If Jim doesn't like the album, who cares?
I don't like DMB. I've tried. I have listened to their albums, seen them live, listened to Dave's solo work and even seen him play solo twice. Although I am impressed with the technicality of the playing, I don't like the songs. I don't feel anything when I hear him. I even fell asleep at one show (and yes, it featured the full band). When people tell me this band creates music filled with soul, I simply roll my eyes and say, “whatever,” but that doesn’t make my opinion, or theirs, any less valid.
Jim has written some reviews that do not agree with my taste, but I don’t take the time to attack him for them. I certainly don’t take what he says about my favorite music to heart. He’s a critic. If he gave only positive, glowing reviews, he wouldn’t be doing his job. I’m sure that Dave Matthews would look at your comments right now and probably agree with me more than you. Have fun this summer. Enjoy the music, but please don’t force everyone else to enjoy it.

Dear Mr. Derogatis,

Please, please, PLEASE keep publishing negative reviews of popular albums. The comments they breed have provided me many hours of comedy. I can't tell who's better, DMB fans or Eminem fans? At least DMB folks know how to spell.

With love from a Sound Opinions fan,

P.S. - Commenters, listen to "Pink Flag" by Wire. It's Jam-tastic!

Dear DMB fans,
I have always been impressed with the passion with which you will defend you favourite artist, especially one as unremarkable as Dave Matthews. I thought Jim's take on the new album was actually quite kind. He gives credit where credit is due, which is perhaps more than this act deserves. As one of the most commercially succesful acts of the past 15 years they do not need anymore cheerleaders, and deserve to be humbled with an honest review.

Jim's right, Dave's lyrics are completely idoitic (and not in an exciting Stooges kind of way) . He compares himself to a "monkey" at least three times an album, time for a new metaphor. But here's the catch, completely idotic lyrics have a universal appeal that can't be stopped. Your ignorant comments are proof of that.

But such is the beauty of art, DMB fans and Jim Derogatis can have completely different criteria for assesing its value.
Jim, has a very different aesthetic sense than all of you, and he usually is able to sniff out the stuff with staying power and artistic integrity. So be happy he even gave DMB 2.5, I would have expected far worse.

p.s. and yes, do go listen to some Wire. You mighht surprise yourself.

Jim, do I detect that you're getting a little soft on the DMB these days?

Great review. I saw DMB at Farm Aid in Louisville, KY in the early 90s. I listened to them a bit back then in college. I thought they were pretty good. Luckily, I've expanded my musical appreciation since then and have come to realize they are any extremely average but crowd pleasing band a la Coldplay. I haven't listened to DMB in over 10 years, but apparently the band is a cult now? I'm getting a definite disgruntled cult member vibe from these outraged commenters.

You're doing a good job of getting these lobotomized dung beetles all riled up, boy! So you'd best keep up the good work, and try to take the time to take a few really nasty swipes at some of the other bands too, like Fffffffffish, the Dreadful Grate, etc. etc. (Maybe you have; I wouldn't know, not having read your other reviews, online or elsewhere, though I did thoroughly enjoy your book about psychedelic music.)

Suck a d--- Jim. I'm still pissed at you for this bulls--- review. You're a fat motherf---er that doesn't know s--- about music. Ryan Adams was right, you're a f---ng loser

I started reading from the first issue and bought from the third. I was wondering what happened as I haven't been able to find it in the book shop for ages. Sigh. It was THE BEST gaming memphisstrivingreaders along with Mean Machines from England. A part of my youth died today finding this news! I just read online now that the mag might be coming back on Dec. 1st.

Their music is not for everybody I know. I love the band and I am friends with people who don't. Your comments we're rude and completely uncalled for. An article in a big newspaper is supposed to be unbiased and not a rant. I am offended at what you wrote. I hope this newspaper fires you.

I wanted to thank you for giving me an album "review" to present to my journalism class on how they should never be written. This was not a review of an album but the opportunity to degrade a man and his band, not to mention you took a shot at the very strong fan base the band has developed. I'm not too familiar with their music, but seeing the 250 + comments backing up this band, now that is something impressive. What drove you to write in this fashion? Genuine trash.

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