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More Pitchfork acts added

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If there is any way that Lollapalooza holds an edge over Pitchfork, it's in the way that the bigger festival holds all of its lineup until one much-ballyhooed announcement; Pitchfork's habit of releasing theirs a few bands at a time is starting to drive me crazy.

Not that each Pitchfork announcement doesn't pack a few new welcome surprises. It's just an annoyingly hype-y way of doing it.

Anyway, today's hype adds Beirut, Frightened Rabbit, Ponytail, Lindstrøm, the Mae Shi, DJ/Rupture and Dianogah to festival in Union Park, July 17-19.

See the previous announcements here and here and also here.

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They added MF Doom too. Awesome.

PS I am so psyched for Frightened Rabbit.

I like the Pitchfork slow roll-out (and locked-in ticket pricing) better. Considering I bought my tickets right after the Flaming Lips were announced, each subsequent list of additions just seems like a bonus.

Any idea which date Frightened Rabbit is playing?

Okay, I was thinking of getting tickets before -- the addition of Ponytail solidifies it. Holy hell.

Isn't this due to the fact that Pitchfork is still recruiting artists right up to the last minute.

And it's not entirely Pitchfork's fault, indie artists are notoriously disorganized. "Dude, can we get your mom's station wagon on July 17?" "Ah, lemme check".

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