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Demo2DeRo: The Hudson Branch

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Hudson Branch

Building on roots in sensitive folk-rock (think: Nick Drake), genteel early '60s pop (echoes of Burt Bacharach) and polite indie-rock (a la the Sea and Cake), the Hudson Branch is a polished quintet comprised of guitarist-vocalist Cobey Bienert, drummer Corey Bienert, guitarist and keyboardist Jake Boll, bassist Matt Boll and trombone player and second keyboardist Richie Palys.

After two earlier EPs, including a lovely disc of Christmas standards released late last year, the group is gearing up to show the full range of its songwriting talents, nuanced grooves and lush arrangements on its first full-length album. You can get a preview of what to expect when it takes a short break from recording to perform at the Beat Kitchen, 2100 W. Belmont, at 6:30 p.m. on Sunday, May 24. Or sample the band's sounds on its Web pages at or

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Jim - love your work - I enjoyed these guys too, and I agree with you - I'm a bit more excited about there upcoming full length than I was about the previous EP; and, if I may shamelessly self promote - you can read my review of said EP at Chicago's Independent Music Review.

Been hearing alot about these guys.

Looking forward to the album.

Absolutely fantastic, I cannot recommend this band enough.

honestly, I don't even know why I listen to other music.

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