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Next week: pop bliss with Tommy Keene

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Power-pop fans whose sweet tooth can't be sated by the International Pop Overthrow Festival should experience one of the jangly giants of the genre, Tommy Keene, as he supports his recent album "In the Late Bright" with a stop at the Hideout, 1354 W. Wabansia, on Thursday, April 23. Sally Crewe opens at 9 p.m., and the cover is $8. Call (773) 227-4433 or visit for more information.

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DeRo, how about doing an actual story on Tommy? If you've ever written about him, I missed it.

Why not do a full article on Tommy? If you've ever written one, I missed it.

If you do a story [not a bad idea at all!], mention that TK's guests on various recent albums and shows include, Mr John Wurster [Drums] of Superchunk and the New Pornographers, Mr John Moen [Drums] The Decemberists, Dave Phillips [Lead Gtr Frank Black and the Catholics, Tommy Stinson, Jack Logan], Mr Jeff Tweedy on vocals [some band from chicaga], Mr Jeff Murphy [The Shoes]on production & Gtrs, Mr Jay Bennett [Wilco, Solo, et al., on Keys and Gtrs], Mr Robert Pollard [recent duet album the "Keene Brothers" with TK, and TK is an irregular in Pollard's bands], Mr Walt Vincent [producer/writer of TK, Pete Yorn, James Blount, etc.], Mr John Richardson [Drums, TK, Gin Blossoms, Badfinger, Adam Schmitt], Mr Adam Schmitt [Producer/Singer/Songwriter], Mr Jesse Valenzuela [Gin Blossoms], and many, many more!

Dissedclaimer; I sometimes get to record & mix TK, and many of the above!

Jonathan Pines / Private Studios

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