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Demo2DeRo: Kid, You'll Move Mountains

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Left at loose ends after long-running local favorites Troubled Hubble split up in 2005, the sibling rhythm section of drummer Nate and bassist Andrew Lanthrum retreated to their native Western suburbs and eventually regrouped with Nate's wife Nina on piano and vocals and Corey Wills and Jim Hanke on guitars to form a new band with an optimistic moniker and an effervescent sound that amply justifies it on their new D.I.Y. album, "Loomings."

Hanke and Nina Lanthrum share the vocal duties like a less punk-rootsy, more emo-New Wave version of John Doe and Exene Cervenka, while their bandmates keep things moving forward with a propulsive urgency that never neglects the classic Midwestern power-pop melodies. In addition to an ambitious schedule of weekend touring, Kid, You'll Move Mountains is gearing up to play one of the secondary stages at Taste of Chicago at 2:30 p.m. on June 26. Meanwhile, you can sample its energetic jangle at or make a worthwhile investment in "Loomings" via

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Nina Lanthrum is Nate's wife...not his sister.

This is fantastic, Jim. So relieved to see your positive feedback on this one. One of the best albums I have heard out of Chicago so far this year, and undoubtedly will remain in such status throughout 2009. Everyone should go see this band if they haven't yet. The album is great but the live show is exhilarating. Soaring guitars, deep bass, a drummer who owns the beat, classical piano accompanying a soothing voice, and a frontman who delivers his lines like they're all he lives for. Undeniable energy at any show featuring Kid, You'll Move Mountains.

good review,they deserve it,also they are playing with murder by death soon

Great review! You captured the excitement I discovered the moment they came on stage at the Metro recently. I don't think I've ever seen anyone bang the drums as emphatically as Nate, and the dual vocals definitely complement one another throughout all of the songs.

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