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SXSW 2009: Don't look for Ticketmaster or Live Nation here

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Though SXSW organizers are well aware that the proposed Ticketmaster/Live Nation merger is the biggest music story of the year--if not the biggest to break during the history of the conference--there is nothing on the four-day schedule of panels and seminars at the Austin Convention Center addressing its implications. But that's not for lack of trying.

Panel organizers worked hard to arrange a public interview with Ticketmaster chief Irving Azoff, but Azoff declined. The company also passed on sending any other representatives to speak publicly at SXSW, as did Live Nation.

In their arguments on Capitol Hill, Azoff and Live Nation boss Michael Rapino both repeated that the merger would help up-and-coming artists--indeed, that it was essential for securing their future in these turbulent economic times. SXSW is the largest annual gathering of developing artists in America.

The mega-corporations' lack of a public presence speaks volumes.

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Very good point, Ticketmaster and Live Nation are not interested in any other opinion or comment, they believe they have all the answers. Funny thing though, you can buy Vip Jonas Brothers tickets through Ticketmaster for $350 each or comparable seats from a ticket broker for $200. Take out the ticket broker and what would you have?

For all your whining about "mega-corporations" and "monopolies", you still think that the government's "stepping in" and manipulating the market for the results you want is perfectly legit.

For all your terminally-adolescent grandstanding, you seem to ignore the fact that it's all that "mega-corporation" advertising that clears your paycheck...enjoy having that cake you're eating!

Barry, what mega corporation advertising is Jim involved in. Please some info. If your talking about thet fact that he is a writer for The Sun Times that's a poor argument. You are obviously the kind of person Live Nation/Ticketmaster wants.

Live Nation and Ticketmaster will become a Cartel if this merger gets approved. We will be paying more for ticket prices, fees, drinks, food and parking because they own most of the Venues. This will also put small promoters and agents out of business. Please send your email to stop this merger.

Barry is just a bitter guy, that's all. His comment is empty and it's just an attack on someone who was telling the truth. Live Nation are a bunch of greedy whores, who will have to sell off their company if this merger doesn't go through. They don't have all the answers. In fact, they don't have any answers since Michael Cohl left.

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