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Update: Schulter's office denies rushing the return of the promoters ordinance

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Robert Rawls, communications director for license committee chairman Ald. Gene Schulter, is contradicting numerous sources who've told the Sun-Times that the controversial legislation is once again hurtling toward a vote at the committee and the full City Council.

In an email, Rawls writes:

The Promoters Ordinance is not on the agenda for the March 11th meeting of the Committee on License and Consumer Protection. At this point, Alderman Schulter feels that more work needs to be done and does not know when this issue will be brought before the committee for a public hearing. As Alderman Schulter stated last spring, this ordinance was not introduced by Alderman Schulter. It was originally introduced in June 2007 by the Department of Business Affairs and Licensing at the request of Mayor Daley. As Chair of the Committee, Alderman Schulter has worked to consider this ordinance fully and deliberately before taking it to the City Council. Before the ordinance goes before the Committee again, Alderman Schulter looks forward to working with the Sun-Times to provide a copy of the current ordinance and as much additional information as possible to the music community.

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Five days after city officials denied that there was a new working draft of the controversial event promoters ordinance tabled last spring after a huge outcry from the city's music community, the local activist group the Chicago Music Commission has... Read More

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I hope that they are being honest about this, cuz last time they almost snuck it under a lot of peoples noses.

Thanks as always for keeping us posted on the progress of this. I'm doing everything in my power to spread the word via email, text, bulletins, twitter, and word of mouth.

See you on March 6th.

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