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Get ready for round two: Return of the Chicago promoters ordinance

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DEVELOPING: The Chicago City Council is gearing up for a second attempt to push through legislation that would severely curtail independent concert promoters, which opponents say would have a disastrous effect on the local music scene.

The council's license committee, chaired by Ald. Eugene Schulter (47th), drafted the so-called "event promoters ordinance" last spring with almost no input from the music community, rapidly moving it toward a vote before the full council in May. But aldermen tabled the controversial law at that time after an unprecedented outcry from the local music world.

Last year, council members vowed to work with the music community to "fine-tune" the law before a final vote.

Sources close to the procedure say that a retooled version of the law has now been ready since mid-February, and that the license committee is gearing up for a vote on Mar. 9 11 prior to sending the legislation back to the full council for what the committee hopes will be quick passage. Once again, however, the law is not being made available for public scrutiny, and no public hearings are scheduled to seek input from musicians, music lovers and indie concert promoters.

Ald. Schulter's office has so far not responded to a request for comment or a request to provide a copy of the revamped legislation to the Sun-Times. Stay tuned for more developments.


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This is the kind of thing that will continue to happen if we, the people, keep voting for bigger and bigger government. Sure, it's now hitting home for all the local musicians, but probably 97% of those very same musicians voted to massively increase the size and power of the federal government. Here, on a municipal scale, we've seen the results of increased government power for decades. And here is just one more example. The government now is turning its greedy and corrupt eyes towards one more niche into which it hopes to put its corrupt cronies, the live music-venue niche. Do you think this kind of approach is any different than what happens to other industries, other fields, when, say, the Federal Government decides to "insert" it's own cronies and corruption into them? Keep voting for bigger and bigger government, people. Just go ahead. This is what you'll get every single time.

Way to turn this law into your personal right wing talking point. And keeping it "Anonymous" so we can't berate you by name? Sweet. Long live the CPAC.

Aaaaaaanyway....thanks for the heads up Jim...please keep us posted. Myself and a number of independent artists would be very hard pressed to survive if our ability to perform was infringed upon...for ANY reason.


DVS Jackson

Jim, when is the next meeting and can the general public attend to put their two cents in? I heard something about the Old Town School of Folk happening this week..? I know dozens of individuals who are interested in standing up for our rights and making certain this ordinance does not pass.

Please, please DO NOT pass this ordinance! We can't be the second city again!!

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