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This week on "Sound Opinions": The annual Christmas Spectacular

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As a talent buyer for Jam Productions, Andy Cirzan is responsible for organizing hundreds of the best concerts in Chicago each year, but he has another talent, too: For 20 years, he has compiled a mind-blowing Christmas mix tape featuring some of the weirdest and most wonderful holiday songs you've never heard, unearthed via his year-long obsessions of scouring the dustiest, dirtiest, most obscure record bins across the United States.

This year, Cirzan celebrates this milestone anniversary by revisiting some of the best songs for his project's earliest days, when it existed only as a handful of cassettes distributed to friends. (He now presses a CD and makes it available as a free download at

The "Sound Opinions" Christmas Spectacular airs Friday night at 8 and Saturday morning at 11 on Chicago Public Radio, and it's available from the show's Web site as a podcast starting Monday.

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I can't wait. I hope the current disc will have some of the old stuff that I did not get like Rudolph Frowns, I think that's the title, with that cool synth line.


We, the unfortunate pod people, have to wait 'till freakin' Monday?!

Jill St. John's preserve us all....


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