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The Killers, "Day & Age" (Island)

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The fine folks at the Las Vegas Weekly asked me to review the latest from the Killers for their hometown newspaper. Here is the link.

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Thank God for your review of the Killers' Day and Age....I thought I, or the entire world, had gone completely insane. You are the voice in the darkness calling bullshit, and bless you for it. You nailed it.

yeah Jim, nice one.

Sam's town is a piece of garbage... and only 2/3 of Hot Fuss was "really good".

Anyone who think Sam's Town is "misunderstood" doesn't understand the first thing about music made before 2004... the ripping off of Springsteen (which Jim, I know you don't like him) for one... I hated that record so much and actually tried to convince myself otherwise... When you Were Young and Read My Mind could have been released as singles only...

Come to think of it, they are a singles only band.

Looks like I'll be burning day & age.


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