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Smashing Pumpkins postpone final Auditorium Theatre show

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Ending their controversial four-night Chicago homecoming with neither a whimper nor a bang, the Smashing Pumpkins have canceled tonight's show at the Auditorium Theatre "due to illness," according to promoters Jam Productions.

The show has been rescheduled to Dec. 8 at the Auditorium, when the band will play the same "White Crosses" set that had been planned for this evening, and fans will be able to use the same tickets they held for tonight. No word yet on a plan for refunds. Jam has announced that ticket-holders who are unable to attend the new date can obtain a refund at the original point of purchase (though thanks to Ticketmaster's egregious "convenience fees" practices, it will be the face value only, not those tacked-on costs).

The bestselling alternative era band's much-anticipated and long-awaited return has generated more controversy than any concert here in years, rivaling Creed's infamous self-destruction at the Allstate Arena.

Advertised as a "20th Anniversary Tour," many fans expected a career overview from the reunited group. Instead, bandleader Billy Corgan gave them a conceptual performance that few seemed to understand, featuring some old hits, a lot of new material, an odd collection of rarities and monologues that apparently were part of the show but which many concertgoers heard as bitter eruptions of anger at the fans and/or onstage melt-downs.

The band's boosters said the first and second nights, "Black Sunshine" and "White Crosses," both had to be seen to understand what Corgan was attempting to do. Now fans who caught only the "Black Sunshine" night will have to wait two weeks to figure it out--if they still care at all.

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Jim, PLEASE DO NOT PUT THE SMASHING PUMPKINS AND CREED IN THE SAME ARTICLE/REFERENCE. Really, it's just not right. Tuesday's show was great and I am still looking forward to the 'White Crosses' show. Get well Billy!

The friday night "black sunshine" show was great. No ranting at all, maybe because Corgan was ill. I was expecting the worst from the tempermental diva, but was pleasantly surprised by the energy of the show. No complaints at all. Can't wait for the Gish tour!!!

Steve's right Jim, it's unfair to compare the Pumpkins to a band that's actually great, like Creed.

Friday's crowd for "Black Sunshine" was 1000x better than Tuesday's. People stayed after the show and cheered and chanted for 20 minutes. 20 minutes. This show went over so much better with the audience than Tuesday.

And you only focus on Tuesday, while Wednesday for "White Crosses" was unbelieveably beautiful and varied in style. The vast majority of fans loved that show.

Also, I'm pleasantly shocked that you wrote a blurb about SP without referring to Billy as "The Great Pumpkin". You use that line in every other article. Do you think it's funny or creative? No. You are just another clueless observer who truly knows nothing about SP.

Say what you want about Creed (I'm not a fan) but at least those guys had enough sense to call it quits and tell their d*** of a lead singer to go to hell. In retrospect D'arcy, James and even Jimmy (clearly the Ringo) should've done the same. Billy Corgan has turned into the one thing he always hated---a "rock star." Good riddance.

When I discovered SP were finally coming to tour the midwest, I wasn't the only one who thought it somewhat unusual they would play Indiana's newest "Venue" before they'd storm Chicago. Given the rich history and success, they are probably one of - if not THE best-selling outfit Chicago has ever had. There was no doubt tickets would sell-out immediately. I had only seen them perform one time back in 95' at what was then referred to as "The Rosemont Horizon" during the "Melancholy" tour. You know, the year Billy Corgan favored the Zero shirt above all else. It was an older brother's fiance who had the extra ticket, although my love for the band was realized a few years after the "live" experience. Honestly though, how many bands sound as good as their recordings? As I recall, it mighta been you Jim, who had praised the band musically, but didn't quite admire the vocal style of "The Great Pumpkin." I've heard quite a slew of stories how much editing is required while in the studio, which I believe is due to Billy's insistent perfectionism. The end result = some of the greatest music I've ever heard. i am NOT ashamed to admit my LOVE for the music of the mid-90's. In fact, i sincerely miss the energy of the Alt-era scene that I grew up in. Maybe because I'm not 15 anymore does it seem like we have (or I have) lost something. Maybe because I'm a Chicago native and my main influences have headed west. Either way, I was still excited to know that SP lives on, regardless if I cared enough to go see them. Through all the ups and downs, I might scrape up the change next time they come around.

whoop. So maybe it was 96' I saw them! I had to google the tour for "Mellon Collie." Then, as I was reading through some of the other comments,(good and bad)was taken away by the die-hard SP fans' resentments towards your observations! What kind of critic would you be if you only had lovely things to say about everyone! LOL!

Definitions of critic on the Web:

a person who is professionally engaged in the analysis and interpretation of works of art
anyone who expresses a reasoned judgment of something
someone who frequently finds fault or makes harsh and unfair judgments

As a fan, I get it! However, for people to accuse you of not knowing your stuff is plain silly. If anything, you help to "enlighten" and provide more of a "broad" perspective to the people BECAUSE of what you know and choose to compare. If anything, you set the standard/raise the bar - and in spite of what people try to combat you with, you maintain your style...

Which tends to come off as "harsh," but makes for an intelligent and well-written blog/column/opinion/show ...etc! Thanks for keeping things interesting.

maybe if the great pumpkin shaped Derogatis wasnt such a twat I could take him seriously as a critic. As a writer he's definitely no Ebert and as a musician well... his wire tribute band should've been referred to as a wire insult band. Regardless I saw Fridays show and although I've seen them before and I'm not a huge fan I was very impressed by the perfromance and his new band. Very tight and professional to say the least. Although I didnt know every song he played they all sounded good except for the extended feedback that made up the Jesus and Mary Chain cover portion of the show. But to open with Everybody Come Clap Your Hands dressed like Queen Elizabeth the 1st being crowned by the Aztecs was both surreal and brilliant. I think Dali would've loved it as did I. Rock on Billy and be glad you get to be a rock star for a living and not a rock critic. We all know Derogatis wishes he could.

the shows this week were pathetic. i saw the pumpkins back in october 1996. they were here friday saturday and sunday. just one of those shows was better than all of this weeks combined. i went to this wednsdays show and it was lame as hell. something is wrong with corgan man.


Give me a break. Billy Corgan is no longer "Brilliant"... you're using that word because it's a word people use to mask their obsession with something everyone else hates to give their "case" more validity. Brilliant? He's been dressing like a moron since about 2000 or so now... that's not brilliant. That's burnt out. Dresses, black leather cloaks, stripes... screw that. He's a joke.

I'm a critic, and also a pre-2001 Smashing Pumpkins fanatic... I've been against this "reunion" from the begining and to be honest this new incarnation is just dead to me...

He was doing great work with Zwan and the Solo album (his solo work was the best I'd ever seen him involved in a live show) that I really respected and got into. What he's doing now is more of the same... cliche, rock star, nostalgic garbage.

Oh, and by the way, personally I think Corgan is kind of a dick... 2 out of 3 times I've met the guy he could have cared less. These reviews and articles about his "behavior" at shows is stupid. Who would want to pay to see something like that?

Machina had it's moments of "brilliance" I'll give you that... but Zeitgeist is a horrible attempt at sounding relevent 8 years too late.

Long live the critics... even if you don't agree with them.

Athens, GA

Will, you are clueless.

Go back and take a look at your precious 1996 shows. ~15 songs? you think thats better than playing ~23 songs a night like they are playing now? Please....

The fact that you think a Matt Walker show was better than any of the 3 you saw this past week with Jimmy Chamberlin is the biggest joke of all. No offense to Matt Walker, but he's no Jimmy Chamberlin!

Its funny how people were ok with Jimmy and Darcy's replacements over the years...but now that James and Darcy are out and the biggest musical contributors are in, suddenly lineup is an issue. Please....give a rest.


Oh Adam...I was going to go off on you but seeing as how you are a critic and how you like TheFutureEmbrace more than Zeitgeist, well, you've got your own issues to sort out. I would just feel guilty picking on you. :-P

Seriously though, whether you like Zwan & TFE, Adore & Machina, or Gish & Zeitgeist....I think it speaks volumes that BC can put out such diversity in his music and songwriting.

Bang on the clothing, quotes, setlists, and lineup all you want...its only because you can't touch the musical skill or performances. I see that as a compliment of sorts.

Actually, Ticketmaster refunds all costs associated except for shipping and the order processing fee (usually between 3-5 dollars). The convenience fees are refunded.

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