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The Jonas Brothers loom large on the pop landscape

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The inevitable ascendance of the Jonas Brothers as the male tween-pop phenomenon of the moment was obvious when the group opened for Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus on her massive tour late last year.

The brothers crooned, cooed, spun and jumped, but "discreetly libidinous" was the only impression the Broadway-trained, closeted Christian trio from Wyckoff, N.J., made on me that night, and the 11- (soon to be 12-) year-old Hannah/Miley fan beside me wasn't much more enthusiastic.

"They're cute, and I like some of their songs"--notably "Kids of the Future," their reworking of the Kim Wilde New Wave classic "Kids in America" from the soundtrack of "Meet the Robinsons"--the astute young critic said. "But they're not all that. I think you should trash them, dad!"

The ecstatic screams that filled the Allstate Arena indicated that we were in the minority, however, and even louder was the behind-the-scenes grind of the massive Disney star-making and marketing machine, which already was cranking into high gear. Now, its success is manifest.

The JoBros recently made history for being the first group ever to sell more than 100,000 digital downloads for three consecutive singles: "Burnin' Up," "Play My Music" and "Pushin' Me Away." Their new album "A Little Bit Longer" debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard albums chart last week, selling 525,000 copies, and marking them as the 'N Sync of the new millennium. And, in a bit of obvious demographic pandering, they even appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone.

So, who are these goobers, and how did they reach these lofty heights?

The fabulously coiffed brothers--Nick (15), Joe (18) and Kevin (20)--were raised in the Jersey suburbs and home-schooled by their mother and father, an Evangelical Christian minister and former church musician. Though he's the youngest, Nick is the group's leader and spokesman, as well as the breakout star: He started performing on Broadway at age 7, appearing in "Beauty and the Beast" and "Les Miserables," among other musicals.

Nick first caught the ear of Columbia Records with a recording of "Joy to World (A Christmas Prayer)," and a solo album of Christian pop songs followed. Mindful of the "MMMBop"/Hanson model, however, Columbia thought it would get more mileage from a brother act--Kevin and Joe had contributed to Nick's solo disc--and a bevy of pro songwriters including Adam Schlesinger (Fountains of Wayne), Desmond Child (Aerosmith, Bon Jovi) and Billy Mann (Destiny's Child, Jessica Simpson) was brought in to help craft the Jonas Brothers' 2006 debut, "It's About Time."

The time wasn't quite right, however, and Columbia dropped the group in early 2007. Enter Disney-owned Hollywood Records, which had heard the potential via Radio Disney's support of the act, and the Mouse soon launched an unequalled assault on tween consciousness, placing the brothers in commercials (they sang the jingle for Baby Bottle Pops), beauty pageants (they performed two songs at Miss Teen USA), movies ("Camp Rock") and TV shows--most notably an episode of "Hannah Montana."

Ah, dear Hannah. "Nick and I loved each other," Cyrus recently told Seventeen magazine. "For two years he was basically my 24/7." But they split, she was inspired to write several bitter break-up songs on her new album "Breakout" and Nick reportedly has moved on to date fellow Disney commodity Selena Gomez. Mind you, all of this 15-year-old action is on the most chaste of levels: The God-fearing brothers are famous for sporting "purity rings," symbols that they will remain unsullied until marriage.

"To us, the rings are a constant reminder to live a life of values," Nick reluctantly told Rolling Stone when pressed on the issue. "It's about being a gentleman, treating people with respect and being the best guys we can be."

"On a personal level, faith is extremely important," the Jonas's dad, Kevin, Sr., said in the same Rolling Stone article. "But I kind of cringe every time I read references to them being a Christian band, for the simple reason that they don't sing Christian music. Probably because of my background, the boys get lumped into the Christian-music genre. But it isn't their genre."

So what exactly is their genre? Here's the rub: The Jonas Brothers are clearly selling pre- and just-post-pubescent sex via glossy, glitzy, mildly tuneful and gently rocking power-pop--the oldest game in the history of popular music--but they're treading a fine line by trying to do it in the most asexual, non-threatening way possible so as not to alienate a single wary parent or trepidatious 10-year-old.

Witness the carefully crafted double entendre of "BB Good," the opening track of "A Little Bit Longer," and a prime example of Jonas music. Over a recycled Pat Bentar/Journey guitar riff, the boys sing about a seemingly innocent date--"I'll pick you up at seven/We can drive around and see a movie"--with a subtext laid bare in the choruses--"You gotta be be good to me/I'm gonna be be good to you/We'll be happy as can be/Just gotta be be good to me"--and a tension that explodes in rather creepy fashion during the spoken-word climax: "Listen girl, you gotta be good/I don't wanna hurt you... I wanna kiss you!".

That could just as well be dialog from a date rape as the prelude to an innocent teen make-out session. "Please Please Me" it ain't, lyrically or musically, and the troubling clash between the carefully crafted image and the ultimate message in the Jonas Brothers' music was best nailed by Joanne Brokaw, the "Gospel Soundcheck" columnist for the religious Web site Beliefnet.

"I hate that their heart throb, teen idol status sends mixed messages about their stance on purity," Brokaw wrote. "I love that the guys wear purity rings and I believe they believe in what the rings stand for. But when you see them posing seductively on the cover of Rolling Stone (really, who thought that was cute?) and talking about their first kiss in Tiger Beat (or Bop or PopStar or whatever teen magazine you pick up), without an explanation of what purity really means, there's the danger that what they share with their peers is simply a message that says, 'Wear a purity ring but still be consumed with lusting after hot guys.'"

Given that the life span of most teen idols is measured in months, not years, and those purity rings basically serve as an open invitation for the paparazzi to produce an image showing the JoBros being anything but, the group's current peak is, like Hannah/Miley's, probably also the beginning of the end. Meanwhile, though, as has been true throughout pop history, sex sells, no matter how hard you try to disguise it.


When it comes to made-for-TV tween-pop bands, it's no contest: Nickelodeon's Naked Brothers beat Disney's Jonas Brothers any day.

Taking their name from a childhood bath-time declaration to their mom, writer/director Polly Draper of "Thirtysomething" fame, the Naked Brothers Band--led by 13-year-old Nat Wolff and his 10-year-old brother Alex--emerged in a self-titled 2005 rockumentary that spawned a Nickelodeon series about a "world famous" underage band singing songs paying homage to bona fide tween-boy passions such as a "Crazy Car," a "Banana Smoothie" and "Alien Clones."

Like the Jonas Brothers, the Naked Brothers also give us a smattering of songs about the opposite sex--"Girl of My Dreams," "Fishin' for Love," etc.--on their second album, "I Don't Want to Go to School," released last spring. But the Wolff boys live a much more realistic and well-rounded pre-adolescent life, and when they sing about girls, it's more as some hazy, unobtainable ideal than any imminent lusty reality.

Most endearing, though, are the genuinely geeky, adenoidal vocals and a warm, unpolished, warts-and-all garage aesthetic to the production and arrangements, emphasizing the simple but effective garage-pop hooks. If Jonathan Richman had made his first album when he was 12, with backing from the Monkees instead of the Modern Lovers, it would sound a lot like "I Don't Want to Go to School."

In contrast, the Jonas Brothers only really veer from the "girl I want you" script with the title cut and closing track of their third album: "A Little Bit Longer" is a melodramatic ballad about Nick's battle with diabetes. Like the hidden-lust songs that dominate the rest of the disc, it's bombastic, powered by beyond-cheesy Broadway-style belting and so glossy that it slips away before you can ever really get a handle on it.

Of course, the whole point is just to give the boys a reason to jump around while their fans scream their heads off. Listening to the Jonas Brothers' songs is ultimately optional, whereas listening to the Naked Brothers is a sheer childlike pleasure.

The Naked Brothers Band, "I Don't Want to Go to School" (Sony) [3 STARS]

The Jonas Brothers, "A Little Bit Longer" (Hollywood) [1.5 STARS]


Eloquent, cheerful and eager to talk for once about the music instead of the mania, I caught up with the three Jonas Brothers--Nick, Joe and Kevin--by phone in the midst of the tour that brings them to the Chicago area on Sunday.

Q. Out of all the recent articles I've read about you guys, it seemed as if no one bothered to actually ask you about making "A Little Bit Longer." Tell me how it all came together in the studio.

Nick: We started writing this record about this time last year. It was right after our self-titled album came out, and we were writing all these songs. We knew that we wouldn't have much time, because we were about to go shoot "Camp Rock," and right after that, we'd be on tour with Miley [Cyrus]. So basically what we did, we asked our management team, "How can we get into the studio to do this," and we wound up bringing a tour bus out on the road that was retro-fitted to be a studio.

Q. So you recorded the album while you were traveling?

Nick: We did. We'd pull to be venues and things and do what we could do. Obviously, there were some vocal things that needed to be redone, and some drums, because you'd have the generator of the bus in the background. So when we finished the tour, we went into the studio to make a couple of fixes here and there, and basically the rest of it was done.

Q. Nick, you have solo writing credit on a couple of the songs, and a couple you wrote collaboratively with your brothers and band members. What inspires you to sit down and write?

Nick: Usually it's real things, things that actually happened to us. "Sorry," "Got Me Going Crazy" and "Can't Have You," those were all real things that inspired us to write those. And, obviously, "A Little Bit Longer" was really close to my heart. They were all just things we were really inspired to write about, and they just kind of come together.

Q. How about you guys, Joe and Kevin: When your brother comes to you with a song, do you add to it, or can you tell him you're not really crazy about it?

Kevin: We write our own songs as well, and when someone writes a song, we respect that completely. I think for us we knew that the songs he was writing were right on, and we were never like, "We don't like that; we can't have that on the record." That doesn't mean we aren't working together on songs; we're absolutely open and talking about ideas. But we're never like, "No, we don't like that, let's not use that."

Q. Was there more pressure this time, having won the biggest audience of your career with the last record? Were you ever thinking, "Are our fans going to like this?"

Joe: We just try to write what's real to us, and we try not to focus on what the fans want. We try to write about the situation that we're in right there. We have the mindset that hopefully people will like the song, but we never know until they hear it themselves.

Kevin: At the same time, the fans are our inspiration, and that's who we're writing for.

Q. Sure, but once you become a band at the level you guys are at, there are a lot of people who think they know what the fans want, or what the Jonas Brothers should sound like.

Nick: We found a very nice home [with Disney-owned Hollywood Records], and they really believe in us and let us be creative. They let us go and do what we want to do; it's really amazing. We feel like we can try, not anything, but we can definitely take risks.

Q. Let's talk about "BB Good." How did that song come together?

Nick: "BB Good" is actually a song we wrote with our guitar player [John Taylor]. Normally when we write songs with people, it's because we'd like to bring them in on the song; we wrote with our bass player, with our guitar player, with our friends. With that one, we'd listened to "Good Lovin'" by the Young Rascals and we were kind of like, "Let's write a song like that," and "BB Good" came out.

Q. It's a bit like "Please Please Me" in the sense that you're talking to a girl in a relationship and telling her what you want.

Nick: It's kind of like a very simple song, but it does have a lot of depth of you think about it. That was the whole point: Let's try to bring a serious topic about a relationship and treat it more fun, and lighthearted. We're talking about being good, "be be be," but what we're saying is that, you know, there needs to be an effort from both of us. We've definitely found that sometimes simple is better. We never try to over-think our lyrics in the moment; if we like it and it works, great.

Q. My 11-year-old daughter and I saw you open for Miley Cyrus last year, and she suggested a very good question: She wanted to know if it ever bothers you as musicians and songwriters that people focus so much on your looks?

Nick: Um, I think for us, we love that kids are appreciative of our looks [laughs], if you will. But we do see that they are appreciative of the music, too, and they really do care what we're talking about. We get a lot of people coming up to us saying, "I'm actually going through what you're talking about in your songs right now," and for us, that means a lot. We write our songs for our fans, and we're all growing up together, so it's nice when that comes up. And your daughter seems very intelligent!

Q. I thought it was an astute observation, because there has to be days when you just wish you could put a paper bag over your head when you go play music. Everybody has days when they just want to wear sweat pants and not wash their hair!

Joe: Well, we are guys; we don't focus too much on our own appearance! People ask us how long it takes to get ready, and it takes us probably as long as any other guy in America, you know? We're really quick.

Q. Nick, you started out singing on Broadway, which is very different from singing in a rock band. One of the things I hate about "American Idol" is that there are a lot of show-tune singers, and when they try to do rock, it never feels right. Do you know what I mean?

Nick: Yeah. I think the training with the Broadway shows gave me great chops, but like you said, it is a lot different. At a young age, I kind of had to be mature and take some responsibilities, because I had a job. I loved it, but it was a responsibility, and it definitely made me the person I am today, to kind of take on this leader-type role. It was really helpful.

Q. But would you approach a song differently if you were onstage in a musical instead of at a rock show?

Nick: Definitely. I think even just vocally, how you sing is a lot different. Maybe someday I'd go back and do that, but right now, I'm really loving this.


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Fortunately, you are in the minority. I am not a tween or even a teen. I am the mother of five of them though. I wouldn't let them anywhere near the Naked Bros and they are too smart to go down that road. They do love the Jonas Bros. though and I approve. In fact, I like their music too. I can give you the name of dozens of 20, 30 and 40 somethings who also like their music. They are talented young men who I hope don't follow the advice of people like you. The world doesn't need more Naked Bros, Brittney's, Jessica's, etc. I hope they remain "gentlemen" with values singing upbeat songs that any age group can enjoy without being embarrassed. They obviously have parents who understand the role of being a parent. Their parents have said that they are raising men, future fathers and husbands and that their achievements will mean nothing if in the end they aren't good people. What a unique concept. I hope they are around for a long long time. And since one of my children has type 1 diabetes, I can say that you will never know what someone like Nick and his song "A little bit longer" means to someone else who has diabetes. Unlike many stars who lend their names because it looks good in the paper, this young man actually works at trying to help those around him. It can't be easy for a 15 year old to be so public with a medical problem. Especially when most people can't even get how hard it really is.

WTF! you only gave the jonas brothers 1.5 stars?! You little!!!!!!! I hate Chicago Times! That's why no one will ever read this crap because the Jonas Brothers deserve so much more. And NO sex DOES NOT SELL! It's purely dirty and not appropriate for teenagers/tweens. Besides, they wear purity rings because they believe in it. Not just so they can get attention. Honestly the Jonas Brothers aren't like that. Posing seductively in front of Rolling STone cover? They were simply posing. It wasn't seductive so get over it. MOFO!

While I do think that the Jonas Brother's music is far better than the Naked Brothers band in every way,( The Naked Brothers band is barely relevant) I think Kay you are confused. Yeah that is their name but they don't sing about anything controversial or bad. They are nothing like Britney or Jessica either.

And dealing diabetes is different for everyone and it's great he wants to help but he also makes money off that problem and now his talking about it has pretty much turned into a joke by many and rouse for sympathy.

They talk all about virginity and their values but clearly as a mother you nothing about Nick Jonas & Miley Cyrus and their relationship. That boy( or miley) is not innocent and it's pathetic that he pretends for the media. Purity rings and such matters should be kept personal not aired out at a press conference or even commented on.

"the group's current peak is, like Hannah/Miley's, probably also the beginning of the end."
Agreed with this.

I disagree with your article. I took my daughter to see Miley Cyrus last fall. I didn't really want to see the Jonas Brothers but, my daughter insisted that we see the whole concert. I was shocked by how much I enjoyed the JoBros. I thought they were better then Miley/Hannah. I am 38 and I think I was more excited to see the Jonas brothers this summer then my nine year old. The concert was clean, energetic, and an awesome time. I was at no time worried about anything my daughter would see or hear. I think that she is exposed to a lot worse on tv, at the movies, and with the kids at school. The Jonas Brothers' music is something that we enjoy together. I can't wait to see them again. I would go even without my kid!!

This article is horrible, how dare the editor pick the Naked Brothers Band over The Jonas Brothers? Just because they have the name Brothers in both band titles? This clearly shows and proves the ignorance of the editor. Additionally, "sex sells", obviously you have not seen the cover of Rolling Stone, all they were doing is posing, get a life! Your daughter also sounds like a prissy brat who needs Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana shoved up her stupid arse! email me! I DARE YOU! YOU LOW-LIFE PIG!

Your wrong! The Jonas Brothers are incredibly talented! There is no comparison to even the Beatles nor the low-life Naked Brothers Band!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Jonas Brothers!
By The Way, I would like to notify you that the whole world of teenage girls now hates your guts Mr.DeRogatis!

Kay-I couldn't have said it better myself! I'm a JONAS BROTHER fan and I'm 42 years old! I have a 15 year old son and 12 year old daughter. Although my son wouldn't admit to his friends he likes some of the Jonas Brothers songs, he does in fact listen to them with me and my daughter. Of course, my daughter LOVES the JoBros, not only for their music, but she appreciates them for being themselves and sharing so much with their fans. I love their music and enjoy the time that we share listening to their music, and I especially love my daughter telling me all about them-it's a fun bonding time!
KUDOS to the JoBros...not just a flash in the pan-they're the never ending fire! You'll be hearing about them for a lonnnnggg time!
Nick might make money off of "A Little Bit Longer'', but he does give back to diabetes research and helping kids with diabetes!

Hey Anon, if you watched enough interviews about them you would know that they don't really like talking about their purity rings, but people keep bugging them about it.
And Nick does not get money from his role as a spokesman for diabetes, Bayer donated the money to charity. And yes people deal with diabetes differently, but it is never easy no matter how they deal with it. He talks about it to educate other people, which I find good because a lot of people know nothing about it. So if a celebrity talks about cancer, we should all joke about it and make fun of them?
You know nothing about any of their relationships anymore than I do, but from what I've read it sounds like Miley is the one with the problem. I hope it's not the beginning of the end because as a teenager I'm planning on buying a lot more Jonas Brothers albums in the future.

The Jonas Brothers never asked girls to lust after them, and I hardly think saying, "I wanna kiss you" is date rape material. How the fans feel about the Jonas Brothers looks shouldn't be any reflection on the quality of the band. It's okay if their music isn't to your taste, but calling them "discreetly libidinous" is ludicrous. It's pathetic that you have attempted to take one of the only bands in this nation that is based upon values, and ridicule it for doing so. How can you feel comfortable having a career that is based completely upon tearing others down. So much for growing up and wanting to benefit the world.

Mr. Derogatis, you are mean-hearted, unfair, and misinformed. You infer that Disney waved some magic wand and voila, the Jonas Brothers emerged as a fully formed pop sensation. One cannot discount the years of constant touring in dive bars the JoBros have endured in the minor leagues, before Disney afforded them the platform they so richly deserve. Even the Beatles debut album was penned by professional songwriters before John and Paul became the greatest pop songwriters in history. You cannot vilify these brothers for having to pander to the established music industry in order to get their songs across - and no one has done more to change the musician/audience relationship than the JoBros who have effectively cut out the middleman by communicating with their audience directly on-line. The JoBros are popular because today's youth is sick of a pop world filled with lip-syncing sluts and tattooed, emo burnouts. You completely miss the phenomenal talent possessed by their lead singer and songwriter Nick, who has not even begun to tap the depth of his craft. Not even Prince had such a body of work when he was 15. Mark my words - the JoBros will not fade away. They are here to stay for as long as they wish. Whether you hate their music is your own affair, but you - like every other journalist - concentrate solely on the personal lives of these teenage boys, hoping so badly to find some prurient scoop. You got one thing right - sex sells, and the bulk of your article fixates on it. So I hope you sell a bunch of newspapers as you wag your finger at these boys for being sexy while at the same time trying to live a moral path. That makes you a hypocrite, and a mean one at that. "BB Good" is a date rape song? Get your mind out of the gutter.

I agree with Kay.
You are in the minority.
Unlike the Naked Brothers Band the Jonas Brothers actually have a lot of fans that support them. I haven't even heard of the Naked Brothers Band until this article and I looked them up.
I'm sure a song about a Crazy Bus is more important then a song saying holding on and waiting a little bit longer.
I'm a huge Jonas Brothers fan and I'm 16; I'm guessing you are automatically going to assume I love them for their looks. But, no. I love them for giving me standards and giving me something to believe in. Thanks to the Jonas Brothers purity rings at Tiffany's saying "True Love Waits" have gone up 26%. Thanks to the Naked Brothers Band we get a little laugh here and there.
The Jonas Brothers have changed a lot of people's lives. I want to ask you. What are you doing for the world? Honestly. What are you doing to change someone's life?
JB has a charity called Change for the Children. They donate 10% of their profits there and encourage fans to help. They are helping people all around the world.
I want you to honestly think about who is actually better.
And when you see the comparission of the sale of the Jonas Brothers album to the Naked Brothers band you will find it obvious of who is the better performer.

I agree with anon on this
I see them as a walking contradiction, they are always linked to people (which i assume must be true since they dont really deny the rumours) and even in interviews it never sounds like they're being real. Look at the above for example. Joe says that they don't really write the songs for their fans but then Kevin is quick to jump in and say 'but the fans are our inspiration' etc.
I really like their music but I get the feeling that they know how to say all the right things but don't really believe it themselves

Apparently you haven't done much research into the Jonas Brothers. I am a 37 year old and a mother of 3. I enjoy their music and their performances as much, if not more, than my children. They are one of the best bands out there, and are extremely talented. They write their own music, play their own instruments, and deliver a show that is high energy and entertaining for all age groups!! The concert I went to a few weeks ago had just as many of the parents dancing and singing as it did teen/tween girls! The Naked Brothers band is not even in the same category as the Jonas Brothers. They may have some talent, but you can't even begin to compare the two. That's like comparing apples to oranges. As for them trying to get girls to lust after them....that's just all part of innocent teenage fun. The girls like them because of their talent, their songs, their values, and they are good looking. The media is the one making a big deal out of the purity rings. That was a decision that they made prior to making it big. It wasn't a marketing's truly their values. I appreciate the fact that they are setting a good example for the kids out there. I'm sick of the media and society trying to make it "uncool" for kids to have respect for adults and for themselves. This band respects everyone around them....from their parents, to the caterers, to band members, crews, assistants, and especially their fans. At every show they do, they have meet & greets for fans. If they had the time, I'm sure they would meet every fan there, but unfortunately, there is no way to do that. The meet & greet at the concert I attended was over 500 people. It was 98 degrees, the boys had been w/ the press and at sponsor events most of the day and still stood in the heat and greeted and took a picture with every last person in the meet & greet line. They then headed backstage where they had about an hour to eat dinner and get ready and focused for their show. When they hit the stage, they were absolutely amazing. True professionals and awesome performers. Everyone can learn something from them and from their family. So, maybe before you are so critical of them you should find out a little more about them.

Wow. You are so off. Everybody here disagrees with you and i'm one of them. Your article is so stupid like your daughter. The Naked Brothers Band is nothing compared to the Jonas Brothers. Nick donated the money to charity. They were posing on the magazine cover. Only perverts like your self would try to make their lyrics sound suggestive.

I'm in my mid-twenties, and when I was in high school we had N'SYNC. Don't get me wrong, I was convinced I'd marry one of them when I was 14. But having grown up with those bands, I'm so very impressed with the Jonas Brothers. The bottom line is that these fellas are genuinely talented. Marketing can brand them however they want, magazine can focus on the purity rings, but the JBros still have the musical chops behind all of it.

Furthermore, what's wrong with writing good, clean songs that are purely fun? If you want to listen to something edgier then go listen to it.

It seems like what you really want to criticize is the marketing behind this band.. Every time I read something about these guys it's like these writers are salivating over the idea that they might fail or screw up... but at the same time they want them to be perfect.

Focus on the music. Sure, it's a bit cheesy, but there is no denying that the JBros are entertaining, talented, and genuine about loving what they do.

You are completely wrong about the Jonas Brothers. If you really did your research on them, you would see that the JoBros are much better performers than the Naked Brothers Band! I feel that the Jonas Brothers have made me a better person and helped to inspire me to be true to myself through their songs. I don't have a problem with you not liking their music or even them as people, but I don't like how you wrote this while clearly having no idea what the Jonas Brothers are like and what their music (especially A Little Bit Longer) means to them and to other people going through the same thing.

I totally disagree with this article.The Jonas Brothers are extremely talented and seem like genuinely nice guys.Im 19,when i was younger I was in love with BSB and NSYNC,what is wrong with kids worshipping people who have talent and have good records?

u gave the JONAS BROTHERS 1.5 STARS !!!!!!!!!!!
and the NAKED BROS 3 STARS!!!!!!
Honestly the Jonas Brothers are BETTER than those naked brothers


You have got to be kidding me! The Jonas Brother's have come so far from their "Baby Bottle Pop" songs. Their fans are spread across the world, from little kids, teenagers, to adults. They have got to be doing something right. Who are you to judge? You're like the Simon Cowell of Journalism. You know nothing of what it takes to be successful, because frankly, I've never once heard your name. Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas are three brothers that went for the gold, and got it. They do what they love, and they do it well. Perhaps your daughter is too young to realize true talent, because lets face it, Miley isn't all that good; and perhaps you are too close-minded and are stuck behind your computer screen typing away on things that you clearly know nothing about.

You are a terrible journalist, trying to take away from real success. Jonas Brothers are everywhere! Radio, television, t-shirts, etc. They are a step up from the gangsters who talk about shooting up with drugs, or guns, and having three-sums with hookers. Can you honestly relate ANY thing the jonas brother's have wrote in their lyrics to DATE RAPE? That's THE most ridiculous comment I have ever had the mispleasure of reading. Purity means no SEX until marriage. They're still teenagers, and they can date girls but it does not mean anything. They are human, but they have made promises to themselves, their family, and god, that they have declared to the millions of girls they could easily have. I believe they intend to keep that promise. WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE? WHO EVEN GIVES A CRAP ABOUT YOUR OPINION? They are so above you and your shady articles.

Hope you have read each comment. PARENTS are defending the Jonas Brothers. Parents can see that they are talented musicians, in it for the love of music, and NO HIDDEN ADGENDA. I myself, at seventeen years old, admire the Jonas' MORE that they wear purity rings. They are wholesome, good kids. I listen to every genre of music, and I can say for sure, that these lyrics should not be dug into like you have in this article. Stop coming up with these ridiculous theories on what YOU think they mean. You did not write, and would not know the meaning. You were just looking to write an article, even if it meant making up this heap of garbage.

So take this article and shove it. You lose.


This is a classic hit job. I wonder if the Jonas Brothers (or their people) would have agreed to the interview if they knew you were going to accuse them of writing a date rape song? You certainly did not betray your intentions during the softball interview. These are kids, for Chrissake!

Oh and I'm not a JoBros fan. I eagerly await your return to reviewing bands not associated with Disney or Nickelodeon.

i luv the jonas brothers they are great their songs are really good iluv nick!!!!!!

ithink joe is sooooooooooooooo hot i love you

hey the jonas bros r so hot i wish i got to see them in really life that would be sooooooo kool and then it wouldn't cuz im fat i don't think they like fat girls so yeah but it would be kool to see them in really life and in preson.

I absolutely love the Jonas Brothers as a fan, but it would be so cool to meet them because they are just the same as the rest of us teenagers. They may be famous but to me they are just normal guys doing what they love. They have morals like the rest of us, and I truly respect that, like their purity rings most pop stars are getting pregnant or having sex. The rings they wear show they are good guys with great morals and value, because their parents did not let them get their heads in the clouds. I have so much respect for Kevin, Joesphs, and Nicks parents because they raised wholesome young men. I really am i adoring fan and would probaly do anything to meet them, but i understand that they are just kids themselves and need a break sometime. (Kevin) seems like a great role model to his three younger brothers, and would not let any one hurt them or put them done. (Joe) seems like he cheers everyone up when they are happy or sad. (Nick) seems like he never wants to let his older brothers down, and probaly rarely ever does. Though he is not part of the band you can not forget (Frankie) the littlest looking up to his three older brothers seeing that all three are the best and could never do anything wrong. Their parents are probaly all of their role models. Because i know that my parents are my role models.

This is why Kevin, Joe, and Nick are my role models and i look up to them, because they are normal. These three go threw the same stuff that every other teenager in the world does, and probaly more with all of the adoring fans. Kevin, Nick, and Joe you guys are the best and i really look up to yall for not folding into peer pressure. With anything ecspecially not to give your purity away to just anybody, only the right girl. I am the same way and i believe you should wait to. That is why i like you guys so much because you are just normal teenagers/kids and you show that to everyone.

Marah Elizabeth Alexander

Hey Jim,

I wanted to respond to Ayana's comments about what 'A Little Bit Longer' means 'to other people going through the same thing.' Actually, I'm also a Type I diabetic like Nick, and when I heard 'A Little Bit Longer' was about his struggles with diabetes, I decided to check it out. I think you're spot on with your thoughts. WAYYYYYY over the top that song is, and it can be argued the song's bombast is used to cover up the lyrics, which give no indication as to the song being about diabetes specifically. The words 'doctor' and 'highs and lows' I guess are supposed to be the giveaway, but it's funny how a song about a life-long disease could be read as a romantic pop trifle, if you didn't know the back-story. (Now mind you, the best lyrics about Diabetes I could come up with at 15 would have revolved around my inability to enjoy a bottle of Coke when I wanted to, but I at least would have gone with an angry punk rant instead of an overblown tear-jerking ballad)

Anyhow, I don't want to speak for other Type I's out there, but I can't imagine anyone over 18 not raising an eyebrow or rolling an eyeball northwards to this tune. Considering only 5% of all diabetics in the country are Type I, I'd have to argue that this song isn't geared towards us, but to teens and pre-teens everywhere who get swept up by the thought of Nick writing a song that showcases how 'sensitive,' 'deep,' and 'vulnerable' he can be. My guess is if most people had actually seen what happens to a diabetic when they experience extreme high or low blood sugar, they would realize how well...hollow the song is below the surface.



Like the many who posted a comment here, I have to highly disagree with you. Before you judge the Jonas brothers you should learn a little bit more about them, and not take advice from your child, who tells you to "trash them." Stating your daughter told you to do so, already shows you are not the brightest, and you probably beyond spoil your duaghter. Just becuase your duagter is not a huge fan it doesn't title them to be "untalanted", and "sexual." They are uncomfortable talking about the subject of there decision to practice chastity. If you have read or watched any interviews, When they do end up, talking about their purity rings, after being pried, all they state is that it was a choice they made base upon thir own decisonn. I agree with the many others there is no comparison between the Jonas Brothers, and The Naked Brothers Band. The Jonas brothers' lyrics actually have a meaning, take "Sorry", and "A little Bit Longer" for instance. I would ratther hear the Jonas Brothers talking about breakups with deep lyrics and emotion, than hear The Naked Brothers band rant on and on about a smoothie, with pointeless lyrics. I don't even believe they (The Jonas Brothers) are half way to their peak in the enteretainment indudstry. They will continue to rise becuase of how talanted they are. They do write thier own lyrics,play their own instruments, put on such a great shows, give so much back to their fans, and are so respectful, and this is why they are so appealing. So when the Jonas Brothers are still a sensation ten years from now, Just remember you were one small amount of people who doubted them, becuase you duaghter asked you to. I also hope you remember the Jonas Brothers have many dedicated fans. I am making an eduacated guess that you will not be recieving any kudos anytime soon.


The responses to Jim's article are priceless. I'm going to compile the wit and wisdom of Jonas Brothers fans into a handy compendium for future generations to savor.

"They are a step up from the gangsters who talk about... having three-sums with hookers."
"The Jonas Brothers are incredibly talented! There is no comparison to even the Beatles."
"The concert was clean, energetic, and an awesome time."
"One cannot discount the years of constant touring in dive bars the JoBros have endured in the minor leagues, before Disney afforded them the platform they so richly deserve."
"I love them for giving me standards."
"They are helping people all around the world."
"Your article is so stupid like your daughter."

In light of such fan devotion, I might have to reasses the JoBros. I had no idea they paid their dues on the chitlin circuit AND rendered the Beatles obsolete. And cleanliness is imperative in a concert experience for me, too. Gotta go now ... I've scheduled a 2 o'clock three-sum with some hookers.

Okay im only 16 and say hypothetically i dont like the Jonas Brothers its no secret that they are number one in this country and you are an ignorant writer who chooses not to see that. Therefor next time you choose to sit down and write an artical or trash whatever you may call it do your research so you wont look like a complete idiot,not to mention they have and will continue to have a larger fan base than you ever will.

I must admit. i am 16 and love the Jonas Brothers. Finally...a group of nice boys who are not always trying to.. ya know.. any way. who the heck would compare the NBB with the JB? they have nothing to do with each other. and like stated many times before.. the jonas brothers can be listened to by many ages of people. personally i would never listen to the NBB. it's a kids band. they don't pertain to kids over 10. who else would listen to songs called "banana smothie" or alien clones besides kids under ten. And furthermore don't talk about something you have no clue about! it only makes you sound like a complete idiot. Nick Jonas started his own charity to help with childhood diabetes(something along the lines of that). Millions of kids have that and he, by writing that inspirational song, lets them no they are not alone. I hope you have changed your views stated in this article. and who cares if your daughter likes them or not... she is one out of hundreds of thousands around the world. They sold over 520 THOUSAND copies with their new album.
>> And who did that silly comparison between the songs?? YOU? because i am sure EVERYONE CARES WHAT YOU THINK. have an awesome day. and p.s. rethink what you said. its not logical. :)

you need to take off your blindfold and open your eyes. the naked brothers band over jonas? never. you obviously must be related to someone in that band. they are losers!

Dave-you're an idiot! I said that their concert was clean and energetic. In saying this I meant that I could take my 9 year old daughter and not have to worry about hearing the F word or any other vulgarity that is all around our culture today. I don't think anyone ever said the Jonas Brothers made the Beatles obsolete. But, they are fill a void in todays society. A band that parents and their children can enjoy. They also write their songs, play their instruments, give back to their fans, encourage their fans to be active in charities, etc. There are not to many bands today that do that. And there are not to many bands that parents would gladly buy cds or concert tickets to!

These boys will be around far longer than you will Mr. DeRogatison. Your way off on this one. I'm a 43 year old mother of two girls. (22 and 17) I very much enjoy their music! Went to the concert. Loved it! The new CD is awesome! These are normal teenage boys, of course, but they are still GOOD boys. And excellent role models. You should be ashamed of yourself for the nasty things your said and implied. Kay was right on the money. So, how much time in the sun is upsetting million of people with your review going to get you, Mr. DeRogatison?

I do like the Jonas Brothers music. But, being a mom, the first thought I had hearing their music is, how could they have all these relationships and heart breaks for being so young? First album they were like,13,16 & 18 and they started writting before that. They should not have that much experince at them ages. Again, I do like their music, and most of their biggest fans are young teenage girls who like them first because of their looks and music comes second. You know that's true, that's why they have favorites. They are not the greatest group musically, but they are the cutiest group for all the teenagers. I do also believe that they know what to say and do to make them good boys. And, of course they are giving to chairty, they have more then enough money to do that. It is really our money that they are giving back. And, these are my thoughts, as an adult. You know that they are young people commenting when they call the writers daughter names. That is the age group of most JB fans. But, someday they will grow up and mature and listen to the Jonas Brothers cd's and have a whole different thought, other than just thinking "oh, they are soooo cute!"

this has to be a joke.

well, if you'd rather listen to screaming prepubescent boys, do whatever floats your boat.

OK.. lets get sumthing str8 here. The Naked Brothers band suxxxxxx!! They have no talent wut so ever! They're only known on nickelodeon.. no where else. Nobody knows that naked bros. band and theyre not famous at alL! Their songz are soo stupid! their lyrics are sooo effin funny! I DONT WANNA GO TO SKOOL! YES ITS TRUE! I DNT WANNA SEE THE TEACHERS! THEY SUCK YAA!! LMFAOOOOO!! How stupid! Now if u wanna listen to talent.. the jonas brothers have talent! The jonas brothers are very talented and they are even compared to the beatles.. and the beatles were veryyy big and famous back in the day.. and theyre still famous. the jonas brothers songs are very meaningful and they are soo much better then the naked brothers band songz. JB IS SOO FAMOUS AND THEY ARE KNOWN ALLL AROUND THE WORLD! THEY RULE THE MUSIC INDUSTRY RITE NOW! THE NAKED BROTHERS BAND ARE KNOWN TO 4 YEAR OLDS AND THEIR SONGZ ARE SOO STUPID AND THEIR LYRICS MAKE NOOO SENSE AT ALL! SO GET THAT THROUGH UR MINDZ.. JB IS BETTER THAN EVERY BAND OUT THERE! NAKED BROS BAND SUCKKKKKKKK!! NOBODY LIKES THEM! JB ARE SOO FAMOUS AND POPULAR THAT THEY R GOING TO PERFORM AT THE VMAS!! I/WE LOVE THE JONAS BROTHERS 4 LIFEEEEEEEEE!!!!


OK.. lets get sumthing str8 here. The Naked Brothers band suxxxxxx!! They have no talent wut so ever! They're only known on nickelodeon.. no where else. Nobody knows that naked bros. band and theyre not famous at alL! Their songz are soo stupid! their lyrics are sooo effin funny! I DONT WANNA GO TO SKOOL! YES ITS TRUE! I DNT WANNA SEE THE TEACHERS! THEY SUCK YAA!! LMFAOOOOO!! How stupid! Now if u wanna listen to talent.. the jonas brothers have talent! The jonas brothers are very talented and they are even compared to the beatles.. and the beatles were veryyy big and famous back in the day.. and theyre still famous. the jonas brothers songs are very meaningful and they are soo much better then the naked brothers band songz. JB IS SOO FAMOUS AND THEY ARE KNOWN ALLL AROUND THE WORLD! THEY RULE THE MUSIC INDUSTRY RITE NOW! THE NAKED BROTHERS BAND ARE KNOWN TO 4 YEAR OLDS AND THEIR SONGZ ARE SOO STUPID AND THEIR LYRICS MAKE NOOO SENSE AT ALL! SO GET THAT THROUGH UR MINDZ.. JB IS BETTER THAN EVERY BAND OUT THERE! NAKED BROS BAND SUCKKKKKKKK!! NOBODY LIKES THEM! JB ARE SOO FAMOUS AND POPULAR THAT THEY R GOING TO PERFORM AT THE VMAS!! I/WE LOVE THE JONAS BROTHERS 4 LIFE!!


Their cover of 'Hello Goodbye' is enough reason to hate the Jonas Brothers. Most of their music is overrated, mediocre tripe that does not give anyone a shred of reason to buy their albums.

But really, it's the fans I hate more than the band. "OMG DEY SO HAWWWWTTTTTT I LUV U U BTTR DEN TEH BEETLZ!!!!!111" Don't compare them to the Beatles. Ever. It makes you look like an ignorant fool. The JoBros could never write a song half as meaningful as 'Let It Be', or be even a third as culturally significant as the Beatles were. If the Beatles didn't exist, the countless artists that have been inspired by them most likely will not either. If the Jonas Brothers didn't exist... Well, nothing would really change, would it? All they did was bring back the 90's boy band fad, but this time there are guitars and power chords (which they need a BACKUP BAND to play) and a flashy light show. If anything, we're taking a step back in musical history. In five, twenty, fifty years, people will not be listening to them. They will gros up, discover better music and move on. The Jonas Brothers are a fad, and all fads pass. And don't give me the 'ur jus jelus' argument, because believe it or not, I am NOT jealous of them.

Also, I'm a teenage girl, and I don't think they're 'su hawwwwttttt!!!1111ONEONE'. Fans, don't use that as an argument- there are plenty of butt-ugly artists who are scodes more talented than these children.

Obviouly the writer does not know what he's talking about. As of the date of this article, Joe was 19, not 18.

The Naked Brothers do nothing for me.

The Jonas Brothers amke me want to get up and dance and they also make me want to cry. "A Little Bit Longer" pulls right on my hearstrings!

As a mother of 7 children, I would not normally have ever had an opportunity to find out about the JB's due to my hectic life. However, two of those children are teen daughters who really enjoy their music. My 14 yo (who is NOT yet interested in boys) wasn't initially impressed until after attending her first concert of theirs but since has thoroughly enjoyed their music and fun-loving nature. SO, whether I wanted to or not, I have spent time since assessing these boys. No, they may not be the most gifted musically on the planet, and even though they are 'cute' they are certainly not the most handsome ever. SO, that left me wondering what it is that girls see in them. And I think I have a clue. They let teen girls BE teen girls. They write songs that deal with what a teenager is going through, but they do it in a safe, clean, normal way (and YES it is 'normal' for even abstinence-minded Christian girls to dream of boyfriends and kissing, etc.) I think there are millions of girls out there who have been WAITING for an example such as these young men. They will not be perfect, but they show they are trying to live by a moral standard that has eluded this country for years. I think they are a breath of fresh air. I believe girls WANT to stay pure til marriage but have felt pressured that the only way to get and keep a boyfriend is to 'give in,' and the Jonas Brothers have increased many young girls' self esteem (if you don't think so, have a look around the Jonas Brothers chat forums where girl after girl talks about her own purity and the hoping that the Jonas' succeed in their goals.) Who else out there is passing on this message? By the way the ONLY 100% safe method of preventing pregnancy AND std's IS abstinence, and if we increase the ability of young girls to wait til marriage, they will also be less emotionally damaged by too-intense-too-soon physical relationships.

True, they may not be singing overtly Christian songs, but I'd rather they preach to us via the lives they live than the lyrics of their songs. Anyone can 'sing' the right words and not back it up by actions.

And, the JBs are NOT required to do meet/greets, but as others say, they do all they can to meet as many of their fans as possible (we haven't yet). Most performers with their level of success and massive amounts of excited fans would probably prefer to not meet too many, as not only are they constantly on tour but have made numerous other appearances this entire summer, yet they STILL take time out for their fans.

And not only are they from a Christian family but they have been homeschooled, as are my children, and with the success of other homeschoolers, it helps dispel the antiquated notion that all homeschoolers are socially illiterate nerds.

And after two concerts . . . with one more next week coming up . . . I can sincerely say I am fan myself, and I'm older than the other moms that have written here. The music is fun and safe, and after day to day stresses, I'll take fun and safe.

You can't please everyone, and to each his own, but I applaud them for even the attempt to raise the level of morality displayed in the entertainment industry. Let's put away the microscopes and pray for them instead.

jim or whatever your name is.
You got to get a clue!
Do you realise how many girls wait in line for DAYS ON END JUST TO GET A GLIMPSE OF THEM? Do you think their parents would let us do taht if they thought that they were suggesting something provacative and innapropriate? No they wouldnt. actually the lyrics say "I'll Pick you up at 7
We can drive around and see a movie
Every scene will have a Meaning but you'll be the one That moves me
I've been hurt before so baby Promise that your gunna be true
I'm gunna be be good so tell me that your gunna be good too" Seee.. They wanna make sure shes gunna be good to them casue theyve been hurt before and they dont want it happening again. So next time when you try to use thier lyrics against them, maybe you should check the lyrics first, not screw them up and put certain lyrics together to make it sound like their trying to freaking rape someone....
buddy, do you know how many people you just offended? And how many people are now not gunna read your column? Hahaa,i bet you didnt think of thattt.
So you need to get a clue, and freaking learn how to disipline your daugther. CAuse she sounds like a huge brat. Any girl taht age would be in heaven to see the jonas brothers, and even if they didnt like them.. telling you to start saying to trash them is just really bratty and un-needed.

I am 20. I Love the Jonas Brothers, i think they are very talented and yes they are gorgeous. And jim, maybe you wouldn't understand, but it is possible to be chaste, fun, sexy and talented.
and who are these naked bros you are obsessed with?? anyway i just lost respect for you as a reviewer. goodnight and goodbye

As a 19 year old girl I might fall into the "OH MY G-D, THEY'RE SO HOT" group, but i honestly love the songs and how they are soothing. The soft and clean words and beat are refreshing. And like many people mentioned, I do like them for more then the songs, it is the personality. The youtube videos, the interviews, and just them being clumsy, klutzy and REAL that I enjoy. And besides Nick, the brothers are not all that good looking, though I feel Kevin is coming out of his "awkward stage" as Joe heads towards it. I give the boys props for being good so far, writing their own music, and learning to play their own instruments. And wish them the best of luck, can't wait to be going to their concerts 20 years from now; looking back at the people who were sure they'd ALL be involved in multiple scandles.

And having a 7 year old brother, I HAVE heard of the Naked Brothers Band and know that people under the age of 6 don't really enjoy them.

I understand where you are coming from when you say that they are just another pop/rock band. They have some songs that are a little cheesy, but what artist doesn't? When they started out I was hesitant to listen to them because most of their fan base is 5 to 15 year olds and i am 20, but as I drove home from a friends house one day their song "SOS" popped on the radio. I was completely clueless as to who the band was but was intrigued with the music. After doing some research I listened to a few more songs and kind of got sucked in. I told of my friends and they started listening too. We started talking about them, read a few articles and when their third album came out we bought it just to hear what it sounded like, and we liked it. However a TIMES article came out about them and many others comparing the Jonas Brothers to The Beatles, which was really disturbing to my friends and me. You can never compare a band to The Beatles they are just to good and completely different. All of their songs are about sex, drugs, and war and the Jonas Brothers sing nothing about those things. For my friends and me the Jonas Brothers are safe with their music and The Beatles were risky. They made a difference and i think that when you compare the two bands your making a big mistake. I liked how jim asked them the question:

Q. Sure, but once you become a band at the level you guys are at, there are a lot of people who think they know what the fans want, or what the Jonas Brothers should sound like.

and Nick responded

Nick: We found a very nice home [with Disney-owned Hollywood Records], and they really believe in us and let us be creative. They let us go and do what we want to do; it's really amazing. We feel like we can try, not anything, but we can definitely take risks.

I think my friends and I the question then popped up, why don't they take risks with their music. It sounds so safe and I can understand if they are trying to aim for the 5 to 15 year old fan base but from what i have been reading they are trying to get the older people to like them to and with songs that have no risk in them it might be hard to do that. So who is ultimately to blame for no risk themselves because they want to uphold a perfect image or their father who wants them to uphold that image. i think that a lot of people my age are just waiting for them to mess up and be exposed and thats sad maybe if they just showed us that they are human and they make mistakes like Miley Cyrus has older people would be more willing to accept them an actually Rock band and not just kiddy rock which is where a lot of people my age group them.

Just telling the truth, they are good, but they don't have that edge yet that comes with being in a rock band.

Well, you know what Jim. Everyone's got an opinion. I think your daughter is--crazy and you're rather insane to take advice from an almost 12 year old yourself.
I bought the Rolling Stones cover and I didn't think it was cute. I thought it was HOT. Someone replied to your article saying "I don't think it would sell if they were hugging teddy bears." Well they're right. Everyone I think suffered a minor heart attack when they saw it. I know I did, cause Joe was hot. Sex sells. We all know that and so do the people at Rolling Stones.
BB Good is my favorite song. Now, you can pick lyrics apart and make up your OWN meaning for a song. The REAL meaning of the song: A boy was hurt in the past because of a girl, now he‘s dating again, likes a new girl who‘s also been hurt and he‘s promising if she doesn‘t hurt him, he won‘t hurt her either. Go listen to Sublime is you want to hear a rape song, not the Jonas Brothers.
About the purity rings, they said they’d be virgins until marriage. So they can kiss and dry hump whoever they want and guess what? They are still virgins! I doubt they would even dry hump anyone though since they respect women and themselves. Also they don’t have the time with their schedules as you might have noticed. Talking about your first kiss is normal and guess what? In about two or three years, your daughter is going to be going on dates too! Just like Nick. I starting dating when I was 14. However, I think people focus on their rings and looks too much. Get over those things and talk about the real stuff: their music and things they do to help other people.
If anything, I’d support Jonas Brothers over Miley Cyrus any day if I was a parent. Especially since Miley is malicious girl (Ex. Mimicking Selena and Demi). But if you want your daughter to be rude and sexual like Miley, go ahead and keep on supporting Miley.
The Jonas Brothers are great young men.

You people are all insane.

Hey, you don't know any thing about the Jonas brothers. Lots of people wear purity rings and i'm not ashamed to say that i do. it is a symbol of faith and a vow to god to keep a promise. the cover wasn't seductive it was joe standing and the others running at him if you watch the video and to add another thing do you do everthing your daughter tells you to do i mean come on i've been a jonas fan sence they started out with nicks solo and they are quite amazing. i am single and 15 but thats my choice look around kids younger than me and my age are dating and some even having sex that HIGH SCHOOL for ya.I would rather look up to the jonas brothers than Miley Cyrus and thats a fact she posted rude pictures of herself on the interney and thats wrong. Ok so nick dated her, big woop wow who cares the jonas' made a promise to god and themselfs that they would stay pure and their genre well thats not for you to determine. your mean and low to just post this stuff just to to be hated all around the world from all of us adoring jonas fans well this is all i have to say to you bub, get your nose out of their business its none of yours.

As a 40 year old mother of a thirteen year old daughter, I must say that I am appalled at your review of the Jonas Brothers! I, of course, was introduced to the JoBros by my daughter, but now I am a HUGE fan myself. Their Denver concert was amazing and I have seen all the biggest acts of "my era." But what I think I love most about the boys is that they are amazingly decent young men. My daughter reads about and watches everything about the boys and they have been a wonderful influence on her--everybody is a dork sometimes, everybody falls on their face once in a while (Joe :-))and boys should treat girls with respect. Being her mom I'm not so credible in this area but coming from these boys it is. I think, however, the one thing that floors me the most about your review, sir, is your accusation that the lyrics of BB Good imply a date rape scenerio. You (and Joanne Brokaw for that matter) have got to be off your rockers! This is a song about both parties treating each other right in order to have a good relationship. And as to the so-called purity rings, I think the boys hit it right on the mark themselves. They wear them as a personal decision and not as a public declaration of perfection. Ring or no ring it's quite obvious in my book that the boys have pledged to live the best moral and ethical lives they can. You don't have to believe that, but Jonas Brothers fans do and that is what counts to me. So, rock on, Jonas Brothers! I wish you nothing but the best life has to offer! And kudos to their parents, as well. They have raised some very fine children that any parent would be proud to call their own. Oh, and boys. Could you hurry with that fourth album?

It should be apparant by now that the Jonas Brothers have more substance than you give them credit for. To get a true picture of Jonas Brothers music you should listen to all of their music and notice how much they've evolved in a couple of years. I'm one of the lucky few to own the It's About Time album and it is clear they've gone way beyond those humble beginings. If you think BBGood is a date rape song then you'd really freak out over some lines in What I go to School For. As stated by many above you clearly didn't do your research and therefore your opinion is much like those who said Elvis was a fad, proven wrong many times over. While I'll agree that the Jonas Brothers aren't the Beatles or Elvis or many other iconic muscians, they still write amazing songs that provide a sense of happiness and hope to many people. I'd guess that if your daughter told you to bash them that you should look at what she's listening to, it's probably not as wholesome as one would think.

ok get a life man

the jonas brothers r a 100!

and at least they care about the fans unlike the naked bros!

and they wear purity rings for the same purpose as anyone with purity rings!

and its ok to look hot, and sexii! plus they r soo its a benifitt for us!

and if u think they suck!! u suck my friend!

get a life and dont bag on the jo bros or all the fans will come after u!

consitter urself warned!

I can't believe people are actually still having this argument.
Look, some people like the Jonas Brothers and some people don't. One person wrote awhile back...
"Their cover of 'Hello Goodbye' is enough reason to hate the Jonas Brothers. Most of their music is overrated, mediocre tripe that does not give anyone a shred of reason to buy their albums."
So don't listen to it. Honestly, that's all opinion. Some people like music I don't listen to but it's not my problem if they're listening to what I think is bad music.
Personally, I'm a fan who liked their music before I even knew what they looked like, so it's not like I just think that they're hot. Now that I know more about them, I also admire them for their values and think they seem like really nice guys. For the record, I'm 18, not some brainwashed tween who watches Disney all day.
So for people who don't like the boys, if you want to look for subliminal sexual messages in one of the most innocent songs about dating ever written, then be my guest. Just don't expect us to change our minds.
And Jonas Brothers fans, stop letting it get to you! There are always going to be people hating, but it doesn't matter. Just take the high road.

Jim's taking a lot of criticism from the JoBro fans, of which there are hoards, but he's on point with the date rape line.
"You gotta be good - I don't wanna hurt you - I wanna kiss you."
Not threatening? Imagine your tween daughter or little sister hearing that line from a popular boy in the back of a car.

Wait Wait Wait Amanda!!! "As the mother of 7 kids"!!! For chrissakes, use birth control!!

Seriously, comparing the Jonas Brothers to Naked Brothers Band? Those are aimed towards two totally different audiences. The JBs are geared, primarily, towards 13-16 year old girls. No self respecting teen girl would be caught dead listening to The Naked Brothers Band- it's children's music, meant for children. It's like comparing The O.C. to Zoey 101. The audiences are not the same.

I really like the Jonas Brothers. Having growing up in the age of N'Sync, BSB, 98 Degrees, LFO, and all of the rest of the boy bands of the '90s, I can see a real difference. I don't know that 'd call the JBs a boy band. I always assumed the term "boy band" was meant to be ironic. "Band" implies the playing of instruments, something the boys of the '90s never did, but something the JBs definitely do do. All three play the guitar, Nick plays the drums, Kevin plays the mandolin, and Joe plays the tambourine (although I don't know if that last one really counts). Unlike past boy bands, the JBs actually are a band.

No, their music isn't deep and meaningful, but they're teenage boys and their main songwriter is 15! How deep can they be? The talent Nick shows at 15, though, must hint to a spectacular future are a lyricist. They're all amazingly talented and your assessment of them really isn't very fair. Just because your daughter isn't a fan doesn't mean they aren't talented and just because she wants you to trash them, doesn't mean you should. Naturally, you're entitled to your own opinion, but it doesn't seem to me like you have much to base it on, especially when you begin your comparisons.

I like the Jonas Brothers for a number of reasons. They're talented musicians, even when Nick's vocals are over the top (he was surprisingly restrained at the Chicago concert, though, and it was a phenomenal performance), excellent lyricists, and wonderful performers. After watching the Miley Cyrus 3D concert, I was sorely disappointed in her lack of ability to jump, dance, and sing at them same time. She always sounded flat and out of breath. The Jonas Brothers, however, sound amazing. They're all over their stage- up, down, jumping on pianos, doing flips, dancing- and they still manage to stay on pitch.

I won't lie. At times I am a bit embarrassed to be a JB fan at 18. The fans are generally crazed and terrible spellers (I hope I have proved my academic abilities in this post- I am typing this in my college dorm room) and often cite reasons like "their hott!!11" for their popularity. We aren't all fans like this, however. We don't all compare the JBs to iconic bands that still set the standards for excellent lyricism or defend ourselves by calling someone's daughter stupid (how rude, really!). Some of us are mild mannered, good spellers, and still offended by the comparison of "BB Good" to a date rape song. Smart or stupid, young or old, some things are better left unsaid.

I would like to start off by saying that you must be a 40-year old virgin to like the naked brothers band over the Jonas Brothers. I hope you know you just put your life in danger with all the crzed fans, like me!!!! Prepare to die!! I,m not threatening you, because some other fan will get to you first!! Just like Russel Brand, you are going to recieve a load of crap for this. To be honest some of the Naked Brothers Band songs that you listed, i have never even heard of. The Naked Bros. work with Nickeloden, while JB works with Disney. As we all know Disney pretty much owns the world, so as crazy as it sounds the Jonas Brothers are going to be more famous. Not many people are going to be in love with two scrawny, high-pitched voice little kids. While as the Jonas Brothers are hott, buff, talented, great haired, relious, well brought up men. How can you even compare them???? Have fun reading all the hate because wether you like it or not the Jonas Brothers will take over the world!!! (With help from their fans of course....)

P.S. You never know where JB fans are lurking.....


DeRogatis is right. they are a terrible pop boy band with no substance manufactured to sell albums. there fan base is dumb teen aged girls and their equally stupid parents who probably listened to just as shitty music when they were teens. who gives a shit about values? people and the dumb ass kids who seriously enjoy this shit make me sick.

I don't think they're genuine. They have been manufactured by disney to sell sex in disguise. And we all know we won't be hearing of them in the next five years. And anyway, they're not the only Christian, Purity ring wearing, Virgin, singer/actors that disney has crapped out. Burn me if you want kids, but Hanson hasn't made a come back yet. Did anyone say history repeating itself?

One more thing. Being British i will ask you to never try and compare these kids to the Beatles.It just seems immature to even attempt to contrast a bunch of disney manufactured bubble gum pop lads with men who've sold over a billion records internationaly and are arguabley the most critically acclaimed bands in the world. They are a fad and will die out within the next three years. Probably before that.


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