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Lollapalooza Sells Out Again

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It's official: No tickets remain on sale for day two of the festival, featuring headliners Wilco and Rage Against the Machine. And the promoters say there are only "a few thousand" left for Sunday with Kanye West and Nine Inch Nails.

This means that if we can accept C3 Presents' figure of 75,000 per day as accurate, 225,000 will have visited Grant Park over the course of the weekend.

How are logistics holding up?

* Police have been more restrictive than ever about closing off Columbus Drive and limiting loiterers on the perimeters of the park.

* There seem to be enough Porta-Potties, dreadful though they may be in the common areas (the deluxe air-conditioned mobile bathrooms in the V.I.P. sections are a different story).

* The food and beverage concessions are booming, and there's free water (though there could be more, and much better marked) and cooling stations (ditto), plus the city buses idling here and there to offer an air-conditioned lull.

* Trash removal is lagging far, far behind.

* There haven't been nearly enough staffers working at the entrance, resulting in waits of as much as an hour to gain admittance to the concert.

Prognosis for now: The promoters are just about keeping pace with their biggest year yet, and hopefully they'll step up their game on day two in the areas where they fell short on day one.

An addendum: Click here for a blog post by Chicago super-fan Brett Hickman enumerating some of the horrors of entry, for media and mortals alike.

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Oh boy, agree with the point on the trash removal. They seemed to be doing a good job out in the fields, but when dinner time hit the concession area trash bins were overflowing. One bin had such a piling of trash you'd think there was an unofficial game of Jenga going on.

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