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Hell hath no fury like Jonas fans scorned

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In addition to the many comments prompted by my blog post on the JoBros, the print version of the article that ran last Sunday produced a flood of angry emails. Here is a sample.

I got the article that you wrote through a popular web site on Nick Jonas. I was offended when I read it. The jonas brothers are not selling sex through there music. There selling music that thousands of children, in ages raging from 5 to over 15, enjoy listening to. The song "Can't Have You" explain that one. I could see how you nailed "BB Good" but there just venting through music. What you said about "A Little Bit Longer" was ridiculous. I cry when i hear that song, and it is my favorite on the CD. Do you have diabetes? If you did, you would vent your feelings in some way, this is how Nick Jonas vents his.. Before I sign off, I want to know, if your daughter hadn't said to trash them, would you still have written the article?


TH (11 yrs old)

dear jim,

i am a jonas brothers fan. i read your review about them. though i can see where you are coming from, i thought the part about their purity rings was rather rude. i myself wear a purity ring, but i do not talk about it everywhere i go. maybe they want their personal lives to be personal. maybe they don't want to talk about their purity rings. but your opinion is your own opinion. i just decided to share mine with you.

peace, love, and jonas,


The article on the jonas brothers you wrote was completely uncalled for, or thats how me and my friends feel. they have true talent. you may wanna write a nicer one.

Thanks. JB fan.

i thought your article was VERY well written. They are great musicians and i think outstanding people, but, i have to agree with most everything you said. The rollin stone cover wasnt cute, it was downright scandaleous, well,, more like sexy.. And the lyrics are pretty bad in some of their songs.

JUST thought you should know! your artical was just that and ARTicle.

are u going to their concert in CHICAGO tonight?

Jim Hubbard


I believe that the accusations you made at the expense of the Jonas Brothers were completely illogical. I mean, basically, you just called them secret sex fiends. They have never said anything about sex, except that they said that they were saving themselves for marriage. Why do you insist on making them look bad?

You should get a few of your facts straight before going and throwing around such assuming and uncalled for remarks. Nick Jonas is the youngest, but Kevin Jonas, the oldest is the spokesperson of the Jonas Brothers. Nick is, more or less, the man (or boy) behind the music, though they all help with the lyrics to most songs. And Joe is 19, not 18. I will admit that you have one thing right, they are extremely sexy, I see you noticed too. But they aren't being crazy, its not their fault they're so beautiful. I'm sure that Rolling Stone didn't want them to go and grab some teddy bears and smile for the camera. The Rolling Stone is a major magazine and a huge deal, so, they probably didn't want to make the Jonas Brothers look like anything less then what they are. Which is, amazing.

I believe that you said your daughter is a Hannah/Miley fan. Its a fact that Miley is way more sexual with what she does than the Jonas Brothers have ever been. She has almost naked and extremely racy pictures of herself all over the internet. On the Miley/Mandy show, she is constantly waving her chest in front of the camera and trying to be sexual. What she did in the Vanity Fair magazine was worse than what the Jonas Brothers did on the cover of Rolling Stone. (They were fully clothed and always have been in other pictures as well.)

My final statement is that, though you clearly think the JoBros have some sinister, sex craving, undertone in their music, well, that's just your interpretation. Its not going to make anyone like them any less. I'm sure you got a lot of people (young girls) riled up with this article though. I'll tell you, it was an interesting read. Good for you. Meanwhile, though, as has been true throughout celebrity history, gossip sells, no matter how much you try to diguise it as being all about the 'music.'

Thank you for your time. Sincerely,

Rachel L. Kulik

Dear Mr. Derogatis,

I don't appreciate your negative comments towards the Jonas Brothers in your article Jonas Brothers: Pure pop?. They were very rude. I am a very big fan of the Jonas Brothers. I love the fact that they wear purity rings it shows they have morals. Talking about your first kiss isn't immoral, it's a normal teenage thing. The Jonas Brothers are amazing people who deserve everything they have. Their music is clean music unlike pretty much all music out there. It's disturbing to hear a parent talk bad about a band that plays good clean music, even if you don't like it you should talk bad about it because kids do. It's fun upbeat music that's clean. It doesn't reference drugs or sex or anything of the sort. It's very irritating to hear people talk badly about the Jonas Brothers. I would give anything to meet these guys because they're down to Earth, humble and clean guys. You won't come across these sorts of things in the celebrity world. Please take these things into consideration and reply back.

-Taylor Worlton

I saw your article concerning your response to the new Jonas Brothers album: A Little Bit Longer. I strongly disagree with the negative things you said about them. But especially your comment about the song "A Little Bit Longer" being cheesy. Not only is that insulting to Nick's reflection of his struggle with diabetes, but that song was also #1 on iTunes for more than a week. Nick's passion and talent with songwriting really shines through on that song, and I don't think that this song (or the whole album) deserves any critisism.


Wow. Seriously hating on the number one band in America.Guess you have nothing better to do. We're in the 21st century! It's normal for teenage boys to talk about their first kisses. What does kissing have to do with purity? They can kiss a million girls and still stay pure. And I thought the rolling stones cover was very cute. Provocative?Just a little but what's with you even caring. They're the Jonas Brothers. They have the right to do anything they want. The reason girls love them is because of their purity and to stand for and what they believe in. You can't find good boy bands like them. Like Miley was a good role model. Until those stupid racy photos. Now you show me something like that, that the Jonas Brothers did. They are nice to their fans and haven't let this Hollywood fame get to their head. Their purity rings make other girls wanna get them. They've changed us for the better. They are good Christian boys. Never judge anyone like you. So go get a life.


Okay. So. I am disappointed in you. I often read your articles, and find them quite smart and correct, except for this one. I have a few disagreements with you.

1) they are not pure pop. if you compare them to Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus or NSYNC/Backstreet Boys, THEY do play their instruments. EVERY SINGLE song you listen to, they have either WRITTEN on their own individually, or as a group, or co-written with their other BANDMATES (like Greg Garbowsky, their bass player). What does Hannah Montana do onstage? Oh yes, she dances around like a slut. Would you rather have your children prospect to be like the boys, or slutty like Miley?

2) Purity rings do NOT mean they can't date. Also, Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas, haven't said they are dating, so I don't think its write to put this in your article. Also, I think 15-years old isnt too young to date, look around you, kids as young as 12 ARE dating, so why cant the Jonas'?

3) Their genre is Pop-Rock. It's basically Rocked up Pop (the lyrics make it poppy).

4) BB Good is an AMAZING song. It basically sums up everything that happens at a teenage date in this time of day.

5) The Rolling Stone Magazine cover wasnt seductive at all. If you watched the video Rolling Stone provided, showing how they took the picture, then you would agree, basically it was taken by Joe (the guy in the middle if you arent familiar) standing, and Kevin and Nick running at him. So no, it wasnt seductive at all.

6) The boys have NEVER told their first kiss stories in Bop or Tiger Beat or PopStar. Thats one thing they NEVER have shared, and probally NEVER will. So maybe your looking at Miley..

7) The Jonas Brothers life span will last. BECAUSE their fans DON'T care what they wear on their fingers. The TRUE fans, like the boys because of WHO they are inside, the funny Jersey brothers, not the popstars.


I was just reading your article about the Jonas Brothers on august.24, and you have no right to bash these young talented amazing guys. I am sorry we all don't have nasty minds like you that try to pick apart lyrics written by a 15 year old. But you also shouldn't base your article off of what your 11 year old daughter says about them. coming from a little girl who is a fan of the girl who takes half naked pictures for fun doesn't sounds very convincing to me. If the jonas's lyrics meant what you think they do, they wouldn't be top seller?! durrrr. And us crazed fans don't like them because of their looks. to prove it, go to you tube and watch videos of 22,000 girls crying because they touch our hearts so much. I went to their concert yesterday and nicks so called "melodramatic" song "a little bit longer" made me cry. he puts soul into that song and obviously you could care less about that. and its not just nick, Kevin and Joe cried too thank you very much. Oh and by the way before you write a totally false article about the most talented boys today, get their ages right. Joe is 18. his birthday was august 15. get a clue. I know why you like the naked brothers band, because their lyrics are so simple that your pea brain has a chance of understanding why "banana smoothies" are so good. And the lyrics are not glossy. THEY WRITE THEM THEIR SELVES. I'm sorry your 1 man garage band when you were 15 didn't work out. Just because your "no talent" act didn't doesn't mean you have to bash the most incredible guys known to man kind. Kissing a girl isn't going against being pure. if it does, please explain why. oh wait you cant! you don't know what your saying and you really should go to their concert sometime and see how meaningful they are. They stay pure and if their songs meant what you think they do, they wouldn't have billions of fans around the world supporting them 24/7. if they said breathing was overrated, 99.9% of the girl population would be dead. stick your corn dog in that suckaaaa.


Hey i would like to meet the jonas brothers also i wrote a song they can use it but i want to be in the video ok thank you.


Listen Jim, I'm writing about what you wrote in your blog about the Jonas Brothers. i think you have no right to talk about them like that. I'm going to try to be nice in this e-mail but I know it won't end up that way. First you don't know them. You should be talking about them in bad ways. About the whole 'date rape' seriously what are you a old man that foun da computer and started to write shit about them? You can't talk about thier ppppurity rings like that. They're good role models unlike other guys these years who just go off have sex with a girl get her pregnant and leave. They would NEVER do that. They are really good guys and with good music. "A Little Bit Longer" their song-not their CD is a really personal song for Nick. And the way you just called it cheesy is really disrespectful. They write their songs inspired by their life. And whatever your daughter said about them okay she doeesn't like them? so what? not everyone likes them i know that and respect that. But that still gives you no right to talk about them that way. That clearly means your daughter or whatever she is likes another band but that should effect you about what you think about them. And i KNOW that they will saty pure until marriage not another scam. I also think you wrote this blog just to get attention. The only reason I'mgiving it to you is because you should really learn about someone beofre you judge them-maybe you should actually research them. Learn more about them. And maybe you should have a better name than 'Jim' so people can respect you more. And i would have written more but my parents taught me to respct my elders but this time i had to break that rule. Actually listen to their WHOLE album next time.


JOE IS 19!! His Birthday was on August 15.



I read todays article about The Jonas Brothers and I wasn't happy. Your pretty much saying that they set a bad example, and they don't, at all. Yes, they have love songs, but it doesn't mean anything. It's young, teen love and nothing more then that. I am a big Jonas Brothers fan, and I was angry when I saw that article. They are preforming tonight, and you shouldn't compare them to the Naked Brothers band or talk trash about them. Some people aren't fans, and we'll leave it at that, but they don't need to talk trash. Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Okay so I just read your article on The Jonas Brothers in the Chicago Sun-Times and I was deeply disgusted by you.

Saying that the Naked Brothers Band is better than The Jonas Brothers is like saying that Green Day is bigger than The Beatles. Are you kidding me?! How many albums did the Naked Brothers Band?sell? Oh wait, that's right.?Nobody even heard about?their CD. Are you even sane? You clearly have no clue what you are talking about so you should stick to talking about food because that's?CLEARLY your main focus in life.

Also, if you're going to put pictures of them in your article, you might want to actually get their names right. On page 6D you said it was Kevin, then Joe, then Nick.

Hello idiot, its Nick then Joe and then Kevin. Kevin is 5 years older than Nick, how can you not tell them apart?

Talking about them having their purity rings isn't new news. You need to obviously get yourself in 2008 and realize that every single article about them talks about their rings. Good?journalist?don't repeat other journalists' work.

And saying that their song "BB Good" is a "prelude from a date rape" is the stupidest thing i have ever heard in my life. They're singing about going on a date; not raping someone. Rape is nothing to joke around about, let alone compare?it to music by 3 boys?from Disney.?

\You honestly make me so repulsed at men, its ridiculous. Your opinions, articles and stupid sayings repulse me like nothing else.

I hope you enjoy getting fired from the Chicago Sun-Times because you disgrace their newspaper and make them look like a joke.

Sincerely Yours,


I read your article on line and have several comments. So in no particular order of importance: #1, It's not actually important that you like the Jonas Brother's, but to use your daughter to slam them is just bad parenting in my book. Yes, she is the middle age of their true fan base and totally has the right to her opinion, but to actually put into
print 'trash them dad' is appalling to me. This leaves her no regard to their feelings as simple basic human beings. Yes, in this business, the Jonas boys better get some pretty thick skin and criticism is all part of the fame package. My problem is that she is only 11 and you put that nasty remark in print.

I have two teenage daughters, 15 and 19. The 15 year old went to their concert last night in Columbus, OH and LOVED it! I will be forever grateful to Kevin and Denise Jonas (the boys' parents) for raising kind, respectful boys who actually LIKE girls. I don't mean like as in straight, but like as in kindness, not mean to, respectful of. They have given our family hope that there are actually parents out there who are raising their boys right. And when your daughter becomes of dating age you will be looking for a boy who will treat her with that kind of respect!

#2, I am so angry that you used one of their song lyrics in the same content as 'dialogue from a date rape'. I'm going to just assume you've lost your mind or that you've been so hurt in your life that you've simply lost sight that innocence and purity are actually real. You just ruined that song for me! I hope with all my heart that Joe Jonas NEVER gets wind of your article! Every time he sings that on stage you will ruin that for him. Good heavens Jim, have you never been 19 and just wanted to kiss a girl? With no other motives?!

Every single thing I've read, seen or heard about these boys is pure kindness and thoughtfulness. It has crossed my mind, what if they are too good to be true? But you know what? There is way too much trash out there that my daughters have been exposed to. I refuse to jump on the media band wagon that is trying to tear them down. The Jonas Brother's are a breath of fresh air to parents of world. I bought their new CD for myself and I think it ROCKS! And I think you have seriously underestimated the power of bands from Jersey! Over 525,000 copies of 'A little bit longer' have sold. There concerts are sold out. What these boys represent is what parents are looking for. Clean, pure, human kindness.

Too bad your mother didn't tell you, 'if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all!'

Mary Jo Raasch


I dont know what you were tyring to prove here in your review on the jonas brothers but nobody is listening. I cant believe that you are sayign all thoughs things about them and I am supposed to believe you have a 11 year old daughter?! Not everyone likes the jonas brothers that is fine. And your daughter might be one of them but you cant simply make your review on what she thinks! Have you not seen how much success they have had? and how many review that were wonderful! Anyways i was at both the All state concert and the recent one at tinley park! now all state was amazing!! but tinley park was OUTSTANDING! not one person was standing I mean that they were standing they were stadning on the chairs! it didnt matter what seat you had it was outstanding! It wasnt just people playing music it was entertainment it was funny. Jow filmed the audiance and they foamed the audiance to!! and between acts you got to text about them and tell people to scream if you like nick and stuff to this verison number and IT WENT ON THE SCREEN! it was ah-mazing and no offence but your article was so off now my grandma who is 88 heard about them and not from me from their fame! you dont understand how much these boys have done for us! they rbong joy to our lives. And nick has helped so many people it is crazy! they are not just the normal selfish pop stars enjoying fame. They are pop stars making a difference in the world. They go green they have change for the children foundation have you even looked at that! well i jus twanted to say you were wrong and it was a bad writen article. becuase good writers write things that people love and will reply emailing to them about how much they loved it not how much they hated it. becuase u just?angered about most of the majority of teenage girls in the country i mean the world becuase they are global now! well ?


First of all the caption under the photo is wrong, from left to right that is Nick, Joe and Kevin NOT Kevin, Joe and Nick.

Secondly Joe is 19 not 18.

Thirdly, all three boys attended regular school until they started touring then they were forced to do school on the the road. They were not home schooled by their parents.

This article is poorly written because you didn't do any research, you used old quotes from other magazines and the only opinion you recieved besides your own was from your 11 year old daughter who thinks miss scandalous pictures galore, Miley Cyrus, is a good role model.

Next time you decide to review something you have no idea about you might want to actually do some research and attempt to provide information that is accurate because parts of this article are not at all.


i thought your article was VERY well written. They are great musicians and i think outstanding people, but, i have to agree with most everything you said. The rollin stone cover wasnt cute, it was downright scandaleous, well,, more like sexy.. And the lyrics are pretty bad in some of their songs.

JUST thought you should know! your artical was just that and ARTicle.

are u going to their concert in CHICAGO tonight?


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Dear Jim, I agree with all of your argument about the JoBros, I beleive that this type of an excuse of a pop rock band is the proof that the record industry is in a crisis. And yes it saddens me that the new teenagers now identify with the JoBros instead of a real artist that makes you think and not try to impose the corporate values of the Disney monster.

Cheers Antonio

This is entertaining. :)

I have learned that I am not letting my daughter near email between the ages of 8-16.

I also think there should be a report of what schools some of these poor children are attending...yikes.

That said, I agree in tone overall, with these mostly nutty letters...the Jonas Brothers are great! Of course there are sensual undertones (some of these girls are too young to understand yet)...they are human - there are ALWAYS such undertones. But I feel they are honest in it, are respectful young men and great performers.

There is no reason to put them on an undue pedestal (I love their normalcy, and I think they deserve their success, thanks to hard work) and will not disagree that their marketing IS a bit over the top. Nor do they deserve reactionary bashing that makes the bashers look, well...more than a bit ignorant.

But congrats, at least, on sparking a bit of dialogue. Who knew the Jonases would be as polarizing as political candidates.

y do u hav 2 hate da jonas brothers there just living there dream u mite not like them but some ppl do so back off i understand where ur coming from tho. u said dat the naked brothers band is better but there not crazy crazy crazy car is so lame it talks bout a crazy car BORING but

Well, I hope you enjoyed that bashing...It seems to follows these boys everywhere, "HELL hath no fury like a Jonas fan scorned" is indeed a good summary. One thing you have to say is that their fans are loyal.

I do not agree with your summary of these boys. I must admit I have not been a huge fan of theirs, thought just another boy band, but have always admired what they stood for and how they give back to their fans. My daughter has LOVED them since pretty much since the beginning.

That being said, I was surprisingly impressed at their show in Detroit and have since been Jonified...I even took her to the Cleveland concert to see them again. They are indeed amazing boys, cute-yes, but they are also amazing musicians. They write from experiences, they play their own instruments, and are very good at it. NSYNC and Backstreet Boys just danced around and looked cute.

I would rather have my daughter idolize these boys, purity rings and all, which my daughter also wears, over any other teen/tween idols out there.

that's completely ridiculous. the jonas brothers are NOT selling sex through their music. ok, so you didn't have a good time at the concert. fine. whatever. write that you didnt have a good time. write what you really thought about the music. dont just trash them becuase your darling 11 year old daughter told you to. on that subject, are you really saying that miley cyrus is just such a great example? at least the jonas brothers keep their clothes on and dont post racy pics on the internet.
ANYWAYS sure there may be parts in songs where they talk about kissing, but to my knowledge, thats not against the rules of purity rings. none of the songs are telling kids to go have sex. and if they were, it wouldnt really matter now would it becuase many of the younger fans wouldnt be able to understand it anyway. at least you didnt make a "thats what she said" joke about a little bit longer. i half expected you to. and as for the quote from Joanne Brokaw, its not like they purposely are trying to contradict the purity rings by being huge stars. and its not like they handpicked that photo for the cover of rolling stone. there were probably a lot of shots done, and photographers picked one. besides that, the boys are really trying to keep their rings more private. people know they wear them, fine. they can follow the example if they want to.
so let the jonas brothers sing about what they want. theyre not selling sex, and theyre not directly selling abstinence. this article was really porely written. you took a bunch of random quotets and put your own spin on them. so next time, when you want to make sure your daughter gets her way, go buy her a pony. or the new miley cyrus cd. and let me know how that goes for you.

and i totally misspelled poorly. thats ironic. but seriously, do some research next time. get the caption right. and joe is 19.

wow, if your a grown man trashing a pop boy band,then you have no life! they're great, and idols for all people! and if you wanna be a good person, you should start acting more like them! atleast they have, well...CLASS!



thankyou for taking the time to read this, I appriciate it.

and dont forget...


i don't understand why you just had to trash them like that!! their songs are from the heart and what they just don't care about what they feel like when people talk about them like. it must hurt them so much and you just step on them like bugs. I hope alot of people follow the jonas brothers examples because none of the boys i have to go to school with ever are polite, nice, or share their feelings. the jonas brothers are a one of a kind band that actually can relate to their fans, but you just can't stop yourself. thats all i have to say.

I mostly just read articles and rarely comment. They are usually plenty of other people to leave their comments but I can't let this one go. I read the first article and would like to say to those who said he trashed the Jonas brothers you obvious don't read around a lot. That was tame for some of things I've read but he brings up a point that has been covered a thousand times around the world. Sex sells regardless of what context you use it in. And even if he had trashed them that's why they pay him for his opinion. He doesn't have to like everyone he writes about he just has to write about it.
I like the Jonas Brothers but to anyone who puts their full faith in a famous idol you going to get let down at one point or another. Sure they're good famous role models but tweens and teens should be looking to people closer to home to relate with. Because honestly what are the chances that they're going to achieving what the Jonas Brothers have? Slim to none. There are a million other acts out there trying to 'make it'. And it's not solely based on how talented you are and more on who you know.
As for the whole purity discussion it's a personal choice every person makes or doesn't make. It should NOT be something you do because it's cool or someone else does it. That's what parent's should be teaching their children. But acts like the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus are better than people give them credit for. When they trip up and make mistakes it give parents an opportunity to sit down with their children, tweens and teens and talk about what happened, why it happened and what was or was not wrong with it. I think that in making a huge scandal over takes away from those opportunities and in the end the kids lose because they are not mentored in what the situation really meant.

ok i totally agree with that Rachel L. Kulik person! miley is NOT what disney about! disney is about amazing singers making awesome music! not about posing half naked for a magazine. the jonas brothers are amazing guys and they are way more awesome than miley. she deserves to be dropped from disney, regardless of how much money she is making. she is NOT what disney is about. thank you for ur time

the jonas brothers do not sell sex through there music that is just stupid and that is so not true. there songs are to tell kids and teens that they go through the same stuff that we do. Like a little bit longer that is about nicks diabetis. And that is a very sad song i cry every single time i hear it and you say that is selling sex through there music. You are just screwed up.

blasphemy. thats what your article was.

Im sick with Jonas now, they r so boring, even found they post many pictures about Miley on their blog at (

Wow, I can't believe the amount of stupid people out there who would get this worked up over a review of some album. It's natural for people to disagree with the mainstream or whatever Disney or MTV tells you is the hot thing. These people need to get a life. If someone dislikes your music just deal with it, realize that people are different.

OMGAAAAAWD I FREAKIN LOVE NICK JONASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, Jonas Brothers? Hanson called, they want their act back.

Jonas Bros. are another run of the mill, cookie cutter, lollipop,
bubblegum, boy band. They don't exist to make music they
exist to sell merchandise. Like the Osmonds, New Kids on the Block,
Hansen, Menudo, etc.., No one will remember any of their songs
ten years from now. Here today gone tomorrow.

Jonas brothers are awesome - who the hell do you think you are dissing them like that - they never did anything wrong!
they have heart in their music and you are jumping to horrible conclusions. I think what they do is amazing and unfortuantly all you haters are absolutly jelous. I am glad the jonas brothers are around - they show young people to just be yourself and not worry about all the crap other celebs like brittney and lindsey are tring to sell.
i have seen a lot worse young people than these cool boys

Jonas Brothers,..Here Today,...Gone Tomorrow.
It's just a question of which one will be in rehab first.
That is when they get older, or even worse, when their fans
grow up and discover what real music.
Several years from now I'll be watching for them on VH-1's
"Behind the Music" or some other "Where are they now?" show.
They will probably be trying to make a come back by re-inventing
themselves and disowning the imaging that right now is making
them famous.
Here Today,
Gone Tomorrow.

i luv joe jonas



Did anyone see this mans picture?..

Maybe you should look into checking it out..
It might explain A LOT...!

lmao.. have fun

I think it is interesting when somebody says yes to everything everybody is like respect their beliefs, don't be so narrow minded. But when somebody says no to something then everybody is like or what a wac job or how narrow minded.

Who is narrow minded at that point?


I love that the Jonas Brothers wear purity rings. I think it is sending a strong message to the world. I hate that teens are like sex addicts these days. Its like every weekend they all go out, get drunk, then get layed.. thats not cool! i have had a purity ring since i was 12, and i think it is great that ppl like the jonas brothers and jordan sparks are speaking out about it, because maybe, just maybe, our abortion rates will go down. i know of many teens at my high school that are considered regulars at the abortion clinic. that is horrible. even though they are unborn, they are still human, and wearing a purity ring and actually keeping your promise will really help with this issue. i beleive that as a married woman there would be nothing to be ashamed of, and nothing to hide, so no reason for abortion. i hope that the message that some celebs are getting out really gets around, cuz with the whole jamie lynn thing, it kinda made it sound like it was ok. now if more celebs join this club of 'staying pure', maybe more teens will to..

Cookie-cutter pop, forgettable lyrics, and they sing like girls. In three years, we won't remember who they were. And ten years after that, we'll all cringe when they make a "comeback" album. Oh, the brainless propaganda. Between this and the hoopla surrounding "The Dark Knight," I can really understand how Nazi Germany happened....

Mr. DeRogatis:
Having read these comments, I really am worried, about some of these children. I've seen these corporate bands they will never write songs like "Satisfaction", California Girls, or Hey Jude. Because they haven't paid their dues. These bands have been picked by Disney and promoted, funded by them. That Bus that the Jonas Brothers ride around is Paid for by Disney. They, Disney, tell these mindless kids that they should like them, because then they will make them money. They don't care about the music they care about the money. That is what the Music Industry is about now. By the way there was a study done about Purity rings in eighty percent the of the kids had sex before they left High School

The Jonas Brothers are just like all the other pop-rock fads that these mindless teenage girls go through. Just look back at Hansen for christ's sake. I heard these same arguments when they came out. Everyone claimed that they would be around for a long time and they fizzled out. It happened to the Backstreet Boys, NSync, and New Kids on the Block too. Who in God's name has their head so far in the sand that it isn't going to strike the Jonas Bros too?

For those parents who think these boy bands are cute and are encouraging their teenage daughters to go and attend their concerts and buy their junk are only leading them down paved road to a future of falling into the trap of marketed and synthetic crap that big business tell people that they need or is popular. You should encourage your children to think independantly and form their own opinions on art.

Who knows? Maybe the JoBros pull a miracle and revolutionize their careers and spin off to do their own thing. The Beatles started off exactly like the Jonas Brothers. They sang cutesy pop rock songs with PG-13 undertones and made women faint, but what made them the best is when they made albums like Strawberry Fields, Revolver, and the White Album which showed their range of artistic expression.

Anyways, I know being a columnist is hard. The people who support you one week are the ones tying your noose the next and I just wanted to tell you that you are doing a great job Jim.

I was clearly born in the wrong era.
Excuse me while I go back to my blues and Buddy Holly records.

As a mother of a young child I admire the Jonas brothers for the example they have been to my kid and others. There is no sense slamming them for something they are not doing.

They are great kids/young men. Let's not create drama where none is deserved.

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