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Black Kids, "Partie Traumatic" (Red Ink/Columbia) [1 out of 4 stars]

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One of the biggest Internet hypes of the last 12 months, Black Kids are a quintet from Jacksonville, FL, led by two siblings, Reggie and Ali Youngblood, who, in a pattern that's becoming all too familiar, were darn near canonized on the strength of a four-song EP, "Wizard of Ahhhs," posted on their MySpace page last year, only to suffer a massive backlash by the time they got around to releasing their first proper album last week. In this case, the initial enthusiasm was hardly warranted, but the reaction to the full disc is enitely justified: "Partie Traumatic" is as dreadful a piece of work as I've heard in 2008.

Imitating the Cure at is most lightweight, taking cues from numerous other British indie-pop/dance bands at the more vapid end of the spectrum (former Suede guitarist Bernard Butler produced the album) and liberally lacing the generic grooves and sugary melodies with lots of wink-wink puns about illicit but (they claim) innocent adolescent sex, it seems as if Black Kids set out to make a musical version of "But I'm a Cheerleader," the dreadful 2000 film where Natasha Lyonne is sent to a religious rehab camp to "cure" her lesbianism. And as with that film, after 20 minutes or so spent grappling with the question of whether the tone is supposed to be satire, parody or heartfelt confessional comedy, you're too annoyed to care and just eager to tune out.

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We wrote the about the same thing w/ the album came out. Glad to see someone agrees!

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