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DeRo is free!

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As we have reported here and here, Sun-Times pop music critic Jim DeRogatis did not have to testify today in the R. Kelly trial. In the days leading up to this court appearance, there was concern in the Chicago music community that DeRo would be jailed for contempt of court if he refused to reveal his sources. To prepare for that eventuality, Steve Reidell — of the Metro, as well as local mashup kings The Hood Internet — had this T-shirt design at the ready:


As awesome as this is (thanks, Steve!), we are happy we don't have to distribute them.

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Wow, Scott at TOC and I were just talking about a "Free Jim DeRogatis" campaign. Count on Steve to beat us to the punch.

Now that the immediate danger has passed, I'm going to go back to selling this one:

Way ta stay outta the ol' Graybar Hotel, James.

so-called "Austin Mayor"

I love Jim Dero. Glad he's okay. By the way Paul Mccartney just had a great concert performance in Liverpool. He played " A Day In The Life." The London Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian and The Independent all gave the concert exemplary reviews. Jim has a love/hate in reference to MACCAS concert performances.

Love the Jail Jim Dero shirt. Where can I buy one! Anything to get rid of this egotistical so called pop music critic. The only thing worse than reading an interview with one of his obscure favorite artists(that as soon as they hit it big he turns against them) is reading his laughable questions to them! I wonder how Kot can write anything this week without his buddy? They review and write about the same bands every week. What a joke these 2 clowns are

to give credit where credit is due: that idea came from my co-worker erin, a one-woman think tank that also gave me the idea for the r. kelly/shellac track that appeared on the hood internet last year.

Any chance you could sell/auction those off for charity?

This is, of course, great news.

But wait, I don't understand (and admittedly haven't been following this case closely). If the defense is arguing that Jim distributed child pornography, and R. Kelly is in the video, doesn't that mean that the defense is acknowledging that R. Kelly had sex with a minor and filmed it? And furthermore, doesn't that also mean that R. Kelly, who we can assume made the tape, also had to make a copy to give to someone who in turn gave it to Jim Dero?

Is this right? Isn't this calling the kettle black?

Why would you believe you could assume R Kelly made the tape? Isn't that what's at issue?

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