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This Weeked: Ride the waves and fight the death penalty

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New York’s “instrumental surf/punk/sci-fi band” the Coffin Daggers play at Phyllis’ Musical Inn, 1800 W. Division St., on Saturday, and the cool, creepy sounds posted on the band’s MySpace page and its proper Web site mark it as one of the finest combos mining this always fertile revivalist turf since the Raybeats. Since Phyllis’ steadfastly refuses to yield to such modern clubland frivolities as a Web page or a cover charge, you’re just going to have to go to everyone’s favorite Wicker Park dive early, start drinking—and, of course, tip the band and your bartender. (You could also resort to calling the club at 773-486-9862, but what fun is that?) Full disclosure: I gave family friend and drummer Pete Martinez his first ride cymbal when I was moving out of my old and his current stomping grounds of Hoboken, N.J. waaaay back in 1992 -- kids, they grow up so darn fast! -- but his mom, my first and still one of my favoritest editors ever, knows I'd say junior's band sucks if it did. (Hi Pat!) They don't (suck, that is; quite the opposite) and the only conceivable thing you'd have to do that might be more worthwhile is....

The Illinois Coalition Against the Death Penalty benefit organized by the always-active and activist Jon Lanford, whose Pine Valley Cosmonauts return to the stage on Saturday to headline the show after a nearly three-year absence. Originally slated for the still-not-open new Bottom Lounge, the benefit has moved to the Abbey Pub, 3420 W. Grace. Also on the bill: the Sadies, Rosie Flores, Sally Timms, Puerto Muerto, Robbie Fulks, Janet Bean and the always promising “special guests,” who presumably do not include emcee Tim Tuten. Tickets are $20; for more information, call (773) 478-4408.

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