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The good news: My Bloody Valentine in Chicago, Sept. 27

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The bad news: The reunited band is playing at the Aragon Ballroom.

How much better would the most influential guitar band of the '90s have sounded at the Chicago or Auditorium theaters? We can only imagine, and console ourselves with the facts that bandleader Kevin Shields is a notorious audio perfectionist (if anyone can make the Capone-era ballroom sound halfway decent, he can) and that the Windy City is one of only six stops in the U.S.

Tickets are $40, on sale Saturday at 11 a.m. through the dreaded, (312) 559-1212.

Update: I am told that My Bloody Valentine will be touring with an absurdly expensive, beyond state of the art sound system. As I said, if anyone can make the Aragon sound good, it's the Kings of Shoegazer.

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i think if they played the auditorium i'd be worried about the music knocking the building down.

This is a tough one. I really want to see them, but have been disappointed by many a crap sounding show at The Aragon. I think I would rather see them play the UIC Pavilion.

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