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Perry, Pepe and the full Lollapalooza lineup for 2008

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Though he has always positioned himself as a futurist, Perry Farrell, founder and designated figurehead for the reinvented Lollapalooza in Grant Park, really hasn't grokked how this much-ballyhooed Inter-Web thang has rendered irrelevant anyone's attempts to carefully manage and market the news -- not that those ever made much difference to reporters of any era who came by a scoop fair and square.

Upset by the story about the headliners and other bands on this blog and in the Sun-Times Thursday night and Friday morning, Farrell lashed out in an interview with and branded this reporter "a stinker... a skunk... Pepe LePew."

All I have to say about that is: 1.) If you're feeling chatty, Perry, I'm still waiting for your response to my open letter last year suggesting ways Lollapalooza could improve its relations with the Chicago music scene and make its ubiquitous corporate sponsorships slightly less obnoxious, and 2.) Wasn't Pepe the one who always got the girls? What the heck is wrong with that?

The full lineup of bands for Lollapalooza 2008 follows the jump. So let the commentary continue: How good a job did promoters C3 Present do in year four? I am eager to hear your thoughts.

Rage Against the Machine
Nine Inch Nails
Kanye West
The Raconteurs
Louis XIV
Love and Rockets
Gnarls Barkley
Bloc Party
The Black Keys
Broken Social Scene
Lupe Fiasco
Flogging Molly
Mark Ronson
Cat Power
The National
G. Love & Special Sauce
Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings
Explosions in the Sky
Brand New
Gogol Bordello
Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks
Dierks Bentley
Okkervil River
Amadou & Mariam
Blues Traveler
John Butler Trio
Girl Talk
Your Vegas
Eli “Paperboy” Reed & the True Loves
Steel Train
Jamie Lidell
Bang Camaro
Butch Walker
The Blakes
Mates of State
Tally Hall
Spank Rock
White Lies
Brazilian Girls
Magic Wands
Electric Touch
The Kills
The Postelles
Rogue Wave
The Parlor Mob
The Go! Team
Bald Eagle
Mason Jennings
The Gutter Twins
Ha Ha Tonka
Grizzly Bear
We Go To 11
Sofia Talvik
The Weakerthans
Booka Shade
Black Kids
Black Lips
Dr. Dog
Nicole Atkins & the Sea
The Ting Tings
Kid Sister
The Cool Kids
What Made Milwaukee Famous
Does It Offend You, Yeah?
The Whigs
Manchester Orchestra
The Octopus Project
Cadence Weapon
De Novo Dahl
Noah and the Whale
Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s
Serena Ryder
Newton Faulkner

Advance three-day passes are now on sale for a limited time for $190 (after which the price increases to $205) at

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Jim DeRogatis is the guy who revealed all the Lollapalooza headliners the other day. Perry Farrell wasn't very happy about it, but that didn't stop Jim. He topped himself today by revealing the entire lineup on his Sun Times... Read More

Last week, Chicago Sun-Times's Jim DeRogatis leaked over a dozen names performing at this summer's 45th annual Lollapalooza festival. Including the Alternative Nation power troika of Radiohead Rage Against the Machine, and Nine Inch Nails. Lollafounder... Read More


Pepe wasn't the one who always got the girls, he was the one who groped and pretty much raped the girls.

Jim DeRo responds: That is a horrible and libelous slander against Mr. LePew. He sought true love, and while he may have been overly enthusiastic in pursuing it, true romantic that he was, the cat, in the end, always succumbed to his devotion, to the point of painting the skunk stripe down her back and dousing herself in limburger cheese. Don't you remember?

Sick line up...we win for the best fest

Even bastards get girls, Jim.

That is absolutely brilliant---someone finally points out that Lollapalooza is geographical spam. I'm sure Perry wouldn't be interested in your letter because he's too busy getting million dollar paychecks from his pop up ad version of a music festival.

Is Lollapalooza the music festival version of the mafia? I once wrote a scathing review on last year's horrendous event and I had to change it dramatically because my editor couldn't bite the hand that fed the publication.

The lineup is better than it has been, and thankfully no Jack Johnson, but since they block their main acts at the exact same time (1 mile away in stages) I fear there will be some painful conflicts (Wilco/Radiohead). We shall see, but Pitchfork is a much better deal.

Awesome lineup. 6 of us will be flying up from Austin to see this show. THANKS C3!!! Thanks Jim for getting us the info.

Nine Inch Nails
Rage Against the Machine
Kanye West
Gnarls Barkley
Blues Traveler
What Made Milwaukee Famous

I like that your original letter to Perry regarding "reconsidering the VIP area" when there were plenty of times I witnessed you lounging around in chairs consuming mass quantities of food and liquid refreshments back there in 2007, DeRo. Guess you wanted to make sure the paper got its money worth while you were allegedly reviewing bands. Oh wait, I'm sure those VIP passes were comped to you as a member of the press! Blah.

Last I checked, guys with accents always get the fast American girls.

but on to serious matters, this means I can buy tickets knowing the full lineup without then progressively leaking bands as the price goes up. Wow, I bet Perry isn't happy now. He should have kept his mouth shut.

great list. a very painful conflict I can foresee happening is a Rage vs Wilco conflict. If that were to happen I wont know what I would do.

incredible lineup

hate on jim all you want, but remember he is first and foremost a journalist. even in this day and age that still means shaking things up and offering opinions, none of which you are obliged to agree with. he is a reporter, and his beat is music. on a weekend like lollapalooza, any "scoop" he is going to get will not be found on the fields with the masses, but in the vip area hanging with the people who put on and perform at the festival. sorry, but the artists are the story and i can't fault him for treading into the air conditioned area where they lurk so he can peel back the onion for all of us.

This fest will only appeal to those that think Pitchfork is the be all, end all to music. Radiohead is a critical darling and I've always found it funny to talk to fans that are "soooo into them" but can't really explain why, other than thinking that they 'should' be into them.

NIN has failed in concert the last 4x I've seen them. Rage is cool, but they're just touring on past glory. Jack White is incredibly overrated.

This is just one big pile of FAIL. But I'm sure all of the suburbanites will go crazy over it.

I like the '08 lineup better than any of the 3 previous ones. So props to C3 for putting their money where their mouth is. As for Perry criticizing Jim for leaking headliners, he should be thanking you for helping sellout the earlybird tickets in 1 day! My cynical side is telling me this dust-up is part of a well orchestrated media stunt.

Tony: Seen NIN lately? They haven't hit the US in over a year, but they absolutely rocked on their last domestic tour, maybe a year and a half ago. It was sort of a "best of" tour, so they were playing stuff from PHM right up through With Teeth.

What is the policy on throwing poo at Mark Ronson?

Misunderstood Journalist, the VIP area being referred to is the area for fans with extra dollars, not a backstage all-access area where the artists/performers actually congregate. The only "onions being peeled back" in the VIP DeRo was constantly hanging around is for the catered fajita lunch.

This line-up is the worse one so far. Why is Lupe Fiasco there again this year when he was on a major stage last year( ATT). Also where is the old school punk, and spanish rock? Last year two of the best performances in my opinion were Rodrigo Y gabriela and Iggy Pop, no artist even comes close to them this year

Rodrigo Y gabriela > Rage Against the Machine or NIN? Yes, that's sensible.

Iggy Pop's show was terrific last year, but the gnashing, biting RATM mosh pit coming in August will scare away so many soft alt-fans, it's more than worth the price of admission.

I thought they might had more country acts with Deirks Bentley playing. A solid lineup and better than other years. I am excited about discovering good bands like last year.

Love and Rockets were great live when they played in the day. I won't miss them.

'corporate sponsorships slightly less obnoxious'... maybe Jim could talk to his company about the obnoxious use of popup ads all over this site and blog. You're playing the game too, Jim. Someone has to pay for you to play.

This is more of the same old same old.
I agree with you JIM about Coachella seeming more special. I wouldn't make this trip if I had free tickets. I've already seen all of the major bands.

Oh God, this lineup is great! I went to Coachella this year (which was a hell of a good time, but there was some crap in there too...not to mention that waking up in a tent at 8:00AM, hungover, because it's already 100 degrees outside is NOT a good time), and I'm honestly more excited for this one. I am a huge, huge Radiohead fan, but I've never been able to see them before. I also love Rage (they were amazing at Coachella), and I was really, really into NIN for a while, but their new album was terrible. So, you've got some huge acts, and then some less well known gems like Grizzly Bear (I love that band). Plus, I live in Chicago, like 15 minutes by bus from Grant Park :) See you all there!

Hey, I really appreciated the leak before it was announced... the anticipation was killing me... anyway, got any good news about late additions to the lineup? Are you going to try to keep us posted? Thanks!

I think the lineup is great this year. Last year, the headliners were amazing, and there were some awesome treasures found in the concerts of smaller artists. I think it will be the same this year. The only big problem I foresee is a conflict in headliners. I want to see them all!
Is anyone else as excited for Kid Sister as I am?

This is the best festival of the year, no matter what any of the music snobs say! I'm flying up from Austin to see it! Can't wait!

are vip passes worth it......assuming you want to spend your stimulus check on it?

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