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Bottom Lounge opening postponed... again

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Once again, the opening of this promising venue at its new location at 1375 Lake St. has been pushed back, with Friday's gig by Urge Overkill and Saturday's MU330 show both postponed. (Rescheduled dates to be announced.)

Said the club's newly hired publicist Angie Mead: "This is a huge project, moving a club from one side of the city to the other, and things just weren't ready."

Still on for the time being: Shows next weekend by the Pnuma Trio and Jon Langford and the Pine Valley Cosmonauts.

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Word on the street is that the article you wrote back in march raised some issues downtown with the kind of the license they were getting and that created a whole bunch more delays in place opening. In short it's your fault the place isn't open yet Jim- You should do a story on the irony of you lamenting about places shutting down (the note) while on the other hand you're keeping other places from opening-

Jim DeRo responds: How any city licensing agency could read an enthusiastic article about a promising new club as an invitation to delay its opening is a mystery bordering on an absurdity to me, dear anonymous poster. In case the point of both posts you mention was missed, I'll spell it out: The opening of any new venue in Chicago is a big plus for the local music scene, and the closing of any venue is a major loss.

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