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Waitin' for a Superman

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Waiting for a Superman

The image above has been zipping all over the Web the last few days, with more than a few Flaming Lips fans wondering why our Senator looks so glum at the prospect of a looming Wayne Coyne in his path. Was he disappointed with "At War with the Mystics" and hoping for a return to the sound of "The Soft Bulletin"? Was he a fan of Ronald Jones? Did he have a problem with the Mitsubishi and Range Rover commercials, or what?

Says Flaming Lips manager Scott Booker:

It's funny, this photo was taken months ago when Obama was in Oklahoma at a rally to raise funds. There is a second one of them shaking hands, but it's out of focus. This photo is of Wayne waiting for Obama to walk up by him - Obama probably didn't even know Wayne was there. Pretty cool though.... I don't think they had a real chance to talk at all - I think it went very quickly.

So now we know. Though you have to admit, Obama/Coyne would have made a heck of a ticket.

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