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Punk rock may mean freedom...

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But how much will these Converse (manufactured by Nike) sneakers cost?


Props to the Daily Swarm, which is leading the way on this story, which just makes me... very, very sad. And I mean much, much sadder than Spoon shilling for a cigarette company at the Vic Theatre on April 4. Or Steve Earle, the Flaming Lips and Wilco selling themselves for car companies. Or the Buzzcocks bleating for an aging Boomers lobbyist group. Or Iggy shuffling for a cruise line...

In fact, it's probably a new low as far as these things go. For now. There will no doubt be another next week. -Sigh-

Cobain 2


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Do you have any idea why the advertisers think Iggy is going to help sell cruise tickets or Dennis Hopper is going to do anything but make you, me & presumably others sick?

What's even more disgusting is that those were the shoes Kurt Cobain was wearing when he was found dead 14 years ago. This truly is a new low.

Here are 2 more: 1) The Violent Femmes will break up for good due to bassist Brian Ritchie's vehement objections to guitarist / songwriter Gordon Gano's selling of the rights to the Femmes' classic "Blister In The Sun" for use in a Wendy's hamburger restaurant chain commercial. Ritchie has filed a lawsuit against Gano. 2) Just a few days ago on a TV commercial (I can't remember for what), I was amazed to hear the strains of Lou Reed's "Walk On The Wild Side" - geez.

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