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Demo2DeRo: Pretty Good Dance Moves

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Taking a cue from Daft Punk — or Kraftwerk, if you want to be old school about it — electronic pop musicians Jimmy and Aaron are mysterious auteurs who shun last names, claim to divide their time between Chicago and New York and prefer to hide behind the collective identity of Pretty Good Dance Moves as they create an entrancing mix of organic and electronic sounds using vintage analog synthesizers as well as vibraphone, violin and guitar.

The self-titled "Pretty Good Dance Moves" EP consists of five strong tunes that chart the unraveling of a romantic relationship, with the female perspective added by Genevieve Schatz of the local quintet Company of Thieves on the especially effective opening track, "P.G.D.M." I'm eager to hear how these guys pull it off live — they don't have any local gigs on the docket at the moment — but, in the meantime, you can hear their new recordings and check out their impressive homemade video for "Demons Dancing" at

Demo2DeRo is a weekly column reviewing the first-time demo and indie recordings by new Chicago bands. Got a demo you want reviewed? Email Jim.

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