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More music at Soldier Field: Is this a good idea?

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From the front page of today's Sun-Times:

Ten days a year, the Bears play at Soldier Field. But when the Bears aren't there, the landmark venue is mostly in hibernation.

Now, seeking to boost business at the lakefront stadium, the Chicago Park District is looking to bring in more concerts, festivals and sporting events. Other sports teams are a possibility. So is motorcycle racing.

It's offering a five-year deal to manage and book Soldier Field. And two of the biggest concert promoters in the country are among those interested: Beverly Hills-based Live Nation and C3 Presents, the Austin, Texas, promoter behind Lollapalooza.

What are your thoughts on all this?

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I'd love to see more concerts be held at Soldier Field. Of course, that depends on if they are acts I would want to see, and how much tickets would cost. If it would be $75 for a ticket in the nosebleed-beyond-nosebleed section, I'd say no. But if they were reasonable, it would definitely be another great option for a venue.

It's getting more and more like the 70s, isn't it?

Oh well, nothing like the stadium-ization of rock to give new, young and exciting groups the opportunity to come out of the garages and move into the clubs to take rock back from the skybox elite.

By all means, do something right by the taxpayers of Chicago and use Soldier Field for something other than a few football games! Maybe Lollapalooza? But I think one of the reasons it's not been used much recently for concerts has to do with some difficulties the management encountered several years ago in connection with a multi-star concert featuring Aretha Franklin. Something about checks not delivered or bouncing...

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