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Major national press exposure for yours truly, rock critic and blogger

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I'm talking about this interview for the professional Web site, JournalismNow.

I also did this TV thing a couple of days ago, but that's been so well-covered elsewhere that I feel no need to go into here. I will, however, say thanks to the many readers who emailed kind words about that. And, to the handful of other correspondents who took a different tone -- well, thank you, too. It honestly never occurred to me that I might be overweight. Now that it's been pointed out, I'll have to do something about that!

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Great seeing you and Greg on Conan. Did you and Max Weinberg talk??? And you know what I mean. Does he know of your feelings of Mr. Springsteen??

What are the guidelines for a script being original?

I was on the Done Deal Forum site and found something interesting. They were talking about Diablo Coty's screenplay Juno being similar to a Korean movie made in 2004 titled Jenny and Juno. Both are stories about a young high school girl getting pregnant and her experiences during her pregnancy. While the story doesn't take the same turns as Juno, it's enough to be oddly similar, and the fact that Juno would appear in both titles if wierd. Juno in the Korean story is the boy character. Both boys were track stars.

I went on You Tube and watched the whole 10 parts, here is the link for the first part:

These are the similarities between the two:

1. The obvious pregnant teenage thing.
2. The names being the same and I know in the K-film version Juno is the guy
3. In the Korean version the male character writes in chalk for Jenny he writes in chalk “I love you Jenny” In “Juno” she writes in chalk on his front step “Check the mail Bleeker”
4. In the opening scene both characters take a home pregnancy test in both films.
5.. Bleeker runs track competitively and the Korean Juno plays a video game in a high level competition, slightly different but same theme.
6. both films have a cute, geeky male lead and are subordinate to dominate women.
7. In the K-film the boy asks to carry her backpack and she refuses, same thing in “Juno”

Lillian Francken

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