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10 new Chicago acts that should be heard from in 2008

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So my editors said, "DeRo, we wanna do something special to launch our new 'local music channel' on the Web site! Something big, something super, something spectacular!! We want you to write about 10 of the next big bands from Chicago!!!"

Of course, I am pretty much trying to do that 365 days a year. But you know how it is: The bosses ask, you try to deliver. Sometimes it's easier than arguing. And everybody loves a good list.

My picks for 10 of the local acts destined to make some big noise in 2008 are here, with handy links to their own individual Web pages so you can sample some of their sounds. If you follow my work in the paper or online, you know that I try to devote one of my Friday "Live" columns every few weeks strictly to reviewing D.I.Y. local releases -- or what we used to call "demos" back in the old C30-C60-C90 days. Now, since we have the aforementioned spiffy new music channel, I'll be writing about one of the best of these local releases each week, posted online and printed in Friday's Weekend section.

As always, I'm happy to listen to any and all local submissions. But I do prefer to get them on shiny disc (I'm no Luddite, my computer's speakers just sound lousy, and MP3s tend to clog up my inbox), so send them along to me care of the Sun-Times at 350 N. Orleans Chicago IL 60654. It's always helpful to include a brief (one-page or less) bio or cover letter -- tell me who you are and why anyone should care! -- but don't worry about including a photo; if you have a good, clear JPEG posted online, just include the address for your Web page.

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Let's add an 11th band to the list. I would like to direct your attention to new Chicago rock outfit fFlashlights. The trio is comprised of Chris Brokaw (Codeine/Come/The New Year/Thurston Moore), Doug McCombs (11th Dream Day/Brokeback/Tortoise), and Elliot Dicks (Nerves/Rome/TJSA).

As a non-music writer I find it difficult to describe the indescribable. But I do know that the rich melodic licks and tight grooves rock my world.

Check out Bryan Scary and the Shredding Tears. They may not qualify as a "chicago" band but Bryan Scary and his drummer Brian Bauer were raised in Highland Park. They are about to embark on their third countrywide tour with three concerts at the south by southwest music festival including a showcase on saturday march 15. They'll be in chicago at Subterranean on March 20. Their second album is set for release on April 1 2008, and the band spent 2 full months of studio work to perfect their sound. Don't miss this up and coming band. For more information you can contact 2:30 publicity in new york, and check out their website Bryan Love your columns in the suntimes and elswhere!

I'll second the mention of The Sapiens on the top-10 list; we recently featured them on our music blog and bought their CD, Vs. the Hornet. If you can't enjoy their music, someone needs to check you for a pulse!

Hey, I am not in a rock band, in fact I just like muic, really, but I saw My Crappy Band last week at a club and they changed my world and I am sure you will love them, they are going to be huge, even if their parents don' think so and think they should have a "backup" plan. But we, I mean they, really love music and are going to be f----ing huge! So if you could write a story about us, then maybe we could get a record deal and be famous and all of our teachers would know that they should have been niceer to us when they had the chance. Also, I think we have have a hit on college radio in Belgium and they might play one of our songs on The Real World. I mean them, cause I am not in the band, really.

My band's called Teen Santa. We're all garbed identically (beards and pillow-bellies included!), and we perform Sugar, Fu Manchu, Melvins, Ian Gillan-era Black Sabbath, Boston, and Nashville Pu**y covers. Members: Jimmy Santa (vocals), Terrence Howard-Santa (bass), Berrellium Santa (drums), Tesla Santa (lead guitar), and FiFi Santa (rhythm). Also, like the real Santa, we don't exist!

O man I wish he would have listened to my guys before writing this...


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