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Hannah Montana is faking it?

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As I told my editor, I didn't see any evidence of a switcheroo at the show. I'm not necessarily eager to defend Hannah, but my daughter and I had very, very good seats, and we did not notice anything like that at all throughout the 70-minute performance. Compared to Britney, N*Sync, etc., this show was punk-rock warts-and-all in avoiding high-tech showbiz tomfoolery.

Of course, there really are much more important things to worry about today: the New Hampshire primary, the unrest in Pakistan, the continuing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the recession nobody will admit we're having and of course this sad and sorry spectacle charted by my colleague Bill Zwecker.

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i just think that she has more to life than woryining about what she does on stage so what if she switched for two measly seconds if your so convinced by it why dont you just talk to the double then!

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