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Regular readers know how much I hate the notion of advertising as a vehicle to introduce new music. On the other hand, as a listener myself, I hate even more those occasions when I catch a snippet of some song I love and I can't find out who did it. With that in mind, a reader just send me the following question.

Jim... By any chance do you know the name of the male (group (?) ) singer in the Ford SE commerial? It sounds great! Thanks in advance.

Here's a link to the tune.

Joe Pozzi

Joe: I used to have a great resource for answering questions like this, and a Web site called "What's That Called? Music from TV Commercials." Alas, when I tried to use it to find your answer, it's either down because of a momentary server malfunction, or it's close up shop for good. A newer site called has so far been pretty useless to me, and it turned up nothing on your question. Nor did a general Google search. So this, too, I throw out to the readers.

Can anyone help Joe out?

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The Band of Horses song Funeral is played in a Ford commercial. I'm not sure if it's for a Ford SE though.

It's a track from the Kings of Leon called "Red Morning Light" from their first LP Youth and Young Manhood. Hope it's helpful to Joe. Cheers. Antonio.

That's Red Morning Light by Kings of Leon.

Yep, it's Red morning Light by Kings of Leon. A better site for finding out songs in commercials is

Thanks for the answers, everyone. And thanks for the tip on that site, Eric!

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