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So, I finally have a blog... Welcome aboard!

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Yes, the Sun-Times has given me an official blog. But if you're here, you probably already know that.

Now, I've been posting pretty much every article I've written for the paper on my own Web site for seven years now, so you could say that the "recent articles" section of has more or less been a pseudo-blog. And readers of the Sun-Times know that I often run columns devoted to the feedback I've gotten from them via email. (These often begin, "Dear A**hole...," but hey, everybody's a critic, and I welcome people having their say!) So how will this site be different?

Well, for one thing, I'll be posting my Sun-Times pieces in a much more timely fashion, along with other news and notes that may or may not make it into print. For another, it will give you, dear reader, the opportunity to give your feedback/get in my face a heck of a lot quicker. And, perhaps most excitingly, it will allow me to link to music on the Web that you really need to hear RIGHT NOW, so you can decide for yourself whether or not I've hit the target in my reviews.

From now through the end of the year, I'll primarily be posting some Year In Review pieces looking back at 2007 -- I'm basically just playing around with the site and learning how to post, since I am, theoretically, on vacation though any journalist will tell you that he or she is never really off the clock -- last year, I spent three hours on Christmas Day writing an obit for the great James Brown before I was able to get down to the business of opening my presents. But, hey, I'm not complaining -- the immediacy of this gig is one of the things that makes this the best job in the world -- and blogging will make it all more immediate than ever! (Thank you, Al Gore, for your splendid invention of the InterWeb.)

I hope you'll bookmark this page and come back often. I'll do my best to make it worth your time.

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Welcome to the blog world Jim!!! Decent best of list but the Shocking Pinks should have been up there somewhere. Also thank you for not including the Animal Collective album anywhere on the list. I can't stand the thing but the rest of the music world seems to love it.

rock on.

I was excited to learn about your blog, and I've already added it to my Google Reader. Now you need to add RSS to That'd rule.

Jimmie D blogger friends:
I am new to the blog world so please forgive any faux pas I commit. I wrote to him asking for help and he suggested I check with you guys. Here's what I asked and his answer:

From me: " group (Relay For Life) is headed by a woman who heard me sing and asked me to perform "gratis" during their all night event. I have a strong voice and sing everything from country to heavy metal - I can do Grace Slick "with authority" as one person has told me. Please forgive me if this sounds like bragging - I just want you to understand my abilitiy so that you can offer advice if at all possible. I also love to cover Annie Lennox and Bonnie Raitt as well as Reba and K. D. Lang.
So - they want me to sing three to four songs. I have decided to do Etta James', "At Last" because that is my signature song and always brings a wonderful response, but for my other choices I wanted to do something appropriate for the setting - the fight against cancer. I am interested in doing something inspirational but I really don't want to do religious music. I would like to do something that would get the crowd involved but I can only think of "I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing" (are you cringing?) or "From A Distance". I'd like to do a rock anthem but I can't think of anything!!! Additionally, country music out here would work just as well."

Jim's response: "When you say strong female voice and inspirational, a couple of tunes pop into my head instantly: "Respect" or "Think" by Aretha Franklin, "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor, and, probably less appropriate for you on this occasion, "O Bondage, Up Yours!" by X-Ray Spex. Them's my choices, any way! But I'll throw it out to my blog (address below) and let's see what else anybody else comes up with!"
After some more consideration I thought Reba's "I'm a Survivor" would work really well (the night is devoted to cancer survivors as well as raising money and awareness) and I could change the lyrics to suit the program.
Anybody else got some ideas?

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