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Can anyone help Joe out?

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Me, I avoid VH1 like the plague!

Regarding "Seven Ages of Rock" on VH1, Joe from the North Side writes: "Hey - what was the song that opened every episode? And what was the song they repetedly used on the end credits? Either I'm out if touch or I'm having an aneurism..."

Anybody know?

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it was the damned's "new rose," if i remember correctly.

Thanks, VR! The Damned rocked, especially circa "New Rose."

Hey, thanks DeRo and VR. (Usually, no one can help me out.)
I, personally, thought the series was interesting and had a lot of footage that I'd never seen before. Once you understood that the show was a BRITISH production and had an ENGLISH perspective on things, it was pretty informative. Probably would have been better with an Brit narrator (instead of Dennis Hopper) but that didn't bother me once I understood what I just explained in the last sentence. For someone who was bent out of shape by the whole thing, check out The NY Daily News' David Hinckley:

North Side

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