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Anthony Boscarino -- the brother of reputedly mob-connected Chicago businessman Nicholas Boscarino -- had an unusual reaction after the FBI searched his home in February for allegedly running a string of Internet scams that took investors for millions.

He went to Las Vegas.

Numerous times.

And apparently spent a lot of money.

Between January and August, he made 20 trips to Las Vegas, according to a court filing in the case. The details came out as prosecutors battle Boscarino's defense attorney to keep him in jail before trial.

To get more details on the case against Boscarino, check out my blog post on it.

According to one document obtained by the Chicago Sun-Times, Boscarino, a former Chicago area resident now living in Arizona, went to Caesar's Palace last month with his wife, and as a high roller, was given a villa for free by the casino and $10,000 in "free play."

But as you can see from the IRS investigative report after the jump, it didn't quite work out the way the casino had planned.

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