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When word came that consummate con man Joseph Kalady was found dead in
his apartment, federal prosecutor T. Markus Funk had his suspicions.

Especially after a court official called the home a day after Kalady's
supposed death and was told that Kalady was home but couldn't come to
the phone because he was sleeping.

So Kalady's cremation was stopped, to allow Funk and a crew of agents
to pay a visit, according to court records.

When Funk lifted up the cardboard lid of the box labeled "Joseph
Kalady" at a crematorium in Romeoville, he found a dead man inside.

The corpse was about 165 pounds -- less than half the size of the
450-pound Kalady.

Arthur "The Genius" Rachel -- under house arrest for allegedly planning the robbery of an armored car in the western suburbs -- can leave his home for three hours a week to do his laundry and buy food, a federal judge has decided.

Rachel is one of three geriatric, reputed mob-tied thieves charged in the case. The men are also accused of planning the robbery of the home of the late mobster Angelo "The Hook" LaPietra before the FBI arrested them.

Rachel is infamous for stealing the 45-carat Marlborough Diamond in London in the 1980s along with his partner in crime, Joseph "Jerry " Scalise, who is also charged with him in the armored car case.

Rachel had previously been allowed to leave his home as a condition of bond only to go to church, see his doctor or consult his lawyer. His attorneys had asked for four hours a week for Rachel to clean his clothes and shop for groceries. Prosecutors opposed the request, saying Rachel could have his family do it for him or await trial in jail where he could receive his food and laundry services for free.

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