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"Get Capone" is a knockout of a read

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Get Capone

A Chicago writer has just released a new book on Al Capone. Read my review of it here.

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Interesting, Steve. I'm going to check it out. By the way, other than Coen's book, are there any other books about Family Secrets that have come out, or are coming out.

Thank you.


Mr. Jingledonkey.

STEVE WARMBIR RESPONDS: Mr. JD, there's a relatively new book in paperback out on Family Secrets called Family Affair by Sam Giancana and Scott M. Burnstein. I'm unaware of anything else coming out anytime soon.

Factually incorrect and misleading. The subject has been covered many, many times by writers much more adept and with more accuracy than Mr. Eig who couldn't even spell optician Reinhart Schwimmer's name correctly. Lot's of fantasy and little truth. Save your money.

i bought the book a few days ago. reading it now and very interesting.
factual? what is! in any case, some amazing history and addresses that i pass daily never knowing that capone and company journeyed
the same physical path. i highly recommend the book.

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