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Ben Tran: Ex-Chicago FBI agent, gang member

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July 15 2008 077[4].jpg
Vo Duong "Ben" Tran

In case you missed it over the weekend, here is a Chicago Sun-Times story that tells the interesting tale of Vo Duong "Ben" Tran, a former FBI agent sentenced to 30 years in prison last week for conspiring to rob a drug house.

Tran has a fascinating story behind him. You can read it here.

Below is a photograph of the weapons and tools of the trade the FBI recovered from him and a criminal associate.

EXH 101_Page_11.JPG
Weapons and other items recovered from Tran prior to his planned drug house robbery.

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this is what we get with multicultural bull pies like tran, where ever you have affirmative action you will not be safe.

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