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Who were the biggest threats to Nick Calabrese?

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Here are the 16 reputed mobsters that the FBI considered the top threats against mob killer turned government informant Nick Calabrese:

1. Michael Marcello
2. Frank "Toots" Caruso
3. Aldo Piscitelli
4. James Inendino
5. Michael Sarno
6. Michael Spano Sr.
7. Paul Spano
8. Joseph Andriacchi
9. Joseph Lombardo
10. Alphonse Tornabene
11. Rudolph "Rudy" Fratto
12. Peter DiFronzo
13. Michael Magnafichi, born 2/16/52
14. John Matassa
15. Dino Marino
16. Anthony Zizzo

The list was part of the government's 2002 application for Calabrese to be allowed into the federal witness protection program.

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Geez. This must be a kind of who's-who list. When you mention Outfit guys being caught on tape interested in "making a move" on N.C., are you referring to Frank Sr. & the Marcello's, or are there more guys (like those listed above) are also caught on tape?

Also, did it ever come to light who the mob boss was that order that tattoo artist's thumbs broken?

STEVE WARMBIR RESPONDS: No, I'm just talking about some of the defendants in the Family Secrets case. It never was revealed at trial who the mobster was who wanted to break the tattoo's artists hands, but some news reports indicated it was James Marcello.

Steve -

Are Nick's 302's accessible to the public? If so, were would I find them?

In Jeff Cohen's book he mentioned that Nick gave information on many other murders in his 302's. One of those murders was Giancanna. Any idea of what Nick said about that murder?

STEVE WARMBIR RESPONDS: If Nick's 302s were accessible, I would have written about them a long time ago. Unfortunately, they haven't been made part of the public record.

I'm reading Coen's book, too. In it, he mentions how solving the Spilotro murders was a major feather in the FEDs' cap. I'd imagine that solving Giancana's would definitely trump it.

Does anyone know if sandwich stands are still part of their cover-ups?

Is Connie's still a hangout?

You cannot request FBI 302s until the CW is dead or he informs the FBI that it is okay to release them, which, of course, as the FBI knows, it is impossible to ask someone in WITSEC if they will agree to have their file released and write the FBI a letter on your behalf saying so.

This is what the FBI says as far as FOIA requests on 302s go.

And, even then, they will redact the hell out of them like they do all their released files.

Those 302s you see online, like the one on Sammy Gravano on the The Smoking Gun website, are leaked 302s.

An FBI agent who leaks files about ongoing investigations (all 302s are considered ongoing investigations) can be fired. Although we know some have done this and those are the agents I assume who don't value job security.

I know I wouldn't risk my job just to give a reporter, author, or a website owner an "exclusive" scoop.

Coen's book is a disturbing read. Any one of these Chinatown guys could have killed his best friend at the drop of a hat. There are innumerable examples.

Fecarotta was originally part of the Vaci hit squad until he had a near-breakdown and went back to Chicago.

Fecarotta thought the staging of the Spilotro bro's murders was actually for him.

Fecarotta was so paranoid that he would not allow himself to be in the car with any of the other made guys from Chinatown except for Nick Calabrese, who ended up murdering him, anyway.

Frank Sr. withheld damning info about Fecarotta from LaPietra, so he could use it later as a trump card when he & Nick lobbied for his death.

J. Hansen was paranoid that the guys who were helping him do surveillance on Vaci were also doing surveillance on him, too. So he went back to Chicago to be reassured nobody had a problem with him.

Nick suspected that Fecarotta was going to kill him, so while they were working together as spotters for another target, Calabrese brought a hidden gun in case Fecarotta were to make a move on him.

etc etc etc

These guys were & are monsters.

Surprising to hear accounts of Nick fighting back tears when he provided the details of his murders. His lifestyle seemed to be that of a stone cold sociopath. Odd that he actually seems to regret his life in the Outfit.

Is Mickey Marcello going to be in hot water for implicating Matassa in the US Marshall's leak thing?

That's "the life." You are always looking over your shoulder, whether you are on the street or in WITSEC. It's definitely not something new. Nick Calabrese had to be an idiot if he didn't know that already. That's what mob life is all about. Like they say, "In the mob, it's your best friend who's going to get you." Your killer comes at you with a smile, a handshake, and a hello. That's what's so ironic about made members referring to each other as "friends." That's the furthest from the truth of what they really are to one another. When you have "friends" like that, they automatically become your enemy, too.

Yeah, well put, Anon. Worst of all, maybe, is Frank Sr. pointing a carbine rifle at his brother, threatening to kill him if he didn't kill Ortiz & that innocent bystander.

What an awful, awful life. And what a horrible thing to romanticize.

Steve, why is Magnafichi's b-date provided?

STEVE WARMBIR RESPONDS: It's nothing mysterious. Someone saying he is related to Magnafichi e-mailed me to ask me to somehow put something on the list so people don't get confused between the e-mailer and the man on the list. I obliged.

Give me a break ! Does NO good deed go UNPUNISHED? Bill Guide is an upstanding honest citizen ! The only thing he is guilty of is caring about a fellow cop's kid ! For Pete's sake, leave him alone and allow him to get on with his life. He has done his time, survived the worst and has made his family and friends proud to be part of his life !

I know theres all kinds of stuff still goin on, i hear from rumors.
but we never hear nothin official from the news.

whats goin on with that letter that frank sr wrote from jail..
it was kinda weird.what did they say to him about writing that.

u should do a post on that.

I've studied the list and didn't see the biggest threat to Nick Calabrese on it. The biggest threat is......NICK CALABRESE! After all if he didn't kill 100 people he wouldn't be in this would he? If he didn't open his big mouth he wouldn't be in this would he?

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