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Dr. Pat has his say

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Patrick Spilotro, a dentist who is the brother of slain mobsters Anthony and Michael Spilotro, had his say in federal court Thursday at the sentencing of mob boss James Marcello.

Marcello is the man who drove the Spilotro brothers to their deaths in 1986, delivering them to the home where they would be jumped and killed.

Patrick Spilotro told the judge how much he misses his brothers and what their deaths did to their families.

"Let the court know that this chapter in our lives ends here, and let it be an example to others everywhere," Spilotro said. "James Marcello passed on the pain he has known. And now today, he will reap what he has sown.

Spilotro was referring to the mob murder of Marcello's own father.

Spilotro also said he believed that his brother Anthony's good friend, Joseph Lombardo, took part in the order of his brothers' murders.

He also listed all the others noted at trial who participated, the vast majority of them dead by now.

"These people who denied my brothers a prayer deserve no mercy," Patrick Spilotro said.

The federal judge sentencing Joseph "Joey the Clown" Lombardo this week had nothing good to say about the aging mobster, but he did make one positive comparison.

Lombardo did horrible deeds but at least he wasn't mob hitman Frank Calabrese Sr., who killed 13 people for the mob.

Zagel, usually quite reserved, called Calabrese Sr. a "toxic creature."

Still, both men got life in prison.

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