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The German is going to trial

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Frank "The German" Schweihs

Frank "The German" Schweihs one of the most feared mobsters in Chicago history, is headed to trial in September, the Chicago Sun-Times has learned.

Schweihs had been battling cancer and was too ill to stand trial with the other five defendants in the Family Secrets trial last year.

In that case, Joseph "Joey the Clown" Lombardo, James "Little Jimmy" Marcello and Frank Calabrese Sr. were the top mobsters convicted as part of the most important Outfit case in Chicago history.

Federal prosecutors gave a sneak preview of some of their case involving Schweihs, where it overlapped their case against some of the other defendants.

Jurors saw a chilling videotape of Schweihs shaking down the owner of a dirty bookstore in the Old Town neighborhood.

Apparently, Schweihs is on the mend. He's had cancer before and survived, and this time may be no different.

The Schweihs case is up for a status hearing before U.S. District Judge James Zagel on Thursday in federal court in Chicago.

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Steve, Will there be any other mobsters on trial with the German?

STEVE WARMBIR RESPONDS: It will just be the German. He's the last remaining defendant.

any comment on the story that Chuck Goudie wrote about the German and Marilyn Monroe?

STEVE WARMBIR: It was nice to see Goudie following up on the news that the German is going to trial. Schweihs has long been tied by rumor to the Marilyn Monroe murder, but I've never seen anything concrete to substantiate it, and the ABC news report did nothing to add to it.

About time.

I've never met a man being more devoid of humanity than this guy ..... Truly a frightening individual.

What are the remaining charges against Scweihs? Also, do you think that the prosecution will jettison some of the weaker charges against him now that his co-defendants have been tried?

STEVE WARMBIR RESPONDS: Schweihs faces the same charges as the other defendants did, plus a separate charge for ducking his arrest.

I don't think you're going to see the prosecution drop any of the charges, and I don't know if we've seen all the evidence against him, since, of course, he didn't go to trial with the five other men.

these guys arent as bad as our,elected leaders, yea they may be killers ,but so are our leaders,a war we will never win, ,elected officials ,making illegitmate kids, cheating on the wives ,yeah ,these guys arent that bad,they did everything for money,while the powers that be,destroy a nation of its own,

This whole "Operation Family Secrets" trial has been a railroad job. It will be nice to see this final trial and get it over with.

Anonymous, their is no way you are any kind of a relative of ours with the comments you make. You can't decide on what side of the law your on . To compare these guys to politions is crazy, I'm sure you didnt even know my father or anyone in our family....

you should really stop crying mr.seifert because your father was probbably no angel. how the hell did he get mixed up in all this?

Did you ever think about that. yopur father was probbably just as good as a man as the other guys.

You live by the sword and you die by it. Responsibility for our actions comes to mind. Send the mobsters over to Iraq to fight Bushes oil war. Lets see how fast the tought mob guys roll the other way!

Steve did you hear that the German has signed a No recessitate
Order for October. That means when he dies he doesn`t want to stay alive. Have you ever heard of this before?

STEVE WARMBIR REPLIES: The latest is that Schweihs has now withdrawn his original order. If he had kept it in place, he would have had to have been moved out of state, to a federal prison hospital, which would not have been practical while preparing for trial in October.

I was a resident at MCC Chicago from August 06 to June 07 and have had first hand contact with Frank and the rest of the boys many times.

He is truly a man without a soul. As sick as he is..(he was on the 9th floor almost daily)..he had his cane and shuffeled along with great disdain for anyone who got in his way. He's old, he's sick, and he's a mean spirited dude with a black soul.

Take it for what it's worth of all the Guys including Lombardo, He and Frank Callabrese are by far the scum of the earth. The fact is they aren't even friends! Ironic, but true.

Any news on when sentancing will be for the original 5 defendants? Or will they get a new trial soon? What has happened since the secret court meeting?


STEVE WARMBIR RESPONDS: No dates set yet for sentencing for the five defendants. They won't be getting a new trial, at least not as a result of the issue involving the alleged threat Frank Calabrese Sr. made during the prosecution's closing argument.

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