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Joseph "The Shark" Lopez

Joseph "The Shark" Lopez, the attorney for mob killer Frank Calabrese Sr., recently got some national press from the American Bar Association magazine for his blogging during the trial.

Near the start of the trial, Lopez took a few shots at witnesses and the prosecution in his entries on the blog Chicago Syndicate, until the judge told him to knock it off.

The on-line version of the ABA story shows a photo of Lopez resplendent in one of his usual courtroom color combinations, black and hot pink.

Click here for the story on trial blogging, which also mentions the excellent blog that K.C. Johnson, a Brooklyn College history professor, wrote on the Duke lacrosse rape case:

Anthony Calabrese
Anthony Calabrese

Reputed mob hitman Anthony Calabrese was suspicious of where his alleged partner in crime, Edmond Frank, had been keeping himself.

Frank told Calabrese he had been in jail.

In fact, Frank had been with the FBI and was wearing a secret recording device for the feds.

You can check out the entire conversation here:

Anthony "The Hatch" Chiaramonti

After mobster Anthony "The Hatch" Chiaramonti was gunned down in 2001, law enforcement sources privately pointed to Anthony Calabrese as the triggerman.

But the feds went public with the allegation in a little noticed document filed last year in Calabrese's trial on three separate armed robbery charges.

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