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John "Pudgy" Matassa

U.S Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald showed an interest in reputed mob boss John "Pudgy" Matassa when he questioned a deputy marshal accused of leaking secrets to the Outfit.

It's one of several fascinating facts that came up during the hearing for the deputy marshal, John Ambrose.

"A legend" retires

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IRS Special Agent William Paulin

When a crooked private detective worried his life was threatened by a brutal loan shark, he turned to IRS Special Agent William Paulin — and wound up helping the feds uncover some of the deepest secrets of mobbed-up Cicero.

When a bookmaker got jittery while secretly recording mobsters for the feds and worried Outfit guys would throw him out a high-rise window, Paulin was sent to calm him down.

For roughly a quarter century, Paulin, 54, has been a go-to guy for the feds as a top mob investigator, uncovering millions of dollars in rip-offs and taking down top Outfit bosses.

Next week, Paulin will retire.

It's a loss to the federal team that battles the Outfit, authorities said.

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