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Former top Chicago cop William Hanhardt is making a last ditch to get out of prison early.

On Dec. 15, he will turn 79.

By then, he may learn his fate.

While the Hanhardt case isn't the usual focus of this blog, recent filings in the case of the mobbed-up former Chicago chief of detectives provide some fascinating behind-the-scenes glimpses in the days before Hanhardt pleaded guilty to taking part in a multimillion-dollar jewelry theft ring.

Here's a fascinating example of tax dollars at work - Vegas style.

If you haven't heard, Las Vegas is opening a mob museum.

Not to glorify the mob, city officials there say, but to tell its history in Las Vegas.

The museum is to receive $300,000 to buy mob artifacts.

Some pieces would presuambly be owned by collectors.

Others, most likely, would be owned by, well, the mobsters themselves.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal gives you all the details here:

Doyle's bid rejected again

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A federal judge has rejected a request by crooked cop Anthony Doyle to reconsider his decision to keep Doyle locked up until his sentencing next year.

U.S. District Judge James Zagel decided Doyle was a danger to the community.

And a recent plea by Doyle's legal team, led by Ralph Meczyk, didn't change his mind.

The argument centered on Doyle's loyalty to Frank Calabrese Sr.

U.S. District Judge James Zagel won't sentence the main defendants in the Family Secrets trial until the spring of next year at the earliest.

Zagel said he would give federal prosecutors until the end of February next year to file their responses to the defense lawyers' request for a new trial for their clients.

Then defense attorneys will likely get a month or more to respond to the prosecution's arguments.

Sentencings also get delayed for a variety of reasons, so it wouldn't be out of the realm of possibilities that the main defendants could be sentenced in the summer.

Frank Calabrese Sr.

Defense attorneys in the Family Secrets case would like a hearing on the alleged threat that mob killer Frank Calabrese Sr. made to a federal prosecutor during his closing arguments.

Calabrese Sr. allegedly said the prosecutor, Markus Funk, was a "f------ dead man," but apparently only the jurors noticed. Weeks after the the jury reached its verdict in the case, one juror came forward to prosecutors to inform them what the juror saw.

Defense attorneys would like a new trial off the threat, arguing it biased the jurors.

But the judge indicated he needed to be convinced that it actually mattered.

After all, Calabrese Sr. did a number of bizarre things during the trial.

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