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If you see this man, call 911

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Frank Schweihs

Michael Spilotro gave his teenage daughter, Michelle, in the 1980s some serious, adamant advice after he began getting nervous about people bumping him off.

If his daughter saw reputed hitman Frank Schweihs anywhere near their Oak Park home, call the cops.

Michael Spilotro had good reason to be worried.

It has become clear through trial testimony at the Family Secrets case that Frank Schweihs was the most fear hitman around.

Michelle Spilotro told jurors this week that her father "said if I ever see him near my house, I was to lock the door and call the police."

Michelle Spilotro identified a photo of Schweihs and said he had visited her home, apparently in less tense times, two to three times in the late '70s or early '80s.

Schweihs has been linked to many Outfit murders, but the Spilotro slayings, interestingly enough, are not among them.

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Back at the time of Alan Dorfman's killing at the Purple Hyatt I recall the Sun Times printing an artist sketch of the alleged killer and thinking at that time it was like a Polaroid of Schweihs

Irv Weiner obviously set it up since they don't normally leave eye witnesses and Irv was standing there with Alan for their "lunch date". Don't know if that's in your archives and presumably the government doesn't have a tie in or it would be in this case. Just curious about that sketch.

STEVE WARMBIR RESPONDS: I don't have the sketch, but I've seen the story you're talking about, and there is a certain likeness between the drawing and Schweihs.

You're right that the Dorfman slaying isn't part of this case.

what i think is comical is not how hollywood portrays gangsters, but hitmen in particular.

they're always young, suave, sophisticated, in excellent shape, and keep all the tools of the trade in shiny metal briefcases.

Apparently real hitmen are old fat slobs who couldn't outrun a 5 year old.

But sorry, this is the scariest man I've just about ever seen in my life. You make a valid point about the Hollywood depiction, but this man looks like he is possessed. Anyone who can making killing a trade, that's scary.

Look at a mug shot or photo of Jimmy "The Gent" Burke, the man that inspired the character Jimmy Conway in "Goodfellas." The character in the movie was more tame. According to, he was a ruthless killer. They said that he once cut a man's head off with a knife and gave it to his wife as a present.

Look at Burke's photo. Tell me you're not beginning to see a pattern between these hitmen. They are consumed with evil, and though they don't have six-pack abs, they are incredibly powerful men--the kind that could break your hand with a handshake.

Isn't Michael Talarico (who testified at the end of July) married to Schweihs' daughter Nora?

STEVE WARMBIR RESPONDS: He once was married to one of Schweihs' daughters, but no longer is.

What does michelle spilotro say about frank schweihs now.

Maybe an apology since she thinks she knows so much. From one daughter with intelligence to another daughter who is ignorant and stupid for making such unrealistic remarks.

I actually think I saw him in my local 711 the other day... Nah Just kidding

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