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Newt Gingrich is appealing to the worst in us

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If Newt Gingrich, the bombastic former speaker of the house, wins in South Carolina, it will say a lot about how far we have digressed since 2008.

First, the presidential contender arrogantly scapegoats poor people. Forget for a moment that he has attempted to stereotype President Barack Obama by calling him a "food stamp president."
Gingrich's remark that "poor people should want paychecks, not handouts," is a throwback to Ronald Reagan's 1976 presidential campaign speech in which he referred to a "welfare queen" on Chicago's South Side.
It doesn't take a demographer to know that the face of poverty has changed drastically in this country. Today, high unemployment, the loss of jobs, and the struggling economy has made tens of thousands of people of all races dependent upon so-called government "handouts."
The fact that Gingrich's audience in South Carolina gave him a standing ovation for such divisive remarks is disgusting.
Gingrich is also using the media as a scapegoat.
It is not our fault that his ex-wife has accused him of wanting an open marriage. It is bad enough that a candidate who campaigns on the platform of family values threw over his second wife to have an affair with his former congressional staffer (now his third wife). But now he has the gall to suggest that the wife he dumped is a liar for claiming he wanted an "open marriage," and the arrogance to blast the media for daring to give her a voice.

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