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It was bad enough that the sexual harassment allegations against Herman Cain made him look like one of those obnoxious black VIPs who can't keep their hands off white women.
The latest revelations about his personal life make him look like a sugar daddy as well.

Until Ginger White stepped up, all of Cain's accusers were white blonds. The fact that these women were white made it easier for Cain to play the victim. So despite a chorus of accusers, Cain denied ever having an inappropriate relationship with a woman--period.

Now along comes Ginger White. A brunette.

White claims she carried on a 13-year extramarital affair with Cain that ended just before he began his presidential campaign.
When Cain was interviewed by CNN about White's claims that he gave her money, Cain admitted he didn't tell his wife about the relationship--or the money.

Say what?

When a man like Cain pays a woman's bills, you can rest assured sex is involved. But I'm not surprised that Cain expects voters to fall for his bull. Apparently his wife does-- which also isn't surprising. Cain fits another troublesome stereotype--that of the successful brother who believes he has earned the right to play around.

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