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George Willborn wanted to live in Bridgeport. Huh?

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He's joking, right?
That was my reaction to the news that comedian George Willborn was denied an opportunity to buy a $1.7 million house in Bridgeport.

I am not a bit surprised that the seller, Daniel Sabbia, is accused of telling Willborn's real estate lawyer that he would rather not sell to an African American. Bridgeport is Bridgeport. Chicagoans are fond of bragging about their ethnic neighborhoods, but these neighorhoods are really nothing more than ethnic strongholds.

With $1.7 million to spend, Willborn could have done a lot better than Bridgeport.

Also, Bridgeport is being touted as among the most diverse neighborhoods in the city. But apparently Asians and Hispanics are the predominant minorities, not African-Americans..

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