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Glow Putt Paradise is no threat to Beverly

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Today I got a chance to visit Glow Putt Paradise, an indoor golf course located at 11101 W. Western. The children looked like they were having a great time. Heck, I felt like picking up a putter myself.

So now I really don't understand why Ald. Virginia Rugai gave owner Michael Barfield such a tough time.

Rugai claimed Barfield was operating outside of his business license. Barfield claimed Rugai didn't want the business in her ward because she was afraid it would attract gang-bangers, a charge she has denied.

On Tuesday, all of the putters were pint-size, although I would imagine that teenagers and young adults patronage the business in the afternoon and early evenings. Glow Putt would also be ideal for private parties.

Although Rugai told me that she had concerns about the busy intersection where Glow Putt is located, I didn't see a problem. Several other business are located in the same building, and there is an adjacent parking lot.

Hopefully Rugai will chill. Barfield has put a lot of money into his business. He should be given a real chance to succeed.

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